The proper perspective for Graf's winnings
Seles was good but not good enough to overcome Graf and her knife wielding German fan and the German courts that sanctioned that heinous act against a young girl. Did they ever erect a statu...

Some musings....
1) Has the FO/W combination got easier or harder since Borg's time? On the one hand Wimbledon may be easier because the number of good grass courters has reduced since Borg's time. But...

How Are Hingis' Feet?
I thought Martina Hingis had a permanent foot injury but now I learn that she's returning to the pro tour. So, did she finally undergo a treatment that worked or does she still have foot pr...

air travel with racquets
Three of us travelling together will each be taking one tennis racquet as a carry on. Do any of you travel with your racquets and, if so, recommend any particular type/model/brand of case??...

Courier: instant replay at 2006 USO -- "what if Saddam fails to comply, and we fail to act? He will conclude that he can do more to...

Wanted: Prince Chang Oversized Graphite Longbody
I use these dinasaurs and would like to pick up a couple more...anyone have any ideas where to get them (other than ebay I already checked). Thanks.

Sampras & Davis Cup
from beneath numbers you should believe that clay was his best surface # matches won : 19 # matches lost : 9 # matches won (clay) : 6 # matches lost (clay) : 0

Did somebody say Pat Cash?
Pat Cash beating Ivan Lendl in Wimbledon final may have been the best match I have ever seen.

Groundie must achieve calendar slam to be considered great
He'll never be seen as great until he correctly predicts before each slam that Federer will not win it.

Hingis to return to tour 2005-11-29T173309Z_01_ROB962309_RTRIDST_0_SPORTS-TENNIS-HINGIS-COL.XML

Downsizing greatness.
The overtures seem to be that if Federer bags a couple more slams he is the de facto GOAT. Based on this downsizing the guy after the guy after Federer should only have to win 2/3 slams to...

Nadal plans to overplay in 2006
Despite some talk about caution and reducing the level of play in 2006 from Team Nadal, I fully expect Nadal to play helluva lot in 2006. It is a great opportunity to reach the #1 ran...

Paradon Srichaphan becomes a monk

Good news for MILF fans

(related to > 100k) A journeyman's year Since there's no tennis and we have a posting record to break ;) here's a small look at a (really) jou...

Posting rate has dropped ...
The rate of posts to the newsgroup has dropped alarmingly since the end of the season - there were only 27 posts made yesterday in total ... At this rate the December total of 2716 wil...

check out this new news group You guys can take over 'cos my knowledge on the subject is nowhere as good as it used to be, as you can prabably tell. My in...

It's a girl!!!
Congratulations to Lleyton Hewitt and his wife Bec on the birth of their baby girl early Tuesday morning!!!

LTA 'ruined' my brother - Murray

Murray entry ranking: 64
A lot of people said he was being unrealistic when he said his aim was to get into the top 100 in 2005, yet he achieved it by a country mile. His aim for 2006 is top 20, if he 'overacheive...

Instant replay gets a run at Hopman Cup Anybody think this is not the (inevitable and) right way to go? Which GS will be the first one to bite? It is har...

Federer still one to beat
ROGER Federer's streak-ending loss in the Masters Cup stemmed from injury rather than a new vulnerability which rivals can hope to attack at the Australian Open "He was on crutche...

Re: OT: katrina deaths at superdome/ massively over-hyped...
"stephenj" <[email protected]> wrote > the parts of the city that were badly flooded filled up essentially in > one day, from monday nite thru tuesday nite, after the levees b...

Longevity of season causing injuries to top players? is a cut and paste of a discussion from a Yahoo Group that I belong to that I thought some of you would find interesting/entertaining. It might even spawn a discussion in here.

>$100k (US)/Year
How many of the top men/women do you think make >$100k (US) annually, including endorsements? I wonder how many are struggling. I realize there are those that are not in the top ech...

James Blake on 60 Minutes
Recorded it last night and heard some interesting info. They went more in-depth on James injury and discussed his potential. Talked about how a player once approached him and said: "I...

Fed can't win the FO...
because he's not a bumrooter. Only bumrooters can win the Cheese Monkey Open

Will Rafael Nadal repeat at the French Open?
I think not; chalk it up to injury, now.

Federer must have all four majors for true greatness
Federer must have all four majors for true greatness or he could end up being just another Sampras. Federer must win the French Open in 2006 because every year it will get harder to win it....

The Aberdeen Cup- a question
Would they be playing this event if it wasn't for Murray's emergence on the scene? I wonder if it will become a really important event and some players will switch nationality to Scotland in...

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