Agassi withdraws from Italian Open (and more)
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Warsaw, Budapest QF Rankings
1 (1) Henin-Hardenne 7353 2 (2) Clijsters 6280 3 (3) MAURESMO 3167 4 (4) Davenport 2996 5 (5) Myskina 2828 6 (6) Pe...

Williams vs. Maleeva spoiler
Looks like Venus has managed to get over her problems with Maleeva. Excellent, easy win. V. Williams d. Maleeva 6-1 6-0 Her clay-court swing is going pretty well - so much s...

DTel: He was Mr Tennis
He was Mr Tennis By John Roberts  Daily Telegraph (Filed: 28/04/2004) It is reasonable to suggest that John Parsons was as well known in the tennis community as an...

No Wimbledon victory at the Kentucky Derby
For those of you horse racing fans - I'm sure there's a few - there will be no Wimbledon victory at the Kentucky Derby this year. The cross-promotional chance to pick up a little "tennis mom...

Warsaw [SPOILER]
Schiavone d. Mauresmo 3-6 7-6 (7/2) 6-1 great result for her. she hasn't really done much since that QF against hingis in 2002 or whenever it was. i saw schiavone earlier t...

Graf Hall of Fame news Sounds like Steffi is content, Dave

FS: Arthur Ashe "Portrait In Motion" Hardcover Autobiography
Arthur Ashe "Portrait In Motion" Hardcover Autobiography I have for sale the out-of-print, 1st. Edition, Hardcover, Autobiography Book Arthur Ashe "Portrait In Motion" (1975). Th...

Raja appearing at rst - tragedy

Why did Safin withdraw from Barcelona?
Can't find any info at the Barcelona web site. He was part of the original draw, unlike Coria who pulled out early enough. Any info? Thanks, Dave

Taylor Dent - Injured again
Just sitting here reading the wire and some tennis news and I see Taylor Dent had to retire today in a match in Munich against Luis Horna. That's nothing new to Dent fans, who are probably f...

help needed! please
i need some instructions for stringing!?!?? does anybody have some literature(docs pics pdfs etc.) please for any help will be very greatfull tnx ...

Warsaw, Budapest 2R Rankings
1 (1) Henin-Hardenne 7353 2 (2) Clijsters 6280 3 (3) MAURESMO 3167* 4 (4) Davenport 2996 5 (5) Myskina 2828 6 (6) P...

"American" media won't report travel ban on Israel
The State Department has warned Americans not to travel to Israel. The BBC has reported this on their Web site, but so far the "American" media will not tell Americans about the danger....

African-Americans call for "Revolution"
African-Americans in America Openly Call for Revolution and the Rule of African-American Culture By PATRICK E. TYLER and DON VAN NATTA Jr. Published: April 26, 2004

Steffi Graf not winning GS twice - tragedy
Steffi Graf had an amazing career. She won 22 slams and won GGS in 1988. But she could have easily won a GS again. In fact she missed the GS 4 other times. 1989 - Missed by one ma...

old TENNIS mags...anyone interested?
I have issues from bretty much 1990-present, all are in good condition. Pete Sampras, Agassi covers. Let me know if there is anything in particular your looking for. --brian

Rome tournament info
I just realized that I will be visiting Rome during the time of the men's tournament, so naturally would love to find out about the location of the tournament and ticket info. Unfortu...

Top 10 in amateur era
I made a Top 10 list for players who played before the 1968 AO (amateur era). I gave 1 point to all the slams except AO and (FO before 1925) and (all the challenge round defensenses in Wim b...

quick quiz #90125b
How many times has the men's winner of a slam been younger than the boy's winner of the slam? -- "Look at any 'democratic' country, like America. In these countries th...

bob *is* biased! :-)
At least w/respect to W sistas. Check this out, from 1/14/02: bob: "i never liked venus, nor her father, nor her sister, nor her mother much either..i always said that ...

Are radar guns calibrated (tournament to tournament)?
Otherwise, what is the variance? Wondering because of Roddick's record of 152 mph.

What's wrong with P-Don?
Why is Srichaphan losing so many first round matches?

Veterans World Team Champs on at present in Turkey
Individual champs next week.

John Parsons
Here is a link to the ESPN article on John Parson's passing: I think Parsons is the only tennis writer whose writing...

Feedback on Oscar Wegner resources?
I came across his website and I read his email newsletters and perused his video library and he seems to say some interesting stuff. I've been looking for his ma...

Lobster Elite: 2 month followup review
Thought I would post another follow-up. There are so many times that I have had just an hour or so to get some exercise, whether that's during lunch or at 6am in the morning before

The Return of Kveta Hrdlickova
It seems she's "Peschke" now. But she's at Warsaw. -- [T]he ravaging of the environment may be seen as a kind of global Ponzi scheme, the early "investors" doing well, later ones...

Sampras not winning FO - tragedy
How many of us Sampras not winning FO a tragedy? Miheal Lokhart thinks so... LOLSeriously even Sampras would not never dreamt of winning FO

British Establishment balks at Blair's support of Israel
Israel is finding some opposition in Britain, the kind of opposition that is not even thinkable here in the "free" nation of America that is supposedly the "home of the brave". W...

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