Any reason to believe Mauresmo would've won had Clijsters not been injured?

What a loser?

Encore: Tommy Haas
READ IT AND WEEP, FED FANS! "Everybody is, you know, talking about him being maybe the greatest ever. He still has to do a couple of things, I think, in my mind to be that, you kn...

WTA AO SF Rankings
Just the Top 10 this time; those who want the rest of the Top 100 can look at <[email protected]>. Hénin-Hardenne gets to #4 if she win...

Roger ready to rumble - warns his fans
Roger ready to rumble By Robert Grant January 26, 2006 WORLD No.1 Roger Federer has warned his fans to stand by for another Australian Open heart-stopper in his semi-final agains...

if anyone predicted a Federer vs Baghdatis final they should get A LOT of credit
Did anyone?

Did Kiefer drop dead while celebrating?
Funny, all conversation has turned into "Fed-Baghdatis final". Maybe this time Kiefer will hit Federer with his racket when he's about to overhead and win the match by default :D ...

Is Sharapova preggers?
Otherwise, what's up with the maternity dress?!! :)

Fed vs Baghdatis - will it be played at night?
like last year's final?

How did Nalbandian **** this one up?
Just woke up to run to the bathroom, and thought I'd turn on the TV, and what do I see? The match is still on. Courier is talking to the winner, Marcos Baghdatis. WTF?!!?!? ...

New pecking order for young ATP players
best first: 1. Nadal (because he's won a slam). 2 baghdatis (now reached slam final) 3. Berdych (his game looks most promising). 4. Murray (his game also looks promising).

Cakewalk for Federer in the final.
Nalbandian was the last hope for a quality final. I can see Baghdatis going down something like 0-6 1-6 6-1

Fire that Swiss umpire !!!!
Totally assinine overuling a call on match point and then he was wrong ! If Baghdatis had lost it would have been a real travesty !

Nal goes down
Bye bye Nal.

It's fucking raining !!!

bagdaditis wins set 4
on to a 5th -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization, the fish immediately disappeared." ...

Baghdatis coming back ...
Was 2 sets down (although came back from 5-2 in the 2nd to lost 7-5) Won the 3rd and has broken Nalby in the fourth ....

Nalbandian loking a bit weary?
Is it my imagination, or has Nalbandian looked to be puffing a bit since the back end of the third set? Doesn't mean he won't win, but a 5th set might be hard for him.

Hingis meltdown....
Ok, here it is. Analogue quality as pre-digital era.

Encore: Tommy Haas
READ IT AND WEEP, FED FANS! "Everybody is, you know, talking about him being maybe the greatest ever. He still has to do a couple of things, I think, in my mind to be that, you kn...

Amelie v Justine
Am I right in thinking this is the first womens' slam final between 2 players with single-handed backhands since Novotna v Tauziat at Wimbledon 1998? Certainly makes a nice change from the ...

Number one player who toyed with his opponents?
I recall one top-ranked player who seemingly toyed with his opponents. I'm wondering if anyone has noticed that about any of the number one ranked players. If a number one player...

What about Baghdad?!
How do you like that guy Baghdad play, he's really something. Hey, you never know, Baghdad might win. Especially if the line judges keep making bad calls against us Americans. I guess ...

Women's semis stats
Can't believe how many errors these girls make. At least Graf and Seles had more winners than errors or were very close to equal most of the time. Mary Carillo was right in saluting H...

What's up with ESPN2 having no stereo sound?
Regular ESPN does. As does most other channels. But ESPN doesn't. At least not for the OZ. USA always has stereo and you can hear the courts squeak beneath the players' shoes. I miss ...

inline skating to strengthen ankles
I don't plan to linger. I hardly play tennis but have always enjoyed speculating and have been very much enjoying the Australian Open. Too bad it's so hot, but I love watching them babes (Wo...

I guess it had to end like that...
Fitting end to Kim's tournament... I don't know what was the problem today. It was easy to see from her eyes already when they came to court something is wrong. She looked l...

Joakim Noah
During the semis tonight, Cliff Drysdale made reference to Yannick's kid, Joakim Noah, who plays for the Florida Gators men's basketball team. Just thought I'd provide a link to the k...

Enna now with 5 slams
Is she greater already than Venus/Hingis? And when will she surpass Serena? Cali

Congrats, Amelie! And Good Luck!
It wasn't the best way to reach the final, but perhaps the gods are smiling upon her? Either way, I will be rooting for her against Henin. I just want to see her get this monkey...

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