Auckland draw...
Interesting. Pertova as the top seed. Dokic and Suarez in the draw. Frazier plays very talented Azarenka in the 1R. Could be tough :( Looking forward to a great 2006! <...

One hand topspin backhand!!
I'm trying to master the topspin backhand, but for some reason it seems it is always difficult to go cross court! It's easier for me to hit it straight than hitting it cross court!!

If Groenefeld is fit for 06 one russian may be in deep trouble
I saw Groenefeld easily handle Sharapova in exo's and their last wta encounter. this is one player that troubles Maria in a huge way. if they meet in the AO coming up. put your money on ...

Federer is very serious,5478,17703551%255E11088,00.html

college tennis player looking for housing in SF
Hi my name is Luca DiFilippo. I am moving to San Francisco in January. I played college tennis in North Carolina and have teaching experience also. I am willing to offer tennis lesso...

Why didn't Davenport admit Kim was the real number 1 this year?
This Davenport girl is supposed to have class. yet in every interview i have seen Davenport just talks about herself in how proud she is still to be number 1. she doesn't even mention Kim wh...

Nadal's withdrawal bad omen for Australian Open
Nadal's withdrawal bad omen for Australian Open MELBOURNE (Reuters) - French Open champion Rafel Nadal's withdrawal from the season-opening ATP tour event in Chennai could be a bad omen for...

Federer Was Best In 2005
Federer Was Best In 2005 By Corey Long [email protected] Sometimes the easy choice isn't the right choice. Lance Armstrong was named the AP Male Athlete of the Year for the...

Federer dominated tennis
Federer dominated tennis 30/12/2005 21:30 - (SA) London - Roger Federer ruled men's tennis with panache for a historic second straight year in 2005, while a string of old favo...

Hawkeye at Hopman
So far making the line judges look rather ordinary...

Does the fact that the MSM have not reported...
Nadal as being a doubtful attendee of the AO not suggest something to you about the credibility of information suggesting he is? A story that if true would pretty much end Nadal's career h...

"The Inner Game of Tennis"
> -----Original Message----- > For pretty much all of us; players & coaches: > "The Inner Game of Tennis" > by W. Timothy Gallwey > Random Ho...

"Dr GroundAxe" == "A drug nerd ox"

Will the Nadal misinformation never end?
Nadal must attract more 'unwell' wishers than any other player. The slightest rumour is extrapolated into some tale about Nadal never playing tennis again. If your story does not come with...

Olivier Rochus the best male tennis player - Bud Collins
inch-for-inch, that is. "But if you wish to know the identity of the best men's player, inch-for-inch, it's the 24-year-old Belgian swifty, towering in spirit -- 64-inch-tall Olli...

housing and tennis
My name is Luca Di Filippo. I am a 27 year old from Italy and moving to San Francisco in January I played division 1 college tennis. I also tutored mathematics and Italian while in sc...

Nadal may not be fit for AO - Uncle Toni "Rafa has recovered from the injury to his foot," he said. "But the change of support pressure points, because of the...

Anyone got the Murray vs Ginepri...
match from Bangkok tournament?

For Hazelnut...

The 2006 tennis season is officially underway
A few spoilers from qualifying at the Gold Coast: Yuliana Fedak d. Emma Laine 6-2 6-2 (Sorry, Sakari.) On the bright side, your friends from across the Gulf of Finland...

Fed Highlights from 2003 Wimby Final - xvid
Federer Highlights: Wim 2003 Final vs. Mark Philippoussis. Xvid - 135MB, ~19minutes, 720x480, Xvid, MP3 audio ...

Tennis '06 kicks off next week
Tennis '06 kicks off next week By Scott Riley, Tennis Editor Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - The 2006 tennis season will get underway next week with a trio of men's tourname...

Great expectations (and more) ahead in 2006
Great expectations (and more) ahead in 2006 Christopher Clarey International Herald Tribune FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2005 If you had to pick one year to set aside your home-improvemen...

Statistical abstract?
Maybe I've missed it, but will the Statistical Abstract 2005 be released any time soon? Or isn't Robert compiling it this year?

Biggest 2005 sport events in terms of # worldwide television spectators
Biggest 2005 sport events in terms of # worldwide television spectators 1) Super bowl : 93 million 2) European Champions League Soccer Final : 73 million 3) Formula 1 Canadi...

Hingis $41 AUD to win AO
... ahead of Kuznetsova, Myskina, Schnyder. Source: The Hing is back baby. put ur house on her to make the semis

Can the American definition of 'Black' be applied to Sampras and Agassi
The other day I happened to read the American definition of being a black person on the internet (on In a nutsheel it is - 'If a person has any black genes coming from th...

Mac v Borg clip 6
Another Borg return winner...

Mac v Borg clip 4
Brilliant Mac pass.

Mac v Borg clip 3

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