Why Did Gaudio have to Win Roland Garros?
He's certainly a nice guy and all, but his win really does throw a wrench in the current Race. How many matches has he won since winning in Paris and making three consecutive cl...

Question for Tennis Channel subscibers
Does anyone else have the tennis channel on digital cable? Do you find that the picture freezes a LOT? I just wondered if it is my tv, my cable system, or the tennis channel itself. I don...

Agassi vs Johansson
Agassi lost in todays finals. Still has a chance to reach the masters cup. He has to do well in Paris.

Linz, Luxembourg F Rankings
Because the Los Angeles Championships comes off this week, Mauresmo has no chance of regaining #1. But if you observe the Race, you'll see that a good result at Philadelphia would give ...

Lots of Indoor Activities and Events-DC Area

New Federer coach rumours
Federer woos Roche By LEO SCHLINK 31oct04 TONY Roche has been linked again to the most coveted job in tennis - coaching world No. 1 Roger Federer. Roche, the modes...

Here's a nice example of tennis professionalism and maturity: "What do you like most about being a professional tennis player?" "It's just the feeling of doing something that I love d...

FA: Oddball Women's Tennis Cards
I have many oddball (harder to find) women's tennis cards currently running on Ebay. Here are the players currently running: Althea Gibson Jennifer Capriati Monica Seles

Tennis not very popular in America?
I read a recent survey of American's favorite sports. Women's tennis only registared 2% and men's tennis didn't even get 1%. Now, the poll didn't say what our 2nd favorite sport is etc.,...

Philly Draw
It's been released and 2 quick things I have noticed. #1 is obvious, no Serena (no shocker there)...#2...Capriati could not have designed herself a better draw. Venus gets Raymond first ro...

Agassi in Stockholm...
Doing pretty well. Beats Haas in semis and is now in the finals against Johansson (Thomas). And odds are good as Agassi has never lost to Johansson in six meetings. It's not particularly str...

Linz, Luxembourg SF Rankings
Bovina ties her career high of #16; she will reach a new high of #15 if she wins Linz. Molik will reach a career high #13 if she wins Luxembourg. I also note that Molik will move ...

Which Shark Sharapova is using?
The Prince website seems to indicate that it is MP (I certainly hope so!) but various reviews and racket sellers keep repeating that Maria is playing with OS. Is it possible that...

My answer to Europe...
One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do...

Grand Slam dates?
Hi, folks. I apologize for posting what is almost certainly a FAQ, but I searched for FAQs on the group and couldn't find anything up-to-date. Can anyone point me to a link ...

Nalbandian finalist in Basel.
Nalby has now reached three consecutive finals there. 2002 Winner 2003 (w/o Aganist Coria) Good carpet season till now but, let's see if he can finally win a tournament after...

Federer and Roche???
From the London Times today: "For the second week in a row, they were calling this a championship designed for Henman to win. He had been left as the top seed in Madrid and when R...

TV Coverage of Stockholm??
Anybody knows anything?What channel has it?Can't find a thing...

Baseliners historically more versatile than serve volleyers
Considering clay as slow, HC/grass (AO,USO, FO) as fast. Here is a list of champions who won on both surfaces multiple times. The best among men. 1. Bjorn Borg - 5 on ...

andy roddick/lauren bedford?
do you know sth?

Linz, Luxembourg QF Rankings
1 (1) Davenport 4546 2 (2) MAURESMO 4225* 3 (3) Myskina 3750 4 (4) Dementieva 3491 5 (5) Kuznetsova 3445 6 (6) H...

Agassi endorses Kerry
Add him to the list of illustrious actors, singers and the 'disenfranchised' to line up for Kerry. To name just a few: 1. Bette Midler--Proof that extremely ugly women can succeed in...

Masters team wary of withdrawals
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/3963447.stm The ATP really needs to look at the amount of tennis it expects it's stars to play. The tour seems to take a huge toll of players fi...

Linz Spoiler (WTA Race implications)
Jankovic has beaten Zvonareva, according to the WTA web site. If correct, that means Jankovic is Top 30 (and Hantuchova is out). More to the point, it means that Serena has qualif...

Safin-Llodra (spoiler)
Quite a shocker (I know Llodra is good, but in St. Petersburg ...): St.Petersburg M. Safin 4 1 M. Llodra 6 6 Complicates things for Safin for Houston, I...

Federers Injury should warrant a return to wooden racquets
Federer's injury proves you can have flawless technique and still get injuried . If this happens it does not bode well for the rest of the tennis world ,given how flawless he is ,...

What is a "spoiler"? TIA Larry J

Looking for Video Clips
Can somebody direct me to some sites that have slo-mo videos of various strokes. Thanks, Ken

Magnus Norman retires...
http://www.atptennis.com/en/newsandscores/news/2004/norman_retires.asp I saw Magnus play a few matches and his game seemed to be pretty dominant. I saw him play Hewitt, Agassi and, of...

Tennis Technique Website
For those interested in trying to improve their game or just want to read some interesting information about tennis technique, then check out the following website: http://www.r...

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