Weird Agassi Fact
If Andre finishes 5th this year (a very good possibility) he will have covered every Top Ten slot over his 20 year career. Nobody else has hit more than 6 (Connors & Lendl). 1 ...

Question: Does Sharapova have chance of finishing No.1?
If she wins Philly and YEC? Or is it sealed? Davenport again?

Kim would be the POY if she wins YEC!
But will she? If somebody else wins, its gonna be fun again, like last year!

Playing against a liar!
I played a guy that I was warned about that lies and calls good points bad! First he showed up five minutes late, and then when we started warming up, he did not give me any good ...

Agassi looking forward to YEC

Who is the GSPOT - Greatest Shithead Poster On Tennis
Who is the GSPOT in rst? Whisper vs Jaros (I dont think anybody is really in tennis). Lets have a poll. I vote Jaros!

Roddick has won titles on five different surfaces this year
x-no-archive: yes San Jose - indoor hard Houston- clay Queen's-grass Washington -outdoor hard Lyon -carpet thats an achievement not even FedSNORE can brag about.

Adopt Whisper, save a turkey Whisper Whisper believes that speaking softly is sometimes the best way to encourage people to go veg!

Steve Jaros the sick troll
Did a quick google search on him and found some sick quotes by him ...

what advice do you have for Nicolas Kiefer ?
He lost his 9 past finals in a row, i hope he soon reaches a turning point

Message from Federer to fans (particularly GroundAxe and Whisper) Dear Fans I would like to inform you that I feel a lot better. I am extremely glad to be walking again...

Pat Etcheberry replaced
JHH replaces fysical coach by Eddy Cuypers and Marc Franco a prof. effortfysiologue both from the UCL Louvain-la-Neuve. -- Tío Pedro - - "The idiocy is an e...

YEC Comment
Has it ever happened before that 3 GS Champs will be missing from the YEC? Only Clijsters is going to be playing. No Venus, No Serena, No JHH. -- "Sports do not buil...

for newbies: event value since 70s
since there's been a lot of yapping about the relative value of different events in the 70s compared to today, it helps newbies/lurkers if a competent rst analyst clears the air. i w...

JHH withdraws from YEC
Was officially announced a few minutes ago

good quality tennis sites?
Looking for well designed web sites for individual tennis academies thanx

OT: What music do you guys listen to?
Whisper need not reply. We dont want Backstreet Boys loving fags talking about music here ;-)

YEC Question
Who still has a shot to qualify? Clijsters - IN Davenport - IN Sharapova - IN Pierce - IN Mauresmo - IN ---------------------------- Henin Hardenne - IN (only ...

Plenty of Federer (hardcore fans only)
Sensational revelations from the #1 tennis player of the world. He distincltly said on basel tv today that -he is reading what is going on in this rst forum on a regular basis -he...

Free Alienware laptop - UK only
I admit that I'm looking for referrals to get my free Alienware computer, so feel free to ignore this as spam. Nevertheless, this is a chance to get a free Alienware gaming laptop. God knows...

How the hell is Henman still in the top 30?
He's done JACK SHIT this year- two QF and that's IT. Didn't go beyond the 3R of a slam either. How, with these results, is he still in the top 30? He's hardly even won any matches this year!...

Thankfully no major tennis tournament in Nicaragua.
It is a good thing there is no major tennis tournament in Nicaragua this past week. It would be very hard to get in in if it was outdoors with hurricane Beta in the area. The courts would...

what is the most easy way to measure serve speed ?
what are good devices at a reasonable price ? where can you buy them ?

who has/had the most boring service motion in the game ?
Clijsters, Dementieva, Hingis, Mauresmo, Bruguera, ...

Linz, Hasselt F Rankings, Race
1 (1) Davenport 4820 2 (2) CLIJSTERS 4665* 3 (3) Sharapova 4419 4 (4) Mauresmo 3665 5 (5) Pierce 3218 6 (6) H...

Hurray! (Linz SPOILER)
Congratulations to Nadia Petrova on her first title! At last! I hope this is not her last title. Will she be able to build on it? cas

What are the best and most active tennis discussion forums on the net?
In addition to this newsgroup, can anyone please give links to what you reckon are the best, most active non-newsgroup tennis discussion forums on the net, covering both amateur and pr...

Andre Agassi had "caveman" instincts for Steffi Graf!

Father Hewitt could miss Shanghai So with Agassi and Safin also not taking their places in Shanghai, this should give the opportunity to the likes of Ljubicic, Nalband...

The power players' lineage: Lendl Becker *Agassi* Ivanisevic..
And so on, unfortunately.

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