RELAX: 3 sets victory for Nadal
Watch the beat come alive now. Nadal thought he could coast until meeting Fed, but now he's just going to let some juice flow and lay the smackdown on Gaudio in 2nd and 3rd sets. ...

Nadal strangely subdued
What happened to all the celebrations, VAMOS-ing, fist-pumping, etc. after big points? Haven't seen much of it all week. Is the kid depressed or something?

Video for Dave
Only 10 downloads now. Thanks yousendit :-(

Nadal just not converting today
1/9 BP's converted! Shocking.

Nadals loses a set. Groundaxe has a hearts attack.
Hardcell is at a loss without his puppetier.

Nadal loses first set to Gaudio. Things going per Hazelwoods prediction.
I told you Gaudio was HOT didn't I ? All tier1 analysts were in the know.

Watch Gaudio choke now...
Serving for the set but he's no hope of winning it. Nadal takes set 7-6 and overwhelms mentally crushed Gausio 6-1 in the second. Inviato da X-Privat.Org - Registrazione gratuita htt...

The secret behind Nadal's success
is Hazelwood. Notice how everytime he posts something about Nadal being down or gone, Nadel immediately picks up his game and starts winning?

Gaudio breaks Nadal !!!!
leads 2-1 first set.

Freaking Star Sports is not showing this match !!!!
Showing F1 instead. Royally pisses me off !!!

Whats going on ?
MC has Nadal 1-0 and Eurospot has Gaudio 1-0 ?

Clown Antics.....
From Becker & Cash. Looks like Cash was pissed off - no sense of humour...

Cash v Becker Wimbledon 1988

Just rewatching Roland Garros 99 Final and...
The tennis that Hingis was playing at that point is far better than the tennis that hs rocketed her back into the top 25 this year. It looks as if she's hitting the ball much harder on both...

Virtua Tennis 3 (coming soon, so skip Topspin 2)
For the folks that like tennis video games, here's a sneak peak at VT 3. Seems it's going to start off as an arcade game, just like the original I played years ago at Dave and Buster'...

I'm not certain Federer *wants to* win the French Open..
these dirt tournaments can be so.. pedestrian- better the hoi polloi have a tourney to themselves..

Cheney falls asleep at the wheel.. After shooting a guy in the face Cheney now falls asleep at the wheel and insults the leader of China.

Why is Nadal so inconsistent this year (other than the drugs)?
He won Dubai. Other than that, nothing since Madrid, last year. ?????

Why the 'clown' gambit will never go away..
It's the only possible attack left for those who can't bear to see Sampras's records challenged, let alone broken. Simply dismiss the era itself.. Not a bad strategy, given the option...

What is the matter with Henin-Hardenne?
2006 is going well enough, I suppose, with 2 Tier II titles, an AO final (which is best forgotten), two Tier I SF and a 1R loss. Forget about the AO final. She seems to be ...

Article - Nadal serves up health warning for opponents
Excerpt: ==== SO IT is official, playing Rafael Nadal can seriously affect your health. Guillermo Coria is as clever a clay-court cookie as there is here and yet he was red...

OT: Anti-wrinkle formula

Should rst..
..find a girlfriend for raj? He seems like he is one dude who could use a good fuck partner.

Looks like the Monte carlo organizers want Nadal to win again
They put his doubles match on right after his semifinal. this kind of bullshit no rest scheduling has never happened before until now with Federer in this tournament. hopefully Federer will ...

The Best Tennis Player of the Open Era (ELO-Rating)
The ELO-System is considered as very powerful in all kind of sports. So look at this:

Gaudio to battle Nadal + Mystery Opponent on Saturday in MC
"I think that always myself is my worst opponent. I (am) always playing against myself first and then to the other one," Gaudio said. "So I'm playing against two guys during the match...Im...

Bodo-cious comments on Sampras, Federer, Nadal
"let me add that Pete Samprasís game wasnít all that interesting, either. Too much perfection. I hesitate to say the same of Roger Federer, though, despite his near-perfect technique. The ...

Costa to retire Finally decided - couldn't live with the s...

10 greatest rock bands of all time?
More interesting than the tennis GOATs These bands are in my "objective" mind the 10 greatest bands of rock. The order is not important so I will order them alphabetically. ...

Why is everybody taking a dig on Borg and Lendl lately?
They are calling Borg a quiter, Lendl a choker etc. If that is true how come only one guy in Open era has won more slams than them? Do the Sampras luvvvvvvvvvvers feel threatened by Bo...

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