Four Argentine Players In Roland Garros QF
For the first time in history four players of Argentina are still alive in a Grand Slam QF.

Coria & Moya could be the best match in clay season
It could be the best match in clay season. Both players are fresh and motivated. Theres Only a place in the semifinal. I think the Coria's excellence will prevail tomorrow in 3 or 4 sets.

Contest update
Heading into the QF only two contestants have all four picks remaining - Quake and David Henry. Both have Coria d. Hewitt for men, while splitting on a Williams sis to beat up Mauresm...

Only scraps of Sharapova's quarterfinal tomorrow
ESPN plans to show only the American women tomorrow. and they have plans to show repeats no matter what the score is. guess who has a hand in the espn tv programming. that dick nick named Ma...

Four Argentines in SF?
I have been expecting the Argentines to do well at FO for few years already, and now it is really happening. There is a very real chance all four semi-finalists are from Argentina. In ...

Donald Young
Do you think this kid will continue to grow and get better? Or will be be a Michael Chang who can't compete physically with the bigger players.

Graf: Level of women's tennis has sunk!
[email protected] (Dudewaba) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > Agree about Seles. To me, she's still the most devastating force I've seen on ...

NBC and ESPN must give up all tennis coverage forever
Agree 100%. I understand their reasoning but I just don't see how it's going to help ratings to show a bunch of boring waxings, no matter what the nationality of the players. And so now I ...

Quik Quiz #115
Name the active (male) players who have reached at least the QF at every slam. To be considered active there must be some 2004 ATP level activity.

Roland Garros 3R DOUBLES (Men's and Women's)
I know, I know, the men are playing QF matches. This is through the third round. MEN 1..(3) Bjorkman...........4960 2..(4) Woodbridge.........4875 3..(5) Bhupat...

Big Nalbandian
David, U R BIG! Watch out Guga.. Guess who's next?

Roland Garros 4R rankings - men
4 Argentines in QF, in different quarters. Replay of Hamburg 2002? Slam QF appearances (at RG): Coria 3 (2) Moya 5 (3) Nalbandian 5 (1) Henman 8 (1) Hewitt 7...

It's Hard to Feel Sorry For Safin
He's such a poor loser (and winner) that you enjoy watching him suffer so assiduously as he goes down in flames. Russian Arrogance is never met w Russian Humility or Russian Cla...

Clijsters Rooting for Boyfriend over Nation
Clijsters apparently holds little affinity for her native Belgium. She is planning on dropping citizenship to become Australian. She refuses to play for Davis Cup and Olympics because of...

Hewitt into quarters...
beats Malisse 7-5 6-2 7-6 Hewitt could win this... -- "We are launching a major attack on the enemy. Better that 10 innocent people should suffer than ...

Malisse's Girlfriend
Is she older than 14 ? She looks like a bastardized version of the Olsen twins, which is really saying a lot.

Safin wins set 3...
7-6, to stay alive. Can he come back yet again..? Probably not, but here's hoping... -- "We are launching a major attack on the enemy. Better that 10 innocent people s...

a suggestion for marat safin
watching his match against nalbandiani see that marat is suffering from blister problems. as someone is is an active tennis player/ golfer/ softball player i have found that urinating on one...

Who hates Guga's grunt?
Guga is a nice fellow. but that grunt of his i find to be extremely annoying when watching his matches.

Hewitt leads 7-5 4-2
This is amazing! Hes going to the qtr finals of the french open! GO LLEYTON! I told yous all he would donimate the rest of the year.

Are you watching this, clay-haters? Drop shots on set point, Safin at the net, unbelievable backhand topspin lob by Nalbandian ... and brutal power from the baseline. oh well, see yo...

Hewitt - Malisse on Roland Garros radio

Why is everybody ignoring Myskina?
I seem to recall folks here suggesting that Myskina could get upset by Molik in the first round, and that even if she got by Molik, Petrá Mandula would certainly beat her. Yet somehow, he...

< start of RAGE > The Marat Safin - Nalbandian match is well into its 3rd game and ESPN is showing Venus' match!!! I mean how stupid could you get and still run ESPN!!!!

GUGA into quarters!
Guga wins over Lopez 6-3 7-5 6-4 Hooray! -- "We are launching a major attack on the enemy. Better that 10 innocent people should suffer than one spy get away. Whe...

Tribute to a former FO champion
In a doubles match in Paris, Nasty and sidekick Ion Tiriac were bedeviling Roger Taylor and Onny Parun by incessantly lobbing into the blinding sun so their opponents could only feebly retur...

Roland Garros - Week 1 ponderings
So now REAL matches begin... Men's draw was very strong and despite many upsets, remaining lineup is still quite profilic, with several blockbuster match-ups still to come. Lots o...

Capriati Vs Serena FO 2004 quarters wage your bets...
After seeing the girls play the last few rounds, I have to favor Capriati in this quater final match up. Serena keeps having these mental lapses at the most inopportune times. And Jenny has ...

NBC and ESPN must give up all tennis coverage forever
NBC and ESPN have been showing nothing but American matches, and because no American men are left, that means only women's matches. i think i can speak for most true tennis fans - i don't ...

Bending knees on the forehand
My closed-stance forehand is OK when I hit without bending the knees. If I try to incorporate the knee bend, I generate more power but totally lose control -- ball hits the fence...

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