Statistical Analysis of Seeded Semifinal Perfomance 1990-2002
Here you go, Bob. I had some time on my hands today, so I thought I'd wade through the records and see how the seeded people did in the slams over the time period you were wondering. First...

Consecutive Weeks in Top 10 ?
Where can I find lists like "Consecutive Weeks in Top 10/50/100"? Both ATP and WTA. -Tapsa

Player Corbin Bernsen Needs My "Fountain of Youth" Program DESPERATELY!
Just the other day, I viewed film clips of Corbin Bernsen playing baseball. These were from 14 years ago, and even back then, Corbin Bernsen was showing significant signs of "over-the-hill" ...

Beauty and the Beast
Just seen on telly the final games of the match between lovely Lina Krasnoroutskaja and ugly Schiavone. A real cutie pie whose game is full of grace against a masculine animal that play...

VW out of Filderstadt
I don't think any of us expected her to play, but what's worrying is that the reason given was the abdominal strain, not the recent family events. That's taking a very long time to heal. ...

Myskina trivia question...
So, rabked #10, she defeated world #1 and world#2. Has this ever been achieved before by a female player ranked this low? (Graf in FO99 took out #1,2 and 3, but was ranked #6 or someth...

private or group lessons?
I played tennis a bit in high school and now 15 years later I've been playing tennis weekly for 6 months and would like to take lessons. I've never taken lessons so I know my technique isn'...

Top 4 GS Seeds study
Preliminary finding per bob's request: % of top 4 seeds that made Slam SF in Open Era: 1968 - 1979 50% 1980 - 1991 59% 1992 - 2003 38% Over...

Do tennis stars deserve to make so much money?
Do tennis stars deserve to make so much money?

1973 Slams
" 70s and prior, a very good player had automatic birth in SF of majors -- the guys ranked lower than 5 were horrible.." ...

#3 Seed 1973 FO?
Anybody know who? I've checked most of the likely candidates on the ITF Database and have come up empty. There were a few oddities, notably Jan Kodes listed as 14th seed: surely he would've ...

King-Riggs disinformation campaign continues
Wertheim is claiming that Riggs had only one serve and King got the doubles alley:

measure of a man
"the real measure of a man, the greatest difficulty of all is navigating the hardcourt, clay, grass, and indoor seasons to finish the year at No. 1. Year-end No. 1, that's what it's all abou...

Auction with Ferrero
Tennis for Africa association is glad to propose the tennis match suit of Juan Carlos Ferrero. The Spanish champion, 2nd in the ATP Champions Race 2003 and 1st in ATP Entry Ranking, winner ...

Anna Kournikova Zone
Update website .

racquet for 13 yearold.
Hi guys, I don't think this an actual discussion thread but can anyone suggest what racquet should I buy. I am 13 years old, male,height-5"1, medium to long swing. All help is appr...

Warranty Letter to Head
I fractured my Head tennis racket (which I bought just 6 months ago) when I returned a serve, but Head is claiming that I abused the racket and thus refused my warranty claim! I w...

Who is the next Agassi?
Who is the next Agassi?

Sega Sports Tennis for PS2
I don't know where to post this message so I'm starting with this group - Does anyone own and play Sega Sports Tennis for PS2? I can't get past the Semi-finals on Tournament Mod...

Thailand Open upset (SPOILS)
Dent upsets Ferrero to win Thailand Open   Sept. 28, 2003 wire reports        NONTHABURI, Thailand -- Taylor Dent upset top-ranked Juan Carlos Ferrero

how do i turn pro?
Hi i am 19 year old guy and have been playing tennis for a couple of years and i want to turn pro. I know you lot must be thinking im joking and maybe think im crazy , however i r...

Yahoo Sports Is Reporting....
that Myskina is the first player since 1979 to beat the world's top 2 ranked players at the same tournament. Is this accurate? Sounds a little far fetched to me and I don't know why, but I s...

RIP, Althea Gibson 8/ap_on_sp_te_ne/obit_gibson Black Tennis Pioneer Althea Gibson Dies Sun, Sep 28, 2003 By DEEPTI ...

Dent v Ferrero (spoiler)
A good win for Dent, in Bangkok final, straight sets over J.C. Ferrero, world #1 (in the 52-week rankings), on a seemingly relatively fair surface, i.e. hard court. And i think JCF grew up ...

20 Years Ago: Worldwide Nuclear War Averted
Off topic, but interesting....? It was exactly 20 years ago this week a Soviet military officer, Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov, averted a worldwide nucl...

Progress Scorecard: Slams 1968-72
For those of you who can't be bothered scrolling through the data I've provided on early Open-era slams (" many fuckin' little time.....oh fuckit......") but don't ...

1972 Slams
" 70s and prior, a very good player had automatic birth in SF of majors -- the guys ranked lower than 5 were horrible.." ...

Clijsters retires...
is she hurt?

Hantuchova's Woeful Visage-- USO Shots?
While rummaging through Schuman's shots of the USO (see above), I began wondering-- really, wanting again-- some shots of Daniela Hantuchova's strangely woeful countenance during her match w...

is this true about hewitt
That he once called his opponent an "arsehole" during a match???

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