Regentville vs. TFN Friendly
Hi All, Just finished a friendly match with our local Singapore based Tennis Friendz Network (TFN). More information on this even can be found in the link below: http:...

Will Fed show last year's wimbledon final form again?
Was last year's wimbledon final the peakest of peak performances from this player we call FedEx? That was an amazing match, and it seems as if he play has tapered off since then...

Her father can't stop the money from coming! I hope she continues to lose to Henin!

Coria sliding on clay
What is up with Guillermo? Again, another loss on clay to someone I've only heard of two weeks ago. Strange. Dave

Fed might hand out two bagels in next match...
Who is this Ghareeb guy? Fed wasn't that impressive in the first set against Wawrinka, but he picked it up in the second. His next match is going to be terribly easy, which...

Sampras' sexuality?
is he straight? gay? or bi?

Gerbilos Actually Said This?
"Apparently, since Graf's [serve] would be about 15th best on the tour today, Her forehand would be about 20th best. Since those were her weapons, how could she possibly win slams...

Graf/Seles - winning percentages in 24 months before poking
Winning percentage in 12 months before Seles poking (Hamburg 92 - pre-Hamburg 93): Seles 92.06 % Graf 91.95 % Winning percentage in months 13-24 before Seles poking (Hamburg ...

Sets lost before finals in winning slams (WTA)
When we want to know which players were most dominant it is quite insightful to count the lost sets in the rounds before the finals in successful slam campaigns. Graf - for example - won 22 ...

Ramat Hasharon $10K Challenger Spoiler
Final: Iveta Gerlova (6) d. Katarina [sic] Tuohimaa 7-6 6-2 (Before anybody screams about how the above line should read "Katariina", I've copied the spelling straight off ...

Sampras agrees with Whisper
Not as many good player today quote from the article: "There are less great players today th...

Seles wins against top10 players in Wimbledon (1989-2002)
- Navratilova 1992 (6-4 in 3rd; Navi being 35 years old) - ASV 2000 (ASV being WTA #9) Clearly suggests that Seles would have won Wimbledon in 1993 if it weren't for the poking. <...

New Digital TV Descramblers Are Out! 9[*
This is a multi-part message in MIME format --=_NextPart_2rfkindysadvnqw3nerasdf Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Amazing New Techno...

Nadal ready to beat Federer?
Working at plan B?

Sampas confirms return to "tennis" Looks like he's not factoring in Wimbledon - at least not this year ;)

Federer spoiler
defeats Wawrinka 6 and 3

Seles loves French Fries
This is the reason for her obesity! Not The Knife! You do not need a Knife to eat French Fries.

Fed still wearing ankle brace?
Anyone notice if Fed is still wearing ankle brace (already had a doubles match)?

Best Wimbledon Finals Performances Ever (WTA)
1. Graf 1988 2. Graf 1992 3. Graf 1989 4. Graf 1996 5. Navratilova 1989 6. Navratilova 1987 7. Navratilova 1984 8. Graf 1993 9. Novotna 1993 10. Venus 2005...

Wow another surprise Youzhny is really taking it to Hrbaty
4-0 1st set

Graf and Agassi
do they have knives in their kitchen?

graf is a TAX CHEAT and won half her slams thanks to a KNIFE!!
seles was cheated

With an axe
there wouldn't be Graf/Selec/TheKnife threads!

The Safinator is back!!!
Takes out Davydenko 4-6 6-2 6-2 ...

Humm Safin's a surprise !
Looked like Denko had him but he came alive won the 2nd set and is tearing up the court at 3-0 in the 3rd now.

Roddick withdrew from Vegas citing fatigue Strange. He hasn't played much this year.... Dave

Career Singles Titles - Roland Garros (O/U)
I did something similar for Wimbledon last year. Would you go "Over" or "Under" for the following players at RG: Rafael Nadal 3.5 Titles J.C. Ferrero 1.5...

Federer is Murray's inspiration
27 February 2006 I WANT THAT ROGE HABIT Federer is Murray's inspiration By Ted Tracey SCOTLAND'S tennis sensation Andy Murray is ready to follow the lead of world No.1 Roger ...

Hewitt doesn't lose a point on serve
... in the second set vs Florian Mayer. Won the set 6-2. Was 10-10 on first serve points and 6-6 on second serve points. Who's done that Llately? ; > Dave : &...

An truly inspirational wonderful video you should watch
Here's the link of the video of a truly wonderful story which I came across recently on the web....The Jason McElwain Story

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