doubles report
i played my first doubles match since 1993 and won my first doubles match since 1982 tonite. the score was 3-6 6-0, and then 10-8 in the "third set tiebreaker". we didn't win the bre...

What does this stat mean?
Federer's win against Gilles Muller in the quater-final of the Bangkok tournament was his 38th consecutive win on the hardcourt surface; and Open Era record. He broke the previous record hel...

Federer will be the greatest ever if he does this
10 slams (4 Wim, 2 FO, 2 USO, 2 AO) 250 weeks as No.1 4 Masters 70 titles


AO 2006 - will this make any difference ?
though it's interesting news, i'm not sure how much it will affect the chances of the top players ...

Luxembourg, GuangZhou, Seoul QF Rankings
1 (1) Sharapova 4768 2 (2) Davenport 4619 3 (3) CLIJSTERS 4239* 4 (4) Mauresmo 3927 5 (5) Henin-Hardenne 2935 6 (6) P...

No one in here could get a game off John McEnroe
He has so much decepton and spin..he would be frustraiting as'd keep misjudging where the ball would land. That lefty kick would be ridiculous. Plus, if he knew that your OBJEC...

Surprising poll
I'm surprised Americans voted for Federer. I know, anyone can vote, but if you look at map he got majority of American votes regardless of who else participated. http://sp...

Chances of Agassi qualifying for TMC Shanghai without playing any tournaments prior?
Any guesses? Safin dropping out of top 8 could harm his chances.

Murray, Monfils or Djokovic...
Which of these youngsters has impressed you the most this year and why?

Agassi withdraws from Stockholm Yes, it's the back. Dave

Who failed the dope test at RG?
Anyone feeling like venturing a guess?

Two Kim facts
Because you all want to know... 1. Getting back to previous discussion during the year, Kim is the only player who won a women's slam this year without facing match points d...

has hewitt pulled out?
The score board seems to indicate so ... bg

Get live tennis over the web ?

Murray beats Ginepri
4-6 6-4 6-3. Great win to book his first ATP semi. He threw away a break in the first set, and looked a bit tired, but he didn't need a doctor, and he managed to hold on to most of his bodil...

murray v ginepri [spoiler]
murray wins 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 2 breaks in the final set. well done andy! who knows how far he'll go (i still think he can afford to pull the trigger in rallies a little earlier than h...

when does Sharapova become regarded as a US citizen? Sharapova has been living in Florida since she was about 7. She's now what, 19? She's lived most of her life in Florida. still, the US media never...

How Kournikova Uses Her Spare Time
I'll admit *I* was surprised when this came over the newswire. I never thought she was quite as bad as others made her -- the amount of attention she got would make anyone act aloof -- ...

Step-by-step for one handed backhand?
Is there a link that someone can point to, that shows how to hit a one handed backhand, step-by-step? A friend wants to learn and I thought this would be the easiest way. TIA! <...

right hand single backhand question
when striking a backhand, would you tend to place your right foot parallel with the baseline or angled 30 degree to the baseline?

Davis Cup draw 2006 Swiss v Aussies loosks a good tie. The Swiss will surely choose clay to give Warinka the best chance of wi...

Luxembourg, GuangZhou, Seoul 2R Rankings
1 (1) Sharapova 4768 2 (2) Davenport 4619 3 (3) CLIJSTERS 4177* 4 (4) Mauresmo 3927 5 (5) Henin-Hardenne 2935 6 (6) P...

Other Americans
James Blake, Robby Ginepri and Taylor Dent all played impressively at this year's U.S. Open. Do you think it's likely that one or more of them will win a Slam in their careers and, if so, wh...

Murray Milestone
It's so strange, Andy will be new top 100 player next monday and they are in silence Murray will be the 8th youngest player to reach top 100 since 95 1995-2005 1)...

Davis Cup Match
At last we have the oportunity to play at home in the Wourld Grupo of the Davis Cup against Slovakia, so our strategy will be play as low as possible, Viņa del Mar for example, because is...

eurosport is the best
source of jokes, that is. ----- Tennis 14:13 A mouth-watering Roger Federer-Lleyton Hewitt Davis Cup clash will take place when Switzerland host Austria in the first round...

Top 100....
So Murray has the satisfaction of having silenced his harshest critics by reaching the goal he set himself at the start of the year. Pat Cash should send Murray a big chocolate apology cak...

R.I.P Hewitt ...
Roger has got back his touch with an easy 6-3, 6-2 victory. Title No. 11 is on the way. bg

Murray beats Soderling
Murray is now, apparently, guaranteed a top 100 place and will qualify for the main draw in Melbourne.

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