Do you think Fed will get a bagel in todays final?
Their's no question who will win today. it would be great to see a 4-5 setter. but thats highly unlikely. the way Hewitt played against Roddick was very good. if he can play like that agains...

Fed is regressing into a baseline retriever.
At least it seemed that way against Safin. CZ

The New Safin.
Many times in the Fed-Safin Match, Marat could have packed it in and gone home. But he persevered and played beautiful tennis. He even volleyed better than Fed. I hope this loss doesn't...

CTB Circolo Tennis Bologna Nuovo URL
Si segnala il nuovo URL del Circolo Tennis Bologna (officiale Site)

Masters Final webcast
Any sites with a live point-by-point?

Roddick tanked it?
Hewitt certainly thought so, he quite bluntly had a real go at Roddick during the match at a change of ends as the 2 players passed each other. I forget the exact order of words, but ...

IMG Project: "Maria Sharapova, the Superstar"
New Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova to outstrip sex symbol Anna Kournikova ------------------------------------------- The Russian tennis player will become the world's highes...

No Cost Casino Cash
Hello, 7Sultans and Vegas Villa are currently offering all new players a free funded casino account simply for trying their site. No deposit required. No credit card needed.

Masters Cup SF rankings
1 (1) 6085 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 3655 Roddick, Andy 3 (3) 3590 Hewitt, Lleyton* 4 (4) 3060 Safin, Marat 5 (5) 2520 Moy...

What does Hewitt have do to win tomorrow?
Can anyone PLEASE tell me, is there any chance....for him to win or at least win a set ? or 2 ?

PMac says "You gotta play the calls."
Safin hit a shot against Federer that was incorrectly called out, prompting Marat to complain. ESPN's Cliffie and/or PMac, citing ShotSpot, noted that Marat was right to complain and also n...

Looks like espn will edit the Federer-Safin semi
Because that stupid college football game went 30 minutes longer. college football is like junior tennis. pathetic how much attention it gets.

Hewitt blows away Roddick
Hewitt whips The Dick 6-3, 6-2. What an embarrasment for Whisper!

Safin-Federer spoiler
Federer d Safin 6-3 7-6 Second set tiebreak went to 20-18, incredible. Federer won the match twice as mid way during the tiebreak Safin hit the ball clearly out but there was no call. <...

Federer beats Safin...
6-3 7-6 (20-18). Heckuva breaker! -- Congratulations to George W Bush !

Hewitt WILL become #2 tommorow
And next year, #1. U can fucking count on it. GO U LITTLE AUSSIE BATTLER!

Hewitt - Roddick Spoiler
Hewitt destroys Roddick 6-3 6-2. Hewitt played a very smart match and never gave Roddick much of a change to play his game. Hewitt won the last 20(!) points of the match. Maybe there was a...

Houston got a window rain break
Hewitt takes 1st set 6-3. its shameful espn isn't showing the semis live

TRIVIA PART 3 -- One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Of wins, losses, and titles. This is a counting game. The answers are the numbers one to ten, except that I've skipped one number. I've also given you the answers to the questions. So y...

stringing; The Holy Grail
For friends here who play the sport, I think i've found The Holy Grail (for some tastes, so to speak) of tennis strings: Babolat Ballistic 16 guage. Previously i had tried and rea...

Racket Advise Needed
What's a good Wilson racket for just recreational play? I checked out the site and they have a quite a few to choose from. I played when I was younger for a few years then stopped, my fa...

FAO Yuri
The Eastbourne program I sent you has come back returned to sender -- it must have been waiting for you at the post office for some time, but I can't read the Russian scrawling on the pack...

Looks like a total washout today
The most reliable online weather forecast is weather underground. and they say its pretty much rain all day today in Houston. looks bad for the semis today. what a shame.....

What Sets Federer Apart
Yes, I know all about his range and variety of shot but I think the thing that most crucially sets Roger Federer apart from the crowd is his ability to deal with the rising ball. ...

I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life.
"I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." -- Mark Twain "Today people in America can become whatever they want. Tr...

Ljubicic got married
Wow. I didn't know that. Congrats to the guy. He actually looks clean cut for once.

Venus (finally) defeats Serena Dave

Masters format adjustment...
It strikes me as unfair that the winners of the two groups don't go into the semis with any substantive edge over the two second place finishers. So to better-reward the winners: when ...

What Sets Federer Apart
Yes, I know all about his range and variety of shot but I think the thing that most crucially sets Roger Federer apart from the crowd is his ability to deal with the rising ball. ...

Masters Cup RR rankings
This is the first time since 1990 YEC the top four seeds have advanced to the SF (Edberg, Becker, Lendl, Agassi). Hewitt must win out to claim #2; getting to the final clinches #3. ...

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