Maybe someone should tell USO officials
that there are things in the world called plastic covers, and that the are pretty useful if you want to prevent certain areas from becomin wet during rain. Yes, tennis courts included....

Roddick Article bg

When is Federer's match?
Is Federer playing his second round today? I am not able to see his match in the US Open website. strange that u may have to play ur 2R match on Friday. bg

Scoville's gonna rock Nadal's world!
I'm pulling for the hometown kid!!!

praise the lord...
.. and entergy, for getting my house powered back up after 3 long, hot, AC-less days. at least i wasn't sitting on my roof like the folks in new orleans. god bless them. -...

US Open 1R rankings - men
Last #4 seed to lose 1R at a slam: Patrick Rafter, 1999 US Open 1 (1) 6010 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 4320 Nadal, Rafael* 3 (5) 3255 Safin, Marat <...

Nadal's shirt
last time I believe anything Ted whathisname says

Funny Roddick quote
Last night after losing to Muller, Roddick was back to his routine in the press conference room. One reporter said: "This reminds me of a few years ago when Andre Agassi lo...

The Muller - Ginepri connection
The two are good friends, it turns out, from Ginepri's father being from Luxemborg. Robby said he, his father, and Gilles have spent time traveling in Luxemborg. So t...

so what is 100% of nothing? (roddick related)
roddick as the us open series winner doubles his in total how much does he walk away with from his us open "campaign"? this is definitely not the way the USTA intended ...

Could a new coach help Roddick?
And who?

the usopen just got a whole lot more boring
no safin no roddick who is next to fall ? nadal? murray ?..

McEnroe on Letterman MP3
Enjoy... -- "There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably in Tenne...

Is it just me or... today's programme at US Open really quite dull? With stupid US Open scheduling (Mens' 1st round played on a Wednesday - what's that all about?) and a distinctly shock-free line-up of ...

Good wildcards... (spoiler)
Flipper goes out to Kucera in straights...

Guga is Ace Leader at USO - Really?
1. G.Kuerten - 35 2. I.Karlovic - 32 3. G.Muller - 24 Can it be? Kuerten also had 99 winners and 73 unforced errors in his 1st round match. Must have been ente...

Important ;-) Nadal News from USO
Reports are that Nadal did not like the skin-tight shirt that he wore in the first round. He will be wearing a new outfit. All those exercised about the first outfit can ge...

Is Roddick a one-slam wonder? Question posed and expounded upon by Matt Cronin. Dave

USA stop showing Taylor dent!
Anybody but that loser who refuses to get in shape

Man, This Wind at the USO Is Really Bad
It was driving Clijsters nuts just now. And can you imagine the despair among the USO organizers and advertisers if it throws Sharapova off enough that she drops *her* match, jus...

A rare achievement (Clijsters spoiler)
In the first set Clijsters managed to lose 5 games in a row and still win the set. That has to be rare (I think I've heard about a 0-5 comeback, also among the women).

What would you ask
Saw Barkan interview Clisters and he never asked about her saying she plans to retire in 2007. If you had a chance to interview a player of your choice, what would you ask them?...

Anybody rooting for Blake?
Just wanted to do poll to see if anybody's rooting for Blake? I feel that he will be the "Dark Horse" of the tournament and will go far... Any thoughts? The Regentville Tennis Blo...

Andy...the Boss wants you in his office....
The messages on Andy's voicemail from the CEOs of... Amex Lexus Lacoste Babolat etc, etc -- Doug Main "Hard work never killed anyone. But why take the chance?...

Murray ranking?
He must be pretty close to the top 100 now, where would a win in the 2nd round put him?

I had a nightmare last night that Roddick lost in the first round of the US Open.... Geeezzz. No more contests! :)

Roddick/Muller Match Stats
Muller(LUX) Roddick(USA) 1st Serve % 64 of 112 = 57 % 76 of 105 = 72 % Aces 24 17 Double Faults 3 0 Unforced Errors 3...

Fed on Aus 60 minutes....
They showed a piece on Fed & Rochey prepping for USO in Dubai (44 degrees C) - Rochey coaxing 'C'mon, out in front, penetration. Beauty!'... Seems his role is to simply get him into...

Federer to be on ESPN's Hot Seat Wed/8-31 Can't wait to see it, Dave

Myskina and Dementieva news
Good news in both cases: Myskina's mother is now much healthier and is with Myskina at the US Open Dementieva is working with Richard Krajicek on her serve. Her first serve ...

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