Warsaw, Estoril SF Rankings
If JHH wins, she returns to #15. Note incidentally that Clijsters has a few points to defend from Berlin, so she has some distance to go to guarantee a Top 16 Roland Garros seed. But I'...

Kim and Justine show just how weak is Women's tennis
The two Belgians return from long layoffs and immediately threaten to win events. That would never happen in the men's game where a player sidelined for 6 months would take at least 3 months...

Li-Safina Spoiler
Li won the semis 6-1,6-1 It's good to see Li play very well in Estoril since this is her first clay court event ever.

Moya injured
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/4501713.stm "It's a shoulder problem, a tendon, I think," said the Spaniard. "I felt it late in my match Friday. "But it...

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GREAT NEW CONTEST FROM THURSDAY the 28th to SATURDAY the 30th! $3000 total prize give away! Terms: Register and deposit at least $50 at one of the first 5 casinos

Kim didn't play too well in the semi
I think most who saw her semi will agree Kim isn't playing great on clay yet. dispite her great play on hard court. she needs a lot more practice on clay to be called a FO fave.

Kuz wins 'Battle of the Truckies'....
2-6 6-2 6-3.

Clijsters vs. Kuznetsova (SPOILER)
Well, I watched -- or rather, squinted at -- the match over the Web |(no, truly, it's a good streaming service, just that the screen's only 6in diag -- but even that is a vast improvement ...

Sampras' prosepcts at 16 - 1988.....
Another expert analysis from 1988. Retardo fuckwits/non-tennis types were tipping Agassi because of his hair, but clued-in tennis analysts knew Sampras was the real deal....: ...

Was There A Golden Age At RST?
Like most Golden Ages it didn't exist at the time but only in hindsight. I started posting here in 1999, just after the Serena-Hingis USO Final, and was immediately assailed by insults...

Quik Quiz #152
Hewitt has lost the last two slam finals. Name the other six men to lose consec. slam finals in the Open Era, and the only one to do it twice.

happy birthday to ...
me! And Andre Agassi. The legend is 35 today. -- "if federal judges have the final word over its meaning, the Constitution would be a mere thing of wax in the hands <...

Federer withdraws from Rome
Skips Rome Masters, probably needs rest.

Henin is so damn sexy..
i fantasize banging her 20x a day, but with a paper bag over her head

Ivanovic's wedding ring?
Anyone know what's up with the seeming wedding ring on Miss Ivanovic's then [16?]-year old ring finger -- webpage <http://www.anaivanovic.com/pictures/gallery/wimbledon_2003/picture/003.j...

French Tennis Players
Gasquet, Mathieu and Monfils.... (from that age group). Pretty strong line-up for the next few years.... w.r.t. Davis Cup... Cant think of any for Australia. Once Hewit...

My list of liked/disliked players
I'm new here, although certainly not new to tennis, here are my thoughts on players I like and players I don't like, and why: Favourite players: Pete Sampras- THE MAN, compl...

French Open predictions anyone >?
Anyone ? What dirt-ballers emerge ? I bet the men's side comes ffrom Spain or Argentina. Woman will, uhhhhh, likely be Russian, they're all Russian aren't they ? ...

Warsaw, Estoril QF Rankings
1 (1) Davenport 5169 2 (2) Sharapova 4892 3 (3) Mauresmo 4808 4 (4) SWilliams 4174 5 (5) Dementieva 3852 6 (6) My...

Gasquet and Nadal
http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/sport/articles/18234037?source=Evening%20Standard Anyone think Gasquet has more potential than Nadal ? He seems kinda confident, but the pressure o...

OK, Waltz, gotta ask... (SPOILER Ivanovic/Dechy)
...now that Ivanovic has beaten Dechy, what does she have to do to hit the top 30 and how much time does she have to do it in before she has significant points to defend? wg

This pic pisses all over Manco's pics of spotty HH

I have the proof Justine henin is sexy b/c Myskina isn't

I have the proof Justine Henin is sexy !!!
Just click here http://img257.echo.cx/img257/429/perfectwomenwallpaperseriesspo.jpg

Sharapova Named One of 50 Most Beautiful People
Maria Sharapova gained another achievement outside the world of tennis. She has been named one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People". Maria joins soccer star David Beckham as...

Who has a winning record v Hewitt?
Other than Federer? No woulda couldas, kids..

Hewitt-If he's a hack, why can't your fave beat him?
All bullshit aside, now-

Live online video coverage of J&S
You need windows media player. and a decent connection speed. http://www.itvp.pl/i.tvp/jands/kamery/1/

Warsaw, Estoril 2R Rankings
Note Henin-Hardenne back in the Top 20, Clijsters probably back at #16. Also Martinez out of the Top 50, with Kirilenko in. 1 (1) Davenport 5169 2 (2) Sharapova...

Münich spoiler
Jarkko Nieminen def. Mario Ancic 7-6,6-4 Since his latest injury (stomach injury at AO against Federer) Jarkko has had a similar pattern in many events. A win in the 1st round, a...

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