Roche will accompany Federer to Indian Wells,5478,17987151%255E3162,00.html

Federer Editorial ...
Just for the sake of the posting record ;) Climbing Mount Improbable In the world of sport, pigs can fly....

This Just In: Sampras tired of ..
..GroundWhimperbob boosterism on his behalf, recognizes Federer as 'special talent'..

A very nice day
Been to the tournament today. Seen Ancic's good victory against great Tursunov. Seen Gasquet and his backhand, demolishing Sanguinetti. Seen Cilic&Ljubicic lose 10-8 in the tie br...

Will AO change the rebound ace surface? EOM

fed quote:
"Obviously, I know the importance of winning the French, what it would do to my career," he said. "But, again, Wimbledon is the one for me, and if I keep on winning Wimbledon and not ...

Baghdatis' wins and loss
Tickets for the final were sold in advance and Baghdatis fans could not buy a block of tickets and make the constant loud noises they were able to use to distract Baghdatis' earlier opponent...

Nieminen blogs from Zagreb
This is the third player this year to write a blog from a tournament. Week 1 - Ljubicic from Chennai won the tournament. Week 2 - Blake from Sydney won. If Nieminen wins Zag...

Does anyone know if she intends to return to the circuit?

ATP - Greatest Peak in the Open Era
Is Federer's 7,275 points based on his current 83-3 record in the last 12 months the best ever? How close did Sampras come to that? McEnroe was 82-3 in 1984. Hop...

All Together Now (mostly Whispy)
We need just over 600 posts to make January the highest-total-posts month in RST history. Lets put our shoulder to the wheel and chalk up yet another Dubious Achievement. I figure...

Sharapova: 'I've not hit the wall'
True or false? Her attempts to change up the game (drop dhots, net play) during the AO evoked pity in me. I think she is floundering and lacks confidence in her A game. Her B ga...

Wawrinka has a good win over Ferrer
Knocks out #2 seed in Zagreb 4-6, 6-1, 6-3. Probably his first win over a Top 10 player? (He did have a win over Puerta at the USO last year. Not sure what Puerta's rank was.) F...

Federer vs. Sampras Why is this so important? I like stats..very much. And talking about the GOATs. But Federer is still playing. on something ...

Federer Highlights from Wim match with Sampras Got this from someone at another tennis message board. Quality is very poor - 352x240 resolution. XviD. ~19min.

Nalbandian & Dementieva....
...which one is most likely to win a slam, and when?

I went with my timemachine to the nineteenth century....
Today I went with my timemachine to the nineteenth century and I watched the games of William Renshaw and Richard Sears. My God, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was breathtaking. I will not b...

Sampras played in toughest era ever - proof.
Ok, I understated the depth of competition previously. The opponents Sampras played in slams competed in a combined 145 slam finals - note this is just slams & completely ignoring t...

A new rising star ?
In his second professional attempt the Croatian 17-year-old prodigy Marin Cilic claims his first ATP win over 25th-ranked Russian Igor Andreev at the Zagreb Indoors. Cilic currently leads ...

Sampras fun fact
'93 USO 1st rd Sampras def Santoro 6-3 6-1 6-2 '05 USO 1st rd Fed def Santoro 7-5 7-6 7-6

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Take advantage of a great deal

Australian Open 2006 sonnet by Peter D Rodgers
AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2006 Baghdatis, hit the ball by Federer, With spin and speed, oh no it's hit to there, And bouncing up, so swing, direct it fast Above the net to drop for fan...

Del Potro
6'5" Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG) played his first ATP level match today at Vina del Mar. Destroyed Portas 2 and 2. Del Potro is 17.

Yet another Federer article ...
Very similar to his previousl articles, but worth a read ... A glimpse at the real Roger Federer It is fas...

I hope Haas feels better now :)
There was no reason to attack the media, Courier, and Federer. He attacked, and Federer added another GS, time for him to learn!!

Federer puts focus on French
Federer puts focus on French By Leo Schlink January 31, 2006 ROGER Federer yesterday began preparations for a tilt at the last great frontier of his fabulous career, the French O...

Unbelievable, Sampras spoke
"I don't like to be reminded of the time we played at Wimbledon - he beat me fair and square and though it hurt, I knew he was a real talent," Sampras said. "From what I see, he is able to p...

stares you right in the face......
1. Roddick/Flipper-1 slam 2. Ferrero/Safin-3 slams 3. Grosjean/Roddick-1 slam 4. Henman/Hewitt-2 slams 5. Hewitt/Roddick-3 slams 6. Hewitt/Agassi-10 slams 7. Kiefer/Baghd...

If Federer won 20 GS, then it's because the easy opposition
Federer save yourself all the efforts, it's not worth it! Even that match you managed to beat Sampras before reaching your peak, does not count, Sampras was not in his peak any more! <...

This week's tournaments - Rankings of the Seeds
Delray Beach - 9 (Agassi), 16, 30, 36, 57, 68, 71, 78 Vina Del Mar - 8 (Gaudio), 14, 46, 56, 65, 69, 75, 80 Zagreb - 5 (Ljubicic), 10 (Ferrer), 17, 21, 22, 25, 26, 34 ...

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