rudedski caught using PED's
"they got 'im"! rudedski failed a drug test in which he tested positive for the banned substance nandrolone: -- free rio ...

Indian Wells advice
I'm going to the Indian Wells tournament in March. Anyone here with advice on seating? (Sight lines, I mean.) Hotels nearby (the Web site promotes several, but they're extremely pricey)? Sid...

OnCourt 4.0
OnCourt 4.0 has been released. New features: - Results of all main tournaments ATP and WTA in the doubles category for 2003; - A history of ratings-lists ATP and ...

Navratilova/Federer in Hong Kong
According to <>, Navratilova teams with Federer Jan 8-10 in the mixed doubles exhibition. She, playing doubles, and Rubin, playing sing...

Nice to see he's back after his mini-break from the ATP. I can see him as a 'dangerous floater' in the draw for the Aussie Open, somebody that the big guns will definitely want to avoid. N...

Gold Coast, Auckland QF Rankings
As of today, all seeding tiers at the AO are set except one. Sugiyama can no longer earn the #8 ranking, so the only question is whether Daniilidou or Schnyder will get the last spot in...

Hewitt's looking good...
Leading Kucera 6-2 5-5... He's beefed up a bit (5 kilos) & looking more aggressive. Hope he can make semis at AO......

Acceptance Lists
Does the WTA have the acceptance lists anywhere on their site? I can't find them. Tennis Australia's site had the Acceptance List for the Gold Coast tournament, but don't ha...

Still no Haas, huh?
Tommy was supposed to be in Qatar, but I see he's not in the draw. Any info? (At least it's nice to see Guillermo Canas back!) Dave

Another win for Marat
I was hoping Safin and Hewitt would mix it up during the Hopman Cup, but the draw didn't pan out that way. Safin did win both of his singles matches. He defeated his nemesis Santoro

The Big Five
or, how the New Balls Generation shapes up at the moment. Two years ago I did a side by side comparison of Roddick vs. Federer: I starte...

Sampras: The Most Complete Player Ever?
Just about everybody sez he is so it must be true - eh? While I generally believe in the majority rules approach to seeking the truth about things (which is why I always buy the #...

TM's Forecast of Women's FO 1993 Champ
While leafing through old tennis mags one article in (U.S.) Tennis Magazine's June 1993 issue caught my eye. They were prediciting who might win that year's French Open. Obviously...

Toughest shot in the game....
Half-volley drop shot, or the backhand smash...? Sampras made the half-volley drop shot look like any ordinary shot in the game! I believe that's how he finished the match against Aga...

Bjorkman upsets Roddick at Doha
Not a great start to the New Year for Andy Roddick as Jonas Bjorkman beats him 6-3, 6-4 in the second round of the Qatar Open.

Frazier squanders 9 match points in her loss to Brandi... Doesn't bode well for the new year, does it? -- "You don't improve with age" -Dot (to Ethel) (1989)

Interesting Happenings At Hopman Cup
The main thing is that Kim C retired hurt in the third set of her match against Molik and may be in doubt for the AO (although knowing Kim's resilience I think she'll make it). She ...

Serena appears on US show "Law & Order - Special Victims Unit"
I surfed through it, but she appeared to be playing a college basketball player being questioned by the police.

The Latest Crazy ATP Suspension
Puerta is suspended for nine months for using a drug prescribed by his doctor which is stated to have no performance-enhancing benefits. (And, given the way Puerta has played lately, yo...

Placing bets in tennis
OK, as we have quite a few pundits in here, I wonder if any of you guys ever place bets in tennis, and if so if you just do it on a whim or a hunch, or whether you use any 'method'.

Lesson by Lina Krasnouratskya
Today she taught us how not to serve. In the first set which she won 76, she served at least 15 double faults. She didn't get much better. Would love to see the stats of the ... www.electavideo.comforum

No more ESPN Page2 sports TV listings? Alternatives?
Since there's so many posts here ( about TV listings, I thought I'd ask: ESPN Page2 TV listings used to show a complete listing most all sports (tennis my favorit...

Belgium v Slovak Rep.
A few notes: (1) Clijsters looking very solid and focussed. Loves Rebound and will be hard to stop at the AO on this showing. (2) DH not likely to make a comeback on this performance. Her fi...

Most Durable tennis bag, 6+ or duffle style?
My Dunlop 6 racket bag is finally falling apart. It's just big enough for most of what I want to carry, so I'm thinking of going to the duffle-bag style. Who makes a durable tenni...

Who else enjoys men's tennis more than women's?
I notice many have enjoyed women's tennis more men's in the past few years. How many of you actually appreciate men's tennis more? For women's tennis in a grand slam tournament, I would star...

Belgen verpletterten Slowaken in Hyundai Hopman cup
5 Januari 2004 Het sterke team van BelgiŽ heeft het voorbeeld van AustraliŽ gevolgd, beide aanzien als favorieten in de $1-miljoen Hyundai Hopman, door allebei de enkelspelen en het ge...

Stosur defeats Shaughnessy
76 63 A great win by Samantha.

new wta website
wta has revamped their website: visually i think that it's pretty unappealing with it's various shadings of fuchsia, but the links are set up to allo...

Improving return of serve - advice?
What words of wisdom do you have for improving one's return game? Thanks

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