Monty Python version of graf/Seles saga....
Seles (to 'field') : "Hear me. I have now slain the mighty Graf - soundly beaten her to a pulp 10-8 in 3rd. Go forth my sisters & be emboldened." 'Field' : 'But mighty Mo...

Gilbert - tennis sensei
Article at /NBG8641KPG1.DTL -- ranking his...

Venus wins Hong Kong
Venus beat "Sharapova" 7-5 6-3 to win the exhibition. Hopefully, this will be the first of several "ovas" she feasts on at the AO, to be followed by some belgian waffles... -- <...

Ferrero beats Federer
at Hong Kong exhibition 6-4 6-4. Ferrero can't be counted out at the AO. His game fits the rubbery hard court, and he did make the USO finals. -- "if federal judges ha...

Sabatini post 1992 FO...
As a byproduct of the "seles-graf" discussion, someone asked me why Sabatini's win streak vs. Graf suddenly stopped in mid-92, such that she never beat Graf again. So let me toss out a specu...

Gold Coast, Auckland F Rankings
I'm not going to bother with the Race just yet. :-) 1 (1) Henin-Hardenne 6603 2 (2) Clijsters 6373 3 (3) SWilliams 3916 4 (4) Mauresmo ...

adidas international draw
i'm surprised to see clijsters and schnyder in this draw. for doubles fans, davenport and morariu are playing in the doubles draw. 1 HENIN-HARDENNE Justine BEL BYE MARTI...

Venus's seeding at the AO
Does she benefit from the special ranking rule? 6 months have gone by since her last tournament, so she has the right to ask for a special ranking. I know that the rulebook says "Players rec...

Mary Pierce #2??
Look at this picture and tell me that those arms and that little roll in the stomach isn't very reminicent of Mary Pierce after her comeback (granted Mary is in much better shape now)...but ...

Avge Slams Won Of Slam Final Opponent Losers
Here are the average career slams won of the losing finalists beaten by some of our recent champions ( a rough test of the quality of the beaten opposition): Borg: 3.9 J. McE...

Adelaide Semi Spoilers
Hrbaty bt Niemenin in straights and Llodra beat Dent in (I think) straights. I only saw bits and pieces because I was watching the Hopman Cup at the same time but Jarkko was too negati...

slam picks
Who's the rst'er who posts this newsgroups picks for the grands slams on their website? I'd like to get my 2 cents on there!

tallest women players?
Who are the tallest players in the WTA? Thanks.

Ferrero to defeat Federer in Hong Kong
Juan Carlos will gain form earlier than Federer and will take him out in straight sets. Dave

Petrova Injured
Called for the trainer. Leg injury. Possibly the reason she played crap the 2nd set.

What's freaky about Federer
What freaks me about about him is that he seems to resemble at times a male Evonne Goolagong Cawley for the new milenium... Goolagong could be playing the most sublime tennis and then...

Sugiyama/Petrova 1st set
Petrova wins 6-1 She's playing great tennis and looks on track to win her first title.

Venus and Serena
Are we going to see them play again? It is really starting to look very ominous now. It feels a bit like when everyone was wondering when Sampras was gonna play again. Then he never di...

Which of these 2 players are carrying an injury? I can't see anything anywhere, but the betting agency have suspended betting on the match which they only do when one is in doubt to pl...

Stosur's Big Goal
To be in the top 50 by the end of the Australian Open. To do it, she'll have to do well at Hobart this week, and very well at the AO. She made the 3rd round last year, so she'll ...

Serena out of AO
Still recovering from that knee ligament. Too bad. Hope she gets well soon. -- "if federal judges have the final word over its meaning, the Constitution would be a me...

Matches per year comparison
Last year there was quite a bit talk about Clijsters' excessive schedule. So lets compare it to some others... Clijsters played 102 singles matches last year, in addition to fairly ful...

Serena out of the AO 2004
Huge disappoinment here for fans, great for players. I was looking forward to her return. Scott Baker

lookin for a movie file
Hello Anybody got a link to a movie file with Jonas Bjorkman doing a Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker etc, the one they show sometimes on Eurosport? regards

Gold Coast, Auckland SF Rankings
This settles it. Seeding tiers are final, barring withdrawals. They're probably set even with withdrawals; it's hard to imagine enough women pulling out to earn Daniilidou a Top 16 spot...

Sampras W-L Record Comparison
Overall: Sampras 762-222 Lendl 1063-228 Borg 380-75 (Note: incomplete and skewed in his favour) J.P.McEnroe 849-182 Hardcourt Sampras 423-101 Lendl 392-84 ...

Auckland Ashley v Eleni Ashley to win 26 766 64 Gold Coast Nadia v Samantha Nadia to win 61 67 62

Rafter: Federer is the greatest... But hey, what would he know... ;-)

dementieva/sharapova result
sharapova d. dementieva 6-3 6-4 from the watsons water challenge exhibition. even though it's an exhibition, it is still a warmup event for the australian open so it does have mo...

Rusedski fails drug test....................
OOps ! more here............................... Jim --- Outgoing mail is certified Vir...

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