Gamma Flex Core Power strings
Anyone have any comments on these strings? I am desparately trying to find info on the internet but can't find anything other than the one liner quip the manufacturer gives on it. I came a...

Hasselt, GuangZhou, Seoul 2R Rankings
1 (1) Mauresmo 4242 2 (2) Davenport 4057 3 (3) Henin-hardenne 3845 4 (4) Myskina 3440 5 (5) Kuznetsova 3333 6 (6) DE...

Palermo: Nadal out
O. Mutis(FRA) d. R. Nadal(ESP) 6-3 - 6-3 Hm, the talent of Mutis was enough to trouble Nadal here, perhaps tired after the Davis Cup victory last week, but anyway, don't...

Spain altitude query...
The Spanish tennis federation said it rejected Madrid as the site for the DC final because its high altitude/thinner air would give the big serving americans an advantage. So what...

Clijsters (spoiler)
Takes out Benesova 7-6 and 6-2. Not such a bad result, but next up is Callens or (more likely) Maleeva, who could be quite a handful on indoor carpet. Nemanja

Bangkok: the perfect Federer - Roddick test
Federer seems to have a very easy draw, the only obvious threat being Dent or Srichaphan in the SF. Quite the contrary on Roddick's side. He might have to meet T. Johansson

One way to decide the real No.1
There have been a lot of research going on in this rst about deciding the ideal No.1 for a year. As we all know, ATP or WTA year-end rankings can't be taken literally. Most of the...

Holy crap, I got my check today of $67 US!!!
Holy crap, I got my check today of $67 US!!! Spending countless hours in front of your computer surfing the net, doing homework, writing email or working? Feel like your time at the

Babolat Ballistic strings
There was some discussion a while back about how a lot of the young top pros are using Babolat Ballistic 17-guage mono-filament-nylon strings. See webpages {

"tennis skill" = volleying
This seems to be the attitude among some here -- the Bob/Whisper/etc. clique. Only people who can volley better than they can groundstroke are "real" tennis players. People who can grounds...

fed's retirement
Fed is so youg, no way should he even think of leaving. Why would you deprive the world of the wounderous tennis he has yet to show. Retirement is only an issue when you fail to win majors...

Hasselt draw
Hasselt draw looks pretty strong. I don't know if this is stronger than Tier III normally, but it will give a good idea where Kim is now. In addition to her there are Dementieva, Bovin...

Seville confirmed as DC final location -- Luke Croll ABDK FAQ:

Graf: Agassi to play another year Dave

Was calling the first women's semifinal at Beijing. A coupla tense moments but she got through OK. Thank God it wasn't her that called the overrule at the end of the first s...

When Should Tennis Children Start Lifting Weights-
Our children today are 40% less active than kids 30 years ago. Many are obese and this has contributed to many cases of diabetes in young children. Our children sit and watch video games, TV...

Lendl's blue-chip slam streak...
From USO 1984 thru USO 1987, Lendl made the finals of 9 out of 10 blue-chip slams, including 7 straight between USO 85 - USO 87. That's pretty amazing: (1) During that time, Lendl was...

Annual No.1 players - women
This is my proposed No.1 for every year from 1919-present. 1. Suzanne Lenglen 1919-26 (8 years) 2. Helen Wills 1927-30, 32-33 35, 38 (8 years) 3. Cilly Aussem 1931 (1 year)...

Karolina Sprem
New website " Karolina Sprem Picture Page " .

Karolina Sprem
New website " Karolina Sprem Picture Page " .

Best Tennis Magazine
Hy guys i would like to know which are, for u, the best tennis magazine Thanks

Annual No.1 players - men
This is my proposed No.1 for every year from 1919-present. I took into consideration both amateur and pro tennis. 1. Gerald Patterson 1919 (1 year) 2. Bill Tilden 1920-25, 31 (7 y...

DC cup final
Do the seps honestly think that if they win (small chance), the spanish crowd will let them leave alive??? Maybe they should watch what happened to the Aussies when we played them. Then imag...

Why does Spain get home court?
Does anyone know why Spain gets the home court advantage in the Davis Cup Final?

Serena Defeats Uso 2004 champ.
I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. But Serena just defeated Kuznetsova in the final of the China Open 4-6,5-7,6-4. Serena had a 4-0 lead in the last set but got sloppy. Thankfully she...

Belarus SF Lie Ends
Davis Cup must be played only at grand slam surfaces; Rebound Ace, Red Clay and Hard Courts... Carpet Maybe too. The Grass season is so short, no one haves time to get used to it. Belar...

Beijing F Rankings
I've been waiting for the WTA to officially announce the results. Apparently they aren't going to (their web site has been known to disagree with what they e-mail; I consider it un...

a couple of instructional questions
two instructional questions for you guys.... find people here very knowledgable and helpful. thanks in advance for any help!!! 1) how much separation do you want from torso to elbow on...

kuznetsova/serena result
serena d. kuznetsova 4-6 7-5 6-4

Steffi at Rot-Weiss
Nice pic: Marius Hancu

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