How long do tennis balls last?
I've just started playing tennis again after a three year hiatus, and I've been playing a lot. During our last game, I noticed that the balls weren't bouncing as high as one we had found. ...

Williams Official Website
The Williams now have their official site up now. I don't know how long it's been up but I just saw it in our local sports paper. You can get to it by either: www.venuswilliams....

Philadelphia, Quebec City QF Rankings
This is based partly on WTA scores, partly on Yahoo!, so no guarantees -- but if those scores are right, we have: 1 (1) Clijsters 6596 2 (2) Henin-Hardenne ...

Unique Tennis League
If you get a chance, check out Here are just some of the many benefits we offer our members: - Fun and exciting semi-competitive league tennis - Abi...

ATP Race Standings (implicit spoilers)
This is Race, not Entry, which affects Massu and perhaps some of the others. But it's close. Federer's loss effectively takes him out of the contest for the year-end #1. Even if F...

Tennis matches on DVD

Brilliant Henman sinks Federer Tim Henman was in stunning form once more as he saw off third seed and Wimbledon champion Roger Federer 7-6 (7-5) 6-1 at the Paris Ma...

WTA Race Update (Spoiler)
According to the WTA web site, Petrova just beat Rubin. That means: 1. Venus is in. 2. Sugiyama is in unless Petrova wins Philadelphia and Sugiyama loses her next match. 3...

Quiz for H. Holbrook, name the instance of your famous drop serve ace in slam finals.
Sorry I started another thread, because I didn't want to go through that over 100 messages to find an answer. H. Holbrook, I'm very curious about your acclaimed famous "drop serve ...

Friday, 31st Oct.
The paint's just about dry in my lounge room...

Yr end No.1 is all that matters in rankings...
As per Juan's comments below: "It has always been a goal of mine to finish the year as No.1 and I will do everything in my power to get it," said the Spaniard. N...

Roddick #1 !
Congrats to Andy Roddick for reaching #1 ! -- "if federal judges have the final word over its meaning, the Constitution would be a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judi...

Paris 3R rankings
Roddick becomes the 22nd #1 player since the rankings started in 1973. Philippoussis gets back to the top ten; first time since 1999 after an injury-marred interim, dropping as l...

Where can I buy old tennis games?
I'd like to watch many of the old tennis classics like Sampras/Becker 1996 Masters final, etc. Where can I buy them? Thanks

The Three Kings (Federer, Roddick, Ferrero)
Roddick hopes three kings will be ace in the pack Oct. 30, 2003 PARIS (AFP) - Andy Roddick celebrated becoming the second youngest player ever to reach number one in the wo...

come on. free fantasy tennis
If interested in a fantasy tennis league, please contact - [email protected]

Philadelphia, Quebec City 2R Rankings
I'll try to get Sprem in the list tomorrow. She won't be Top 55 yet anyway. 1 (1) Clijsters 6596 2 (2) Henin-Hardenne 6461 3 (3) SWilliams 4400...

Thursday, 30th Oct.
BNP Paribas Masters Paris, France Jiri Novak (14) def. Juan Carlos Ferrero (1), 7-5, 7-5 Novak finished his match against Santoro in hot form and continued it here. JCF do...

Crossing net to hit a ball
I saw this amazing point at the US Open on TV: It was James Blake vs. Sargis Sargisian. Sargisian, near the deuce service box, hit a shot down the line. Blake dived and hit a back...

Please request "The Tennis Channel" from your satellite or cable company.
If you don't already have it, please request "The Tennis Channel" from your satellite or cable company. If you are a customer PLEASE GO TO http://www.dishnetwork.c...

Hello. I'm getting rid of a number of things right now. One of the things I have is a very, very nice WHITE Notre Dame tennis shirt for sale. It's a size large, is in GREAT shape, and ...

JCF bombs out in Paris; A-Rod is new No. 1
After such shaky starts from both Roddick and JCF in Tuesday's matches, it seemed inevitable that the two top players would finally run out of gas. But when JCF bombed out earlier today agai...

Philadelphia results live, anywhere?
Is there a web site providing live (or near-live) coverage? MJ

Have you ever noticed...?
I was listening to the Paris matches today on Eurosport and I noticed that the commentators refer to the players by their nationality ("The American leads 2-1....", "The Spaniard holds serve...

Paris 2R rankings
Paris 2002 + Masters Cup 2002 both fall off this week. Hewitt loses 1000 entry points, the equivalent of a Slam, and is out of the top ten for the first time since June 2000. He...

Wed. 29th Oct.
BNP Paribas Masters Paris, France Roger Federer (3) def. Thierry Ascione, 7-6 (7-5), 6-1 As expected, even the home-crowd couldn't prevent this happening. Close first set thoug...

poitiers challenger
Sprem d. Fokina 5-7 6-3 6-4 So with some difficulty, Sprem halts her losing skid at 6 matches. It's amazing what a meteoric rise will do to you - she won Challengers from qualies ...

Paris tennis museum scouting report
The quietest place in Paris has to be the tennis museum. I was there this Saturday with my girlfriend, and in two hours we saw two other visitors. If that is usual, I guess it won't be long ...

WTA Champs Questions
First a today Venus has bagged on the season for sure...So we basically know the top 8 now that Zvonareva lost today. But here's the questions.. 1. What do Myskina,...

Six #1s
Noticed that the top six women have all been #1 at some point. No proof but would guess that's never happened.

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