Any prediction for women's final?
Clijsters vs. Sharapova My vote- Clijsters win in 3 sets

Sharapova vs. Williams Game
I don't see it. But what is about her game that the Williams seem to have so much trouble with? If anything it's 2 similiar playing styles. How can Davenport bagel her, but Venus and Seren...

Miami SF Rankings
If Sharapova wins tomorrow, she's #2. If Clijsters wins, of course, she's back in the Top 20. Too bad someone told Mauresmo the #1 ranking was on the like tomorrow. We might have ...

Clijsters-Mauresmau spoiler
Clijsters is continuing her amazing form. 6:1, 4:0 now

Clijsters leads Mauresmo (6-1, 4-0)
Shouldn't Mauresmo kill herself? She is No.2 in the world and she is losing to someone ranked 133 in the world ;)

Can only Federer beat Agassi?
I mean Agassi still looks like a dominating player. He has done much better than Hewitt, Roddick and Safin in Nasdaq. And he is crushing guys like Taylor Det, If only Federer can ...

ESPN Coverage
Instead of the live Clijster / Mauresmo semifinal, we have a special on the Williams sisters.

Men's QF Rankings
Not sure yet who wins the Coria/Agassi tiebreak. My guess is Agassi. 1 (1) Federer 6240 2 (2) Hewitt 4270 3 (3) Roddick 3460 4 ...

Women's Doubles QF Rankings
1 (1) RUANO PASCUAL 4065* 2 (2) SUAREZ 4065* 3 (6) STUBBS 3115* 4 (5) Black 3110 5 (3) PETROVA 2980 6 (4)...

Why Is This Man Not a Household Name: Roger Federer Soars Under the Radar

In case you missed this amazing point (Hewitt/Federer, in California)...
Just click on this link: and then click on 'high' or 'low' bandwidth, in the 'Now Playing' box and choose Windows Media Player, or w...

drysdale spoiler.
drysdale does his quota for the day, called roberto duran a cuban boxer..

Fed - Henman spoiler (outside US)
For those who predicted a close match, Fed currently leading 6-4, 5-2. First set looked close till about 5-4, from then on, Fed had no trouble on his serve.

Tactics is only required when you are losing
Seriously... with modern rackets and power and technology.... why do you even need tactics. Martina Hingis used a lot of tactics because she did not have the power. Myskina uses i...

The most overrated tennis features (men)
1 Lendl's 81-82 minor event run (face it: Borg had quitted, there was no Wilander yet, Vilas started his resurrection later, Mac + Connors did not play those Europe events. 2) Bec...

Dear ESPN, Please, Please Rerun Maria-Venus
I only got to see the last two games, which were great. And *both* of 'em screaming like banshees. -- Thank you, Adelphia, for demanding $120 more a year for The Tennis...

Best match of recent time - Venus vs Maria
Absolutely amazing match. The best womens match I have seen in recent years. Congrats to Maria

The most underrated tennis achievements (men)
1) Stich 1991 Wimbledon. Stich's lone slam featured beating Courier (yearend #2), Edberg (yearend #1) and Becker (yearend #3) in a row. 2 Courier's short domination era. 92-93 <...

Who can beat Federer at the Slams
Federer has reached such a zenith in the game of tennis that only a handful of players can beat him at the Slams (assuming he's at at least 85% of his best form). Here's a list of players I...

Sampras videos
Does anyone have clips of Sampras? It was nice to see info about the 45 stroke rally int he groups. bg

JHH Has Trouble With Power?
As usual a priori dogma rules on this ng. Because Justine is little and the big girls are powerful therefore she must have trouble with power.............. Check out the record. W...

Ivan Lendl the most versatile ever
I have posted this before. Since people don't check any records here, before starting their blithering, I am posting it again. So here it goes! BREAKUP OF TOURNEYS WON ...

Preparation For Slams?
Another of those persistent (but unargued) r.s.t assumptions is the belief that players prepare expessly for and ONLY peak for slams. This makes tennis an analogue in this respect with swimm...

Kim just destroyed Dementieva
Hardly broke a sweat. 6-2 6-1 drumming no injury this time for Elena. Kim just totally out classed her. the giant killer is back.... i can't see Maria def Kim if they meet in the final....

Klijsters-Dementieva (spoiler)
Kim ouplay Elena, 61 62.

Miami QF Rankings
1 (1) Davenport 5233 2 (2) MAURESMO 4983* 3 (3) SHARAPOVA 4758* 4 (4) SWILLIAMS 4230 5 (5) DEMENTIEVA 3640 6 (6) ...

Hey ESPN, did you know that there are *men* playing in this Miami tournament? By the way, ESPN, whatever happened to that BIG FOUR that you hyped up so carefully before the star...

Ana is hot? NOT!
People in this group were saying that Ana girl is smoking hot. no way! even the skin on her face in the close ups were not right. looked like half of her face on each side had a lighter and ...

[Spoiler] Hrbaty - Ferrer
Good call on hrbaty... not! Ferrer d. Hrbaty 6-2, 6-3. Ferrer might get past Johansson, but don't know against Nadal... and based on what I have seen on Ferrer, has no chanc...

I'd like to see Federer play Dent
Federer will roll over Henman - then I'd like to see him play Dent - might be interesting to see how he copes with a non-Henman s and v game. I don't want to see another Fed/Agassi match - l...

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