Will Roddick change coaches before or after his poor Wimbledon?
Will he hire the supreme Whipser?

Federer 58% Nadal 42%
This is the current result from the biggest exchange betting bookie site on the net. i wonder what it will say by friday?

THE match will be on Nadal's birthday
A bad omen for Fed?

Federer and Henin-Hardenne
Soooo rooting for these 2. Federer will surpass Sampras in the record books eventually if he can win a FO early in his career, and complete the Grand Slam title trophy mantlecas...

Justine vs Petrova
HH is 6-1 W advantage, including 2 wins on clay, incluidng recently in Berlin. Looks good.

Fed on Pete - Whisper, Bob, you happy ?
Here is something that Fed in his post-match press conf. to make Samprazfans happy. :-)) Q. So can you say something about you and Sampras, because you've been compared quite a lo...

Federer/Nadal Semifinal on what TV channel & Time?
What time and television channel will the Nadal/Federer Semifinal be on Friday?

Allez !
I know, being french-canadian, that is french (i.e. belgian french) for Hewitt's C'mon !, but somehow it sounds far less obnoxious. Allez Justine ! Allez !

HH is destined
Just watched taped match against Sharapova. Wow. Beautiful play, again, that backhand, really elevated her game, no lingering signs of health problems. 22 match winning str...

The Gladiator
I like the Gladiator music that's been played during Nadal's matches. I hope they pick something good for Henin's final if she gets there. I don't recall Gladiator being used in the pa...

Men's doubles QF rankings
Bjorkman's win today assured that he will retain the #1 ranking for the time being. 1..(1) Bjorkman...........5265 2..(2) Knowles............4695 2..(2) Nestor...............

Why does Safin bother with scissor-kick BH?
I guess I can see how little guys like Grosjean and Rios might benefit from this move if it is perfectly timed, although I often find myself skeptical. But for big guy like Safin, I see no ...

Henin takes out Slutapova
Slutapova just got her ass handed to her by the legend Henin. Slutapova should quit tennis and become a whore, that she is. BUWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...MUWHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

By my reckoning, that ends Sharapova's chances of taking over the #1 ranking in the near future. Obviously, she can't do it here at the FO. Coming up, she has Birmingham to defend (which D...

I wonder how big Capriati's ass is by now?
How long has she been inactive on the WTA tour now? Since USO? To be honest, I think it might be time for her to call it quits- the fat that was hanging over her shorts the last time I...

about rst predictions post-QF
1. If Justine Henin-Hardenne fails in the semi noone will get points from the women's part. It is unlikely, of course... 2. Except for Richard Rundle, everyone has only one men's entrant

Roland Garros QF Singles Rankings
JHH plays Petrova for the #7 ranking; Likhovtseva plays Pierce for #13. If Likhovtseva wins, it's a career high; her current #15 equals her best, held for three weeks in 1999 and 2000. ...

So much for Davenport taking Pierce out
5-0 in the 2nd set.

Anyone know what day Fed v Nadal will be played?
Thurs/Fri. Will they play one SF on Fri and the other on thurs? I can't remember how they did it last year.

Good to see Myskina still in doubles
She's playing with Bjorkman. Maybe she can win the doubles? Dave

Nadal wins in three
Federer is facing his first test.

Mary looks great!
A Pierce - Henin final would be awesome! (But Pierce does have a foil in Likhotseva...) Dave

TV Commentary
Anybody else get frequent flashes of eerie familiarity when listening to the talking heads on the tube? Think they - or their interns, any rate - are lurking about even as we post?

Federer wins 6-2 7-6 6-3
A whopping 53 winners to 16 for Hanescu. No bumrooting here............. No one has forced Fed to get down off his toes and play "clay court tennis" yet. If the Nadal/Ferrer winn...

Happy birthday, Justine.
JHH turns 23 tomorrow, IIRC. She celebrated her birthday in advance by offering to all tennis fans a sumptuous match to rout Sharapova hands down 6-4/6-2. Great news. Not only is she b...

Federer cruises, Nadal battles... (spoilers)
Federer leads 6-2, 7-6(3), 3-0. Nadal serves 4-5, saved a couple of break points already. 2 breaks each. Nadal is his usual bumrooting self (9/15 winners/UE's) while Ferrer seems ...

Henin-Hardenne/Sharapova (spoiler)
Straights. My *Gods*, that was an old-fashioned bare-knuckles whuppin'! And it wasn't like Sharapova played poorly, or conceded early.

espns totally fucked up marathon of commercials today
Can you believe the horse shit espn is pulling with todays qf coverage? they are showing coverage in way to get in more friggin commercials. this is pretty much unwatchable so far this morin...

Justine's backhand
Saw highlights of her match against Kuznetsova, man, I tell ya, that one-handed backhand of hers is sooooooo smooth, so pretty.

Is it just me? Fed & Nadal
Both Federer and Nadal are playing well at this years FO. but it seems Federer's a class or 2 above Nadal. his shots look a lot harder then Nadals. i can see Federer wiping the floor with Na...

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