Tennis Nation rankings
The British tennis sucks thread inspired this totally ad hoc ranking system. Two parts, 'depth' and 'elite' Depth: 2 points - players ranked #1 - #50 1 poin...

Miami QF Singles, 2R (mostly) Doubles Rankings
1 (1) Henin-Hardenne 7626 2 (2) Clijsters 6280 3 (3) Mauresmo 3173 4 (4) Davenport 2943 5 (5) Myskina 2828 6 (8) DE...

Racket Sugestions
Hello, I am currently a high school tennis player and have so far been using a bargain basement Wilson Strike. My short game and volleys are fairly good, but ground strokes are a problem of ...

Vince Spadea
Vince wins his first ever tournament...!! Congratulations Vince...!!

Jayson Blair's problem__he's a NIGGER
Excerpts from Jayson Blair's book: "The blackouts, the boundless energy, the restlessness, the angst, the dizziness, the images in my head, the sounds, all should have been signs."

Doha, Acapulco F Rankings
1 (1) HENIN-HARDENNE 7262 2 (2) Clijsters 6699 3 (3) Mauresmo 3353 4 (4) Davenport 3049 5 (7) MYSKINA 2779* 6 (5) C...

andy roddick's service motion and another question
i know we're probably not supposed to emulate andy's serving motion, but i was wondering about him getting up on his toes?...... saw some pictures and seems he leans way in on his toes... is...

Top Ten US Open Era No. 1s
TENNIS-X TOP 10 OPEN ERA No. 1s Compiled by the Tennis-X staff, here is the definitive Top 10 all-time list of No. 1 ranked players, finally putting to rest who's the best. The ...

free show tickets
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FS: 1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Board
1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Board I have for sale the 1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Stand-Up Board. The board measures 20"x28" is in ful...

FS: 1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition
1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition I have for sale the 1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition. The edition contains 194 pages of text, full-color action photos and ...

Wilson Prostaff 6.1 Stretch. Why has it been discontined?
Why has this model been discontinued? I thought it was very popular when it came out arond 1996. Anything in current Wilson line that is similar to Prostaff 6.1 Stretc...

Masters Cup - A clue to who was or could have been the greatest ???
This is from a website _______________________________________________________________________________ Strange things can happen when you gather the top eight singles players for one ev...

Anastasia Myskina Vidcaps
New Anastasia Myskina vidcaps (Finale Quatar Open) .

Lopez vs. Federer (preview, prediction)
Roger Federer is going to look across the net and see a reflection of himself in the Dubai final, won't he? Lopez looks like Federer, with his somewhat long hair and headband, and ...

Would Laver.......(2)
In taking Jimmy Connors as an inter-generational touchstone I'm making some rather large assumptions. For instance, I'm assuming that the Connors of the early-mid 70's was the equal or bette...

Pete Sampras Video Wanted
Hi, I am new to this newsgroup. Does anyone have a copy of Pete's farewell at the U.S. Open? I missed it and would love to have a copy. Please email me. Thank you, Linda <...

Roddick the looser
hahahaha he fucken lost this is great. even tho it was by another seppo (but hopefully he will get beaten tommorow too)

If you could have...
If you could have lived the life of one tennis pro, who would it be and why? Personally I would pick Sampras. I would love to have his serve, his attacking game and his abi...

Nasdaq-100 2004
Anybody from this newsgroup plan on going to the Nasdaq-100 in Key Biscayne Florida this year?

Federer - Nieminen spoiler
Well, me and a few of my colleagues were probably the only people in Finland who saw it live. (I think it might be on Eurosport in the middle of the night). It is no wonder ...

Why is Roddick avoiding Fed?
If Roddick thinks he's so good why isn't he playing in the tournaments like Dubai with Federer? of course one could make the same argument towards Fed. but it wouldn't stick since Fed c...

Doha F, Acapulco QF Rankings
As already noted, career high for Myskina (among others). I really think she deserves it. Frankly, I think she should be #4, ahead of Davenport. 1 (1) HENIN-HARDENNE 7...

I was wondering if K-Swiss shoes were any good? I've never owned a pair. Thanks, p

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Anastasia Myskina vs Svetlana Kuznetsova Result
Anastasia defeats Svetlana 4-6, 6-4, 6-4.

Who is that player...? ...the player wearing the sunvisor with her hair flopping over it. The other four are easily (to me) recognisable, but this lady...

FS: 1981 Wayne Gretzky 1st Edition "Tennis Classic" Badge with Signature
1981 Wayne Gretzky 1st Edition "Tennis Classic" Badge with Signature I have for sale a 3 1/2" in diameter full-color (metal) 1981 Wayne Gretzky, 1st Edition, "Tennis Classic" badge wit...

Would Laver Have Beaten Sampras?
In 1991 Vitas Gerulaitas stated that Rod Laver at his peak would've beaten the current group of top players even if he were using a wood racquet. This is a remarkably contrarian asser...

Dates of '05 Aussi Open ?
Can anyone tell me what the dates are for the 2005 Australian Open, or where can I go to get that information? Thanks.

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