TopSpin 2
So I finally got my hands on a copy of this long-delayed game (the 360 edition of it , that is). I wish I could say it was worth the wait. Once again, the focus seems to have been squarely o...

Federer is Sampras's Idol
Sampras was already trying to copy fed before he retired.. 33

Ljubicic on Federer
"Q: Before you were saying that in every match against Roger you learn something. What've you learned in this final? A: That, I'm not going to tell you because it's a very valuable informati...

Federer appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador However this is nothing to do with helping children worldwide, as this is a different UNICEF - United Nations International Clown Eradication ...

Lendl whooped Agassi, Federer whooped Agassi... Sampras lost his No.1 ranking to Agassi...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Sez a lot about Sampras. Fed and Lendl are easily > Sampras.

Fed's new weakness
"One weakness emerged during the tournament: Federer is struggling with the new instant replay system. He went 0-for-2 on challenges Sunday and 1-for-5 in the tournament. " http:/...

What is the advantage of playing with small racquet head?
Federer plays with a small racquet head. Why? He shanks so many balls, and the smaller "sweet spot" won't do him a lot of good on clay, where balls springs up shoulder high. Wh...

New Rules
1. Don't cross-compare head 2 heads. Example: Hewitt beating Sampras badly at USO and then Hewitt getting thrashed at USO by Fed does not mean that Fed would thrash Sampras at USO....

What is wrong with Ljubicic?
* he has a good one-h backhand * he is definitely attacking player * he has a great serve * he is definitely not a bumrooter May be he is just too anti-bumrooter for the most...

Ljubicic brings new subtleties to Clown Tennis
Ljubicic Moves To The Head of the Clown Class Ivan Ljubicic's ability to subtly "lower his game" in response to the horrendous play of champ Roger Federer yesterday was an awesome...

Federer closes in on Sampras's MS titles ...
Sampras 11, Fed just won his 10th. Fair bet he'll at least equal him this year ... Agassi's 17 still a bit ahead

WhisASS's Desperation
The clown of all clowns is really desperate to highlight Sampras's past given Fed's huge success. He can't take it anymore. Maybe suicide is on the cards, or maybe on the verge of mental bre...

Jokes about ATP-Player from rank 2 - 999
Here you can read some: Want an example? ok.. Lou Costello: I was walking through the woods,...

Best summed up in 1 word....

2nd serve ace.....
Wow - seems to take an incredible level of skill & talent to produce a 2nd serve ace in a big slam final... yet is dismissed by rst experts as cheating or something..?

Another bh winner....
Have rst experts watched a lot of Sampras matches....?

Sampras is a mediocre volleyer....
...according to rst analysis - yet this seems so effortless & right on the line...? Must be yet another fluke.... Wonder what he was like at his peak if he played lik...

I'm getting sick...
...of all these brilliant bh return winners Sampras produced way past his peak.

I have to say sorry to this newsgroup
I erred. It was not RodDick in the white panties on that shot at Miami Beach: It was actually LubeTheDick. b...

Sampras is clearly cheating....
Besting Agassi in a baseline duel...? Hmm, maybe this is Sampras' real game & rst analysts are actually clueless fuckwits...?

McDonalds to be main ATP sponsor.
Commercials will feature Federer beating Ronald McDonald in slam finals - fans will have diddiculty discerning from real tour..

whisperbob got any clips...?
of krajicek owning peak pete at wimbledon?

He's not supposed to have any touchy/feely shots....
..according to rst experts?

How would Fed return these serves...?
Pretty routine for Sampras - hasn't opened up the shoulders yet....

Good wheels for an old fart....

WTF is this goose doing...
..hitting hard, flat winners on the line? Doesn't he know to be the goat you have to hit wristy spin shots round the service line so your opponent can keep rally going....

If this cnut hits 1 more bh return winner....
...I'm going to report him to someone.

Is this the most effortless topspin bh return ever?
Makes it more remarkable coming from a guy who couldn't hit this type of shot to save his life... & in his last match ever.

How would Fed...
Return this type of serve....?

Sampras is really pissing me off....
Hitting all these bh topspin return winners he's incapable of....

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