Gabriela Sabatini - Remeber her?

Ljubicic #3
Tomorrow's rankings will have Ljubicic at #3; Nalbandian drops to #4. Some comparisons with past #3s: Pointwise, since 2001:

This night I talked and shaked hands with GOAT
No joke. In the famous club in Munich, P1 I talk to him about hit match 96 agains Sampras and he was very nice;))) He is GOAT. Who am I talking about?

Radek Stepanek banging Hingis?
about Radek Stepanek, with whom she came to Warsaw: please give me another question, I don't want to give the subject to the tabloids. All I can say is that he's going to support me for a co...

I can't believe Nadal would go to Rome *and* Hamburg
I mean, I guess the guy loves the game and loves playing matches. But once again, he did have the whole "career threatening" ankle injury just a little ways back. He has to be *hoping* to ...

Advantage Nadal as Federer faces biggest challenge Advantage Nadal as Federer faces biggest challenge By Clive White (Filed: 30/04/2006) One can only imagine what torment Roger Federer mus...

Roddick appointed to President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports "Yesterday President George W. Bush appointed Andy to the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for...

This month's posting total falls short of the record ...
... which has stood since, er, last month. May could be big with Nadal chasing Vilas's record, another Federer-Nadal ...

OT: NBA play-offs, lakers-suns
Man, Kobe does it again. 6.1 sec's left and 1 pt down. the guy shoots one in and the lakers win. the kings-spurs last 2 games have also been tight. pretty good stuff. i think last...

Pictures from Warsaw 2003-2005
I've found some pictures I took at the past Warsaw tournaments. See Enjoy. 8-) MJ

when they make the graf biopic fraulein forehand will be played by...
barbara streisand. fucking separated at birth.

Head LM Calibre
Hi, Some chain of tennis stores in France is selling a Head racquet named "LM Calibre" at a low price. There is no information on the official site about this racquet. I found som...

Calimero is not bullshiting. Graf is equal to Pele/Ali/Jorfan and among the greatest sportspeople of the 20th century
The greatest sportsman of the last century were honored in Vienna, Austria on November 20, 2000.The winners, chosen from a shortlist of 91 athletes, received a crystal vase worth $10,000.

Finally,he's got one! I'm very happy for him,like this player,interesting and underrated. Was the only one to put him in my favourites list last month. He's not a great player of course...

Rafa the Great
he's better then Borg

Another Hazelwood prediction bites the dust
Tommy Robredo will "skewer" Rafael Nadal? Rafael Nadal will "never beat Federer again?" You said you know Kreskin, Hazey: I think you need his help with your predictions.

Tommy has a MEGA-BAGEL to share!
I'm sure Tommy will share some of that GIANT BAGEL with you Hazey!

One Armed Bandit Strikes Again...
... and steals yet another clay court title.

Nadal sweating bullets !
Robredo is a clown and Nadal is a clowness.

Robredo scaring the shit out of Nadal !
It's 5-4 first set.

Nadal - Robredo
I see nothing. I SEE NOTHING !!!!!! ah la Sgt Schultz if you get my drift.

Al Gore - 'At Some Point, Reality Has Its Day'
Later on in the article Gore says this ..... Do you see anything positive in President Bush’s leadership—anything you admire about him? I have to confess that I fear I’m losing s...

Nadal is about to get "nailed" ....
Requiescant in pace. "Thou knowest not the day nor the hour"

rst - What is ______'s shtick?
Here are the Top 10 posters for April 2006. If Hazelwood ends up as the top poster this month, that will be a first for rst in about 5 years. Whisper loses title in absentia! ;-)

Families of British troops pressure Blair - War opponents demand answers
Families of British troops pressure Blair War opponents demand answers By Alana Semuels, Globe Correspondent | April 21, 2006 LONDON -- One thing became clear to Pauline H...

It's a difficult task to be sure, but Federer could pull it off
It's a difficult task to be sure, but Federer could pull it off By Keith Kropp, [email protected] April 30, 2006 With the NBA playoffs and this weekend's NFL draf...

Living with WAR - Listen to the whole album here

When Did I ever Say Graf Was At Her Best in 95/6?
Just did my tri-monthly search to see who's been maligning me behind my back. Only Whisper, it seems, obviously chagrined by my conclusive demonstration that Pete wasn't the Greatest Ever ...

Muster 96 = CHEATER....
another guy who SUDDENLY and SUSPICIOUSLY reached his peak at ANCIENT age of 29.. muster, rafter, korda.... korda was the only unlucky one who got caught... the ...

Tens of Thousands in NYC Protest War
Tens of Thousands in NYC Protest War Apr 29, 5:29 PM (ET) By DESMOND BUTLER NEW YORK (AP) - Tens of thousands of protesters marched Saturday through lower Manhattan to...

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