Putz With Patrick McEnroe CBS Late-Night
This guy is awful. He'd have trouble getting sick into a paper bag. I had to FF the AK interview it was so bad.

Maria Sharapova US Open
Maria Sharapova vidcaps http://milano.vinden.nl .

Sound/picture out-of-sync on Sky tennis multi-screen
This was particularly bad on screen 6 where Daniela Hantuchova and Marion Bartoli were being shown: the sound was *significantly* in front of the picture, and we were being treated to the so...

Fist Pumping: Tired Tennis Cliche
C'mon guys, can't you find something else to do besides the corny fist pump? Maybe they can do a cartwheel or jump and click heels. Anything but the fist pump.

Iroda Tulyaganova
Where is she? She do'nt play the US Open.

Quick! Before Amy answers!
US Open Trivia to gear up for next week's action. 1. Who was the last US Open Singles winner (Men's or Women's) to have lost a set at love en route to the title? 2. Who are ...

New Haven 2R Rankings
1 (1) Clijsters 6039 2 (2) SWilliams 5995 3 (3) Henin-Hardenne 5307 4 (4) DAVENPORT 3429* 5 (5) VWilliams 3240 6 (6) M...

Paradox of Connors & Berczik > Any technological forecasting ?
It is a bitter irony that a spineless coward Zoltan Berczik sort of pioneered the real top spin revolution & what happened between 71 & 79. Berczik, supposedly a 3 time Euro TT Champ ...

Time for predictions
Now that the draw is out, what are your predicitons. Making any changes from pre-draw predictions?

Possible interesting first round matches
Men Ferrero vs. Canas - of course, Canas has been out a long time so this really shouldn't be close, but he's a good player and who knows how well he's going to come back. Mi...

Have the drawmakers lost it? Roddick playing Henman in the first round.
Now what kind of draw is that? Eliminate a good player right in the first round. Not fair for Henman. or else if he wins, biggest upset of the tournament with Roddick out. I ...

I think Justin can win the US Open. Let's deal with her tennis chaps, not her looks which I think are unobjectionable, for the record.

US Open - match of the first round
has got to be Henman v Roddick

Agassi vs Pete - who won thier first match?
Here's a nice article about Pete and Andre. Does anyone know who really won their first match as juniors?

Roddick at the NYSE
Weird. He was a guest on the balcony at either the opening or closing of the NYSE yesterday, I didn't catch which. -- Why isn't The Tennis Channel on Adelphia?

Leander Paes - possible brain tumour
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/3166065.stm -- Luke Croll ABDK FAQ: http://home.earthlink.net/~abdk-faq/faq.htm

US Open seeds
According to Yahoo! the list is: 1. Kim Clijsters, Belgium 2. Justine Henin-Hardenne, Belgium 3. Lindsay Davenport, United States 4. Venus Williams, United States 5....

Graf vs. ASV 1994 (counting losses?) ...
Lately, some of the stat-heads around here have been saying that we should go back to a 'divisor' system that 'counts losses' or somesuch. I was wondering - what kind of system was used in 1...

Wrist Snap in Serve
I was talking to a "pro" amd he said there is no wrist snap on serve or forehand volley or top spin lob (FH). I said there definately is an uncocking of the wrist in all three (rolling over...

Wilson Hammer 7.4 - what is the equivalent now?
I broke my frame when the racket slipped out of my hand during a serve (don't you hate that?!). Now, I find that the 7.4's are discontinued. Have any of you played with a 7.4 and know ...

Agassi & Sampras had a recent phone conversation...
According to the BBC. Wonder what they talked about? I didn't know they were friends....

Mens US Open Odds
Odds history for all ten currently under 50/1: CURRENT AUG13 AUG11 AUG6 AUG1 JUL28 JUL24 RODDICK ...

Golf comparison
Since all the discussion here now is about slams and rankings and "10 000 point rule", I would take up the comparison to golf. I saw there was some discussion already, but I had ...

Belgian has chance at U.S. Open
"But in dispatching with her Russian inferior in the final of the Rogers AT&T Cup - by dropping just a single game en route to her sixth tour victory of the year, then confessing that ...

Is that ever happened before ?
Toronto last week... If Krasnorutskaya played (and won) against Maleeva in QF and Hantuchova in SF (both were on her path to the finals but lost earlier matches) she would have ea...

Roddick's service return position
Roddick stands WAY behind the baseline to receive service. An average serve and volley player could exploit this. Watch out for this tactic at the USO. Might be the only way to defeat Rod...

How much have tennis racquets changed over the last eight years?
Yo all! I'm a first time visitor to this group who hopes to stick around for a while. I am back playing tennis after a long time off... used to be really zealous for th...

Navratilova: S167, D171
In a result a lot of folks may have missed: Navratilova/Kuznetsova bt Vento-Kabchi/Widjaja 3-6, 6-1, 6-1 last night to win MN her 171st career doubles title. It's their fourth title tog...

Yonex Pro RD 70 Long vs. Yonex RD-70 Ti Long
Hi, Does anyone know what the differnce is between the older Yonex Pro RD 70 Long and the newer Yonex RD-70 Ti Long ?? My understanding is that the Pro RD 70 is essentially...

JHH 11 Aces in Six Service-Games!
Is this a record for frequency of aces in a WTA match?

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