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Subject: Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this i...

World Tennis Timeline, Year 2004
World Tennis Timeline, Year 2004 __________________________________________ Event of the Year: Sep. 12 2004 NEW YORK. Federer takes US Open title __...

Sharapova in Bangkok
Maria, in Thailand for an exhibition match, gave $10,000 to a Thai tsunami victims' relief fund. ht...

Next goal for Masha - win AO and claim No.1 before FO
How many think that is possible?

"Second place not an option in U.S. sports"
Second place not an option in U.S. sports Special Series: Medals. Medals by the fistful. Gold, silver and bronze. One hundred in all. Such was the mission, the mantra hung over the entr...

Roger Federer's racket
Does Federer play with the Wilson ncode one? or is it a Classic painted over(with a 4 3/8ths grip??). Anyone has any experience with the nCode(Wilson) 110 or 95. Any comments welcome. ...

Hewitt critical of courts at Melbourne This is not good preparation from Hewitt. Psychologically he needs to be at his peak to win and this frame of mind will not help.

Who wants hopman cup matches coming up?
The tennis channel is showing live coverage starting on the 1st.

Hingis documentary special
Has anyone seen the Hingis documentary special the tennis channel is showing called Martina II? its quite good. their also showing a studio interview they did of her earlier this year. ...

Give Us Your Memories....
OK, r.s.t folks, here's your chance to get your two cents in and win completely valueless prizes. Daily Tennis is once again working on its year-end awards. We've compiled our own...

Anyone interested?
Hello, Anyone interested in playing Badminton in Colorado Springs, CO. You can reply to [email protected] Thanks.

Everything Martina Hingis This is a really good link.... Dave

Upskirt Pictures
Love upskirt pictures. Saw a link on some very hot teen girl upskirt pictures.

still time to make predictions
With a few days to go before the next season, there is still time to take part in the annual predictions contest. Pick the winners of AO: FO: Wimbledon: USO: y...

Pete's two recent USO losses...
I only started watching tennis in 2002 so I never got the chance to watch the Safin & Hewitt finals Sampras badly lost in '00 & '01. Considering Sampras extracted revenge for the prev...

How to beat Federer......
It's fair to say that Roddick & Safin pose games that can threaten Federer at his best. Now, what would these guys have to do, have to add to their game in order to best Federer? Federer...

Top best in Open era (statistically)
Hey guys, I found sometime to do some calculations to determine the top best in Open Era. I eliminated Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, John Newcombe, Billie Jean King, Margaret Court fro...


Can Agassi squeeze out anohter slam?
He has been a threat in a lot of slams in the last 2 years but hasn't won one since the AO 2003. Anyone here think he can take another slam before he retires? He has given Federer a good m... sportsman/woman/team of 2004
Vote for the Sportsman, Sportswoman and Sports Team of 2004 in the Fan Poll:

Why do you hate Henin that much ??
I don't understand why people in this NG hate J. Henin that much ? She plays wonderfull tennis and has the heart on the right place. She is very unlucky with her virus keeping her for lots o...

Sharapova haters are ugly feminist bitches
Just a conspiracy theory... It's a known fact that "average lookin women" can't stand it when a beautiful women achieves a lot. So they retort by either downplaying that bea...

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*Myskina* declared ITF World Champion..
woah that was a bit out of left field, i thought there were 4 other players who were more deserving, for the various reasons previously argued in other posts ad nauseum, but there you go... ...

Seles Comeback - March or April
"I'm definitely probably in one of the best shapes, if not, by shape and my fitness, in a long, long, long time."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To you and to all the people you care for -- ciao beppe

Rios "ends career" with win over Coria Javier, any scoop on this match? Was this part of the exhibition tournament you described a few days ago, or just a singl...

All they want for Christmas...
In the spirit of this unique marketing ploy... Fed - nothing (especially not injuries) Roddick - a plan B (or a plan A that lasts 5 sets) Hewitt - injuries to Fed, a plan B and ab...

Why Female Tennis Need Strength & Conditioning-
As I get ready to start my training camps at Golden Valley High School in January I thought I would publish a few articles from some of the other top trainers from across the nation. <...

looking for tennis partner in miami fl.
looking for someone to play tennis twice a week. to play singles. I am OK, not good against good servers. Ground strokes average. I don't like doubles. I live in North Miami. My regul...

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