Moya served-&-volleyed?
There was some mention somewhere, maybe it was on {}, that Carlos Moya served-and-volleyed in the Davis Cup versus Australia on grass. Maybe it was just hyperbole, and they ...

Kim looks like she's lost a bit of weight.....
Good to see her pumping her fists & supporting the Aussies. Wonder how she'd go if it were Aus v Belgium...... ; )

Ferrero has now lost his last 6 matches....
Apparently never happened to him before.....

Congratulations, Australia
Looks like Hewitt's gamble paid off and his wish for 2003 has been fulfilled. Nice to see him vindicated. Congratulations to him and his teammates on their victory. I would have loved to ...

Awesome Tennis Forum---pics and video clips of the pro's
This forum has cool pics and video clips of the pro's on the ATP and WTA tour. Check it out

Beer Gut
Mark is clearly out of shape and is carrying a spare tire around the middle. Explains his collapse after the second set.

Scud or Dud
After leading 2 sets to love and with his opponent on the canvass the Dud plays tiddle winks in the first game of the third set - letting his opponent regroup mentally. Don't believe...

Pistolesi Plays Doubles After All!
Some time ago, there was a discussion of whether Anna Smashnova/Pistolesi/Whatever-Her-Name-Is ever plays doubles. She'd been known to play mixed, but not women's doubles. We...

Tennis Doubles Lesson review
I found a dvd video on was wondering if anyone has purchased it and has any opionions about the video. Please let me know as im about to get one for my self. th...

Dirty Tricks that Mother didn't teach me -
Every so often, I play an opponent who loves to trash talk during the set...before, receiving or serving...etc. When I have an opponent like this I employ dirty tricks that Mother didn't te...

Aussies trounce Spaniards 6-3 6-1 6-3
No contest - totally outclassed..... Should be fun tomorrow..... : )

JHH Update
After spending two weeks swimming with the dolphins in Polynesia she's just about to resume her training at Saddlebrook with Pat Etcheberry. Apparently he wants to work on her forehand prepa...

2003 ATP Quiz - Rankings
2003 ATP Quiz - Rankings All rankings herein refer to the ATP entry rankings. 2002 YE refers to the entry rankings as of 12/30/02. 2003 YE refers to the entry rankings...

2003 ATP Quiz - Slams - answers
Answers, also posted at Australian Open 1. Andre Agassi won in Australia after not appearing i...

"Australian trumpet man"
Where can we buy one of these really?. He is the laughing stock of all Spain being paraded all over tv with his tremendous imaginative interpretation of the Spanish national anth...

Spanish classless?
You know how Aussies would react if they played 'Waltzing Matilda' instead of 'Advance Australia Fair'? Wouldn't give a shit & laugh it off...... Now we have to tolerate these S...

Clijsters is lucky....
That guy of hers has HUGE balls.... -- Regards, Yury ------------------------------------ We can't necessarily rely on what the 'mass' of tennis fans ...

Lowlife australians
Yesterday the aussie scum made sure that their reputation all over the world as uneducated outback hillbillies stays alive and strong. When the Spanish national anthem was supposed to ...

Great Team Photos...
My company The Awning Sleeve Shirt Co., Inc. had the opportunity to sponsor with shirts a very talented league team who made it to the Nationals in Phoenix, Az.. It just so happens that it'...

DC Final progress (spoiler)
Philippoussis v. Moya 4 6 2 2 (P. serving first) Hewitt d. Ferrero 6-2 in the 5th David

Opinions on Ti.Radical MP
Any opinions, I've been looking at this racquet.

2 sets all - 6-3 3-6 6-3 6-7......
Hewitt got some bad calls at 4-3, so deserved to win the 4th set. Here we go again...... ; )

Ferrero leads 6-3 3-6 6-3...
....he went way off his game in 2nd set - stopped moving his feet. I suspect he's a little intimidated by Hewitt (bad experiences?)... Will it be a choke job ala Federer? ...

DC Spoiler - Hewitt down 3-6 3-2.....
Looks like he's going down. He's playing about 98% of his best - needs to be 100% + Ferrero off his game. Not going to happen today.... It's up to the Poo..... ...

Gateway Superset Tennis Was Cool
That was pretty fun. And Robbie Ginepri increased his yearly earnings by >50% after a mere three sets . . . . (PS: Gambill's father/ coach is scary, and looks like he mig...

superset tennis on CBS
Was boring... but it was nice the way they had the video monitors courtside so that the players could challenge the calls and have the call confirmed/overturned by 'hawkeye'. If the players ...

catch 22 for a junior tennis player
Our 13 y.o. daughter trains for 4 years, with the last year in intensive training, private lessons, usta and ota tournaments.(5 so far) she was progressing nicely within the last 3 months, b...

all eras estusa-yonex [email protected]

FS: 1982 Billie Jean King Autobiography 1st Edition Hardcover
1982 Billie Jean King Autobiography 1st Edition Hardcover I have for sale the out-of-print, Hardcover, 1st Edition Book "Billie Jean" by Billie Jean King (1982). This out-of-print book...

What's a quick way to killfile Waltz using explorer v6?
Not that I'm offended or anything, just that I notice a lot of posts are his ('after' I've clicked on post) & I never read them all anyway. He's truly boring & I get absolutely n...

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