Fed-Roddick final will be live in the US on 1 channel
CKWS. if you happen to get this Canadian channel in the US. you can watch the mens final live. otherwise you will have to settle for espns taped coveage starting at 5-pm EST.

Toronto SF rankings
Final is rematch of last years' SF, the only time Roddick has defeated Federer. re: the gap between #2 and #3 - it is amazing, wg. I have rankings going back ten years, this is the largest...

Donald Young nears endorsement deals -- at 15
I've heard Patrick McEnroe says his name a few times, but have never seen him play. Winning a 6-1 set from the No. 213 isn't too bad. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/sportsbusiness/news...

Ballboys/gilrs handling player towels
The thread about Agassi's on-court habits made me think about those poor girls and boys who are forced to hand the players their towels between points. Now these towels are used...

Toronto TMS: Federer-T. Johansson - the lost art of serve and volley
The lost art of serve and volley -------------------------------- OK, Fed finally won match. However, it was indeed a labored performance, esp in the 1st set.

Quiz: What's wrong with Federer?
He's playing a terrible match against Joahnsson, struggled against Santoro. He's even throwing racquets! So, what's wrong? a) Too much pressure because he wants revenge on ...

recipe to beat sharapova
watched myskina/sharapova yesterday, sharapova started out 5-2, then myskina started to take all pace off the ball, throw a few moon balls, a lot of no pace balls hit directly at sharapova, ...

Agassi's Christianity and Federers Cow pat
Last time I checked he was MR A that is and raises some interesting points about others beliefs , now I already said the A word so you can be sure I'm not saying the S as well - stay whispa ...

Kim out of US Open after all
Well, things are back to what they were a couple of days ago. A few posters got me more optimistic, but here we are. I do think it is a good idea not to make a comeback too soon....

Is there anyone here who ever ordered something from the Turkish company Tennisonsale (www.tennisonsale.com)? If so, were you content about their service? Regards, Job ...

San Diego QF Rankings
Looking at the numbers, I'd say odds are pretty high that Clijsters will be #5 next week. And, possibly, #6 the week after that. 1 (1) Henin-Hardenne 4916 2 (3) MAUR...

Sharapova in Montreal
------------ http://www.rogerscup.com Tournament Director ... announced on Friday afternoon the participation of Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova ------------ (thus a...

Anastasia Myskina takes out Maria Sharapova
--WebTV-Mail-12101-4036 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit 7-5 ~~~ 6-2 Maria rallied with numerous unforced errors to he...

Sharapova Out
Someone go and pick up her crown, it seems to have been knocked off by Myskina. This makes her 3-0 against the Queen. Great that Sharapova won Wimby but all her hype was clearly premat...

Toronto QF rankings
Kiefer back in top 20, first time in over three years; T. Johansson has passed Haas in contest between players who were out the entire 2003 season - both started the year unranked.

Streaming Tennis
Anyone know of any links on the web to find streaming live video of ATP tennis matches?

Prelim's vs bye's
I'm setting up a tournament for my club and I've reached a point where I either have to have a preliminary round to determine who gets into the main draw, or issue bye's to my stronger playe...

Women's Top Seed for US Open
Who is likely to be the top seed for the US Open? Certainly Henin-Hardenne if she plays, but if not, then who? Will it be Serena, Davenport or Myskina?

Toronto TMS: Federer - Santoro: masters of spin (SPOILER)
A lesson in spin ---------------- This is what it really was ... 7-5, 6-4 for Fed, but much closer than expected (even if career-wise he was only leading 3-...

saying "grand slam" instead of "major"...does this bother anyone else?
Ok, I have pondered posting about this alot, but finally the last straw was when I brought up Ms. Sharapova's site and read this quote... >>...Maria has played Myskina twice befo...

Andre Agassi
It looks to me Andre Agassi's loss to Marat Safin during 2004 AO affected him more than anyone realized. It is obvious that this match really took a lot out of Agassi and now he has lost hi...

Serena Out
Just saw this on Acura Website Stadium Court - 10:00 a.m. Elena DEMENTIEVA def. Amy FRAZIER 6-2 6-1 Vera ZVONAREVA def. Serena WILLIAMS W/O ...

US Open tickets
We have tickets for all sessions and in various stadium locations for the 2004 US Open. (Aug 30-Sept 12) Email for pricelist. please call 908-298-0818 http://www.BIGAPPLETIC...

" US Open tickets
We have tickets for all sessions and in various stadium locations for the 2004 US Open. (Aug 30-Sept 12) Email for pricelist. please call 908-298-0818 http://www.BIGAPPLETIC...

Pat Mac states the obvious about modern racquets
During the telecast from Toronto last night, Little Mac starts talking about how the new racquets have made a tremendous impact on the return game. He said that they have benefitted the ser...

Sharapova-Myskina: No love lost
Posted just under a half hour ago, a story by Matt Cronin (whom I like). The other Russians rips Sharapova's nationality. Read on! http://msn.foxsports.com/story/26206...

better groups or sites for tennis?
Does anybody know of a better ng or website for tennis info than rec.sport tennis? There is some good stuff here but mostly the same you-know-whos posting the same tired old shit.

Sharapova: The Mother?
Any pics of Shara's mother? She must be quite a specimen ... I mean, based on appearance, not many of Maria's genes are from her father:-). Perhaps the driving ambition though ....

What time...?
...is the artful Fed v the foxy Santoro on....?

Toronto 3R rankings
1 (1) 5730 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 4960 Roddick, Andy* 3 (3) 3195 Coria, Guillermo 4 (4) 2625 Moya, Carlos 5 (6) 2465 Na...

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