Seles dominated Graf - the myth
1989 FRENCH OPEN CLAY (O) S S. GRAF 6-3 3-6 6-3 1989 WIMBLEDON GRASS (O) R16 S. GRAF 6-0 6-1 1989 BRIGHTON CARPET (I) F S. GRAF 7-5 6-4 1990 BERLIN-GERMAN OPEN CLAY (O) F M. SELES 6-4 6...

Williamses love each other
Williamses love each other... INCEST... FUCKIN LESBO INCEST.... Somebody gouge out my eyes.

So what do you think? Anything can happen, easy win for Martina, east loss, close match atc... But didn't Seles win her first event after the stabbing?

hingis to return (j)
is martina returning to compete or is it just for exhibition? she's 24 now.

Bye Bye for the Dream of 4 Slams for Fed
Bye Bye for the Dream of 4 Slams in the same year for Federer I think that FO will be very thogh for him, he might have to wait till USO for his next slam. How things change...

LOL- Jen dating a male porn star
Capriati is such a dip. what a way to represent yourself away from tennis Jen. this will make for interesting conversation when tennis commentators talk about Jen's new fling. here's on...

Cliff Drysdale left ESPN--was he fired?
Just curious if anybody around here knows for sure. He seemed senile to me, to be honest. Or is it an alcohol problem? In any case, he's a pleasant enough guy but I won't miss him on the ...

Safin's Girlfriend
She was BEAUTIFUL. Does anybody know her name, and if there are any photos of her on the net?

A must see pic of Serena!!!!

The Slams should come up with their own rankings
Clearly the Safin-Federer semifinals match was the highlight of the Australian Open for the men. For the ladies I'd say the Serena Williams - Maria Sharapova match was it for the ladies.

What the f*** is up with all this bullshit lists?
Every fucker has his own ideas about who is the greatest. Every now and then one asshole comes with his own crazy list. Then another dickhead rips apart that list into threads. Ba...

The Federer era is OVER!
Welcome back Marat :D


Lleyton, Bec 'to marry'
According to CNN, "Lleyton and Bec met five years ago at a Starlight Foundation charity tennis day and rekindled their relationship late last year.":

Hewitt's a fast mover...
I see he's proposed to that Home and Away girl already. There's got to be a cheap joke in there somewhere, but I can't think of one.

Poll - who will win mens' French Open this year?
Yes I know its ridiculously far-off, but just for fun, who do you reckon will win it this year, out of the following? Could this be the year for someone other than a pure claycourt speciali...

Tickets and seat to some open
Hi, I have the chance to have a tournament not too far from my home (Monte-Carlo Open). I have been there last year and the view from the side was horrible. I bought a ticket i...

Roland Garros tickets
Hi everyone! Does anyone know if one should but tickets for the French Open in advance or if there are enough tickets to buy every day (I'm thinking of going to the qualification...

Contest results Congrats to Yama, who takes the rst AO title. He was the only contestant to have three picks correct. ...

Australian Open F rankings - men
Safin wins his 2nd slam, 1st title in 2005, and 15th overall. 1 (1) 5975 Federer, Roger 2 (3) 4140 Hewitt, Lleyton 3 (2) 3855 Roddick, An...

Aussie Attitudes Towards Hewitt
Lleyton losing his mind By Toby Forage January 31, 2005 LLEYTON Hewitt could learn a lot from Marat Safin, the Russian giant who battered him into submission in last night's ...

Comments On AO Final
1. I thought Hewitt made a bad tactical mistake by changing his game after that wonderful first set. He began the match hitting a lot of off-pace slice and denying Safin the pace and rhythm ...

What is "seppo"?
Sorry, English is not my native language, please don't make fun. I assume (maybe wrongfully so) it means "American", but cannot see any leads to the etimology.

Roddick - Number 6
Top 6: 1)Roger Federer 2)Marat Safin 3)Lleyton Hewitt 4)Joachim Johanneson 5)Andre Agassi 6)Andy Roddick I think Johanneson has a huge game - I think he easily...

Safin -2 years at the top - and he will become the next Snore Express
Its amazing how top players are always considered boring. The cycle goes on. >From Laver to Borg to Lendl to Sampras , everybody who dominated the sport was considered a boring...

Why not allow non-injury timeouts?
A lot of folks fuss over tennis players faking injuries to get a timeout, but I don't understand why the players can't get one timeout per set. You can call it gamesmanship if some player r...

SAFIN is the saviour of tennis!!!!!
Not only did he do the world a favor and dump the charisma-challenged Snore Express out of the Australian Open but then he went on to beat big mouth Hewitt right in front of his family and h...

simple serve question???
i've tried alot of stuff on my serve and being here in canadian winter haven't had that much practice. but simple question, on generally flat serve and then second (spin) se...

what to drink at changeovers (tennis)
I noticed that Safin was drinking some blue Gatorade like fluid whereas Hewitt was drinking from a can of coke! I thought drinking coke was not such a good idea... Or maybe he's g...


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