hitting head-light (babolat) racquet? and how much top spin for intermediate?
i bot a babolat pure drive to replace my hyper hammer. no idea i was going from head heavy to head light racquet. i tried out another babolat and loved it and thought the pure drive would be...

Quik (rst) Quiz
For the timeframe 1/1/03 - 10/31/03 1. Name the top ten rst posters, in terms of # of posts. Better, rank them in order. 2. Which topic generated ...

Greatest ever
Interesting article in latest Aus tennis magazine. A very thorough analysis (Paul Fein) which covers every issue we've discussed here in recent yrs (lurker?). 1 Sampras

Review Of James Jensen's Pro Tennis Lessons
There is a new six-unit tennis series just out. I also own the Bolletieri and Tennis 2000 series, but this one outstrips them. Pro Tennis Lessons is just more detailed, comprehensive a...

Party invite to all tennis players
Counting down in every time zone! Herc -- <^> <()> <^> ---- <^> <()> <^> 2004 <^> <()> <^> --- <^> <...

stop stoushing
Please stop "stoushing", which has the meaning indicated in the following quotation: "the atypical baseline final stoush between Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian", {http://www.atpte...

Seles's win/loss stats at USO 90-96 vs. top-4 players
0-2 Oops .... Max Eberl

Request your suggestions about string tensions on Head S12 racket
Hi, I have purchased two Head intelligence i.S12 rackets. I have been using a friend's S12 before and he has one with recommended string tensions up to 66 pounds. I like the fee...

Got a Great Christmas Present...
...Bud Collins: Total Tennis Encyclopedia (2003 print)... My wife was golden to find this one for me...(none of the prints have ever been available in Finland) ..NOW try to ...

rams aren't gonna make it steve :-)

Imagine this
Hypothetical Sampras vs. Agassi match Conditions of match: Agassi plays his game, but Sampras *must remain on the baseline* and *is only allowed to hit with slice on the bh*. He...

Agassi vibration dampener
Hi, i've been looking for a how-to on the infamous agassi "rubber band" vibration dampener, I managed to find a guide on tenniswizard.com but unfortunately the instructional pictures wont di...

What makes a good clay court player? Sampras Vs Aggassi
I read somewhere that in future match ups between Henin and Serena that Henin would be favored to win. Why is this? Serena is the most fit player on the tour. She has a great defensive and o...

Graf Indoors Record
Probably the weakest part of Graf's record is her WTA Championship record. Although she won in '87, 89, 93, 95, and 96 she was upset a number of times and rarely played anything like her bes...

Results so far
I've played tennis more or less for 40 years. In 1988 I started playing 3 or 4 tournaments a year, along with some league play, all in the rarefied air of Denver, Colorado. I started...

Hi, I have been using an Yonex RD-7 for a long time. I was looking to get a new racket and was considering the Yonex RD Ti-70. I demo'd the Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 and w...

What were the nature of Graf's knee injuries...
? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I measure success by the degree to which I ruin other people's lives."

Rafter accepts a wild card to play AO doubles next year
Pat says he's doing it to get practice for his February match against former world number one Matts W. Whisper you can start crying now. the man you hate will be playing in the AO next ...

12:06 am in Aus....
Merry xmas. Here's hoping you all learn a little more about the game next yr..... : )

Whisper the aussie creep from down under

Pat, thanks mate.....
I got a scare when I heard on the news he was making a comeback. Thank fuck he ruled that out & said it was 'just for fun'... Whew.....

scholar-athlete tennis pro
I may have stumbled across a byte of Sampras trivia: Who meets both of the following criteria?: (1) a high winning percentage against the great Pete Sampras, a monumental achievement, ...

Sampras is jealous of Federer
For Sampras to say Federer won't be a multi grandslam winner says a lot about the kind of person Sampras really is. he's just sore Federer def him on his best surface in his favorite to...

Hewitt & Clijsters to Wed
http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,8249827%255E28217,00.html Lleyton pops the question By Leo Schlink December 24, 2003 THE first couple of tennis, L...

looking forward to hopman cup on tennis channel?
Are you?

Latest news on Rafters possible return

Rafter comeback (sort of)
Doubles in Adelaide ahead of his exhibition vs. Wilander. Even though the article is titled 'Rafter to play at Open' - it's not really clear that he's entered in Melbourne. ...

Here's the address of Monica's new place in NY
Its 22 east on 71st St in NY for those interested.

Merry Christmas to Selesians (One Last Question)
"Oh, one last question: Exactly how many Wimbledon titles has, did, or will Seles win? Was that 'zero' I heard? It sure was. Enough said." (Stephen Thomas, FOXSports.com, August 13, 1999)

Roddick named 2003 ITF Champion! Haters on suicide watch
Roddick and Henin-Hardenne Named 2003 ITF Champions Mon December 22, 2003 LONDON (Reuters) - World number ones Andy Roddick and Justine Henin-Hardenne have been named 2003 ...

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