women's tennis - why not best of five sets?
Why aren't women's matches best of five sets too? It's not as though women are in any way lacking in the stamina department, power, yes, but stamina definitely not. Women of course com...

simon barnes on federer
A bit over-the-top, but in essence, I agree! Fed is already one of the greats in terms of pure skill, now he has only (!) to win a bucketload of slams... Illusionist F...

Help ...who is the guy .. with McEnroe ??? argh and his voice is
245 octaves higher than Ms Carollo ............double fault .. out click

McEnroe...anyone else think he looks pretty awful on camera ??
Maybe the lighting ..maybe age...something is not right...Or perhaps I choose to remember him ...the way he was in the Glory Days.

Schedule of play Saturday
According to the Wimbledon website, Federer v. Grosjean is slated to start on Centre Court at the same time as Roddick v. Ancic is slated to start on Court 1. Looks like we're gonna get scr...

Serena on the Ovas
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I think the Russians have more players right now because everybody is, you know ‑‑ there's like 50 players from Russia in the Top 10 (laughter). It's like ...

Remember Majoli?
..well don't bother anymore, she has retired a few days ago.

Will NBC carry the women's final live?
The old plan was for it to go off live at 9AM Eastern / 6 Pacific. NBC would carry it live. But now, the conclusion of the Federer match is set for 7AM Eastern (pending rain), t...

How about this player?
Hi. Any idea who this player might be and does he have any relation to the Ukrainian famous athlete? http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/bios/ms/atpbc11.html (BTW, I used to post...

Federer vs Sampras
I say federer beats sampras 4 out of 5 times on grass... federer's serves are unbreakable. and his stronger than pete. much better return game. Serve: Federe...

Good luck Mario against Dickhead!!
Come on Super Mario! Please beat Rod-DICK!!!!

Best Racket Man
Who's the best racket man? By Scott Riley Tennis Editor PHILADELPHIA (Sports Network) - Who's the best tennis player over the last 27 years? I'll try to break it down from...

looks like a young sal mineo ...

Karate Kid Stretch
Looks like Ancic is gonna need Miyagi to get past Roddick Get him a body bag!

Jennifer Capriati's Unmentionables
You know, what commentators choose not to mention when covering a Capriati match. Her beer-gut. To be fair, discussing a woman's weight is a clear taboo for male

Why Wasn't Roddick Moved to Center Court ?
He's clearly the most exciting player in tennis today. It's not his fault that it rained. Fed and his big nose should have been moved to Court 1.

Navratilova out
Court 13 Mixed Doubles - 3rd Rnd Match Completed L.Paes (9)/ M.Navratilova (9) / W.Black (6)/ C.Black (6) 6-7(7-9) 7/6(7-5) 11/13 -- Tío Pedro - Personally ...

is scary...

NBC liars
The announcer next to Mac just said that "Roddick and Ancic are about to take the court, and you'll see that live on NBC". Funny, while Mac and this bozo are yakking away, my computer ...

Roddick v Ancic on Court 1
It's a shame the rain produced this. I kinda figured this would happen. The fans must be a little peeved. Dave

Wow...Sebastian Grosjean Sucks
French tennis isn't what it used to be. It's fitting since France isn't what it used to be either.

I apologize...
For bringing up another thread about soccer knowing fully well that it might attract posts from the likes of Whispo who is always inclined to yap but knows shit about the game.

WTF! Now what is ESPN doing?
Fed's match is back live. yet espn continues to show a taped match????

is espn showing sharapova/davenport on west coast??? I assumw NBC is showing Roddick on east coast. why can't espn show federer/grosjean on west coast???

Blue sky

Olympic Acceptance List
http://www.itftennis.com/olympics/news/newsarticle.asp?id=12112 Hewitt, Sharapova and Dokic are not in the lists. I thought Golovin said she was sure to take part, but actually she's ...

Navratilova-Paes vs Black siblings
What happened to the exciting mixed doubles match at Wimbeldon 2004 between Navratilova-Paes and Cara-Wayne Black? 6-7,7-6, 10-10...by when it was late night and they decided to suspend the ...

What if.........?
........Hewitt hadn't been aborted? Would he still be an angry, pumped & successful tennis player today....? I'd say no, he has his parents to thank for terminating the pregnan...

Timeline for Roof on Centre Court
I have heard it will be 2008 or 2009 before it will be ready. Does anyone know why it is going to take so long to complete?

England and Rain
Goddamn, what is wrong with your country? No wonder you bastards are so pessimistic.

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