My Backhand Isn't Coming Along
Should I cheat like Justin Henin did at the French Open? It helped him win.

Serena's new outfit for the US Open?
Is this going to be Serena's new outfit for the US Open? or perhaps Moya's to go with his sleeveless shirt.

Doubles Champ, Singles Not?
It's surprising to me that someone can be a doubles champ without that carrying over into his or her singles game-- especially when you consider the highly elevated role of extremely nasty n...

San Diego, Sopot 2R Rankings
1 (1) SWilliams 6060 2 (2) CLIJSTERS 5796* 3 (3) HENIN-HARDENNE 4705* 4 (4) VWilliams 3536 5 (5) DAVENPORT 3423* 6 (6)...

Pete, I think you made a wise choice...
Miss Teen USA or Well, to be fair let's see what Bridgette looks like in 10 years. Just hope we don't have t...

Origin of the Service Let Rule
Curious as to the origin of this rule. It seems contradictory, since the tape is in play during a rally I think it's probably convenient to play lets -- you don't have to w...

Legg Mason / Mercedez Benz cup at the same time?
.... is that new this year, or has it been that way in the past?

Clijsters Will NOT Become #1 (Not the Spoiler You Think)
Two results: Pierce def. Martinez and Raymond def. Sugiyama. That means Clijsters will face either Raymond or Pierce in the Round of Sixteen. Raymond is down to #30, meaning that she's ...

Alpha electric stringer
Does anyone have experience on this model? Pros? Cons? Maintenance efforts and accurace? Another I'm considering is a standing Gamma 4000 Thanks in advance.

Question About Justine Henin's Backhand ?
Is she really a man?

which satelite television station is transmitting san diego ?
I have satelite television and would like to see the san diego tournament. Does anybody know if this is transmitted via satelite ? which sation. Thanks for any reply <...

Tennis ball re-pressurizer - where can I find one?
One of my tennis partners has a thermos-like container that can hold three tennis balls that re-pressurizes the balls. The cap takes a couple dozen turns to screw on, and in the process, th...

San Diego 1R DOUBLES Rankings
DOUBLES -- Top 4 only If I did this all right, we're guaranteed a new #1 -- either Ruano Pascual or Clijsters 1 (2) Ruano Pascual 3893 2 (1) Suarez 3889 ...

Head Titanium S8
Why head stop producing ti S8? Is Ti S8 not better than other Titanium series such as t1, t6? Is this good racket you think?

Interest in Tennis to go way down/Anna K. may retire
Sports Talk: Discuss Kournikova's Career Report: Kournikova's Agent Fears for Future of Career If She Returns, She'd Play Sparingly SportsTicker PARIS (July 29) -- Ann...

FS: 2 Prince Graphite Original OS Racquets
I have two oversized Prince Graphite Original racquets for sale. The racquets are in very good condition. If interested, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks, --...

Roddick at Indianapolis (Sperler)
From QUOTE Roddick's third title of 2003 in his fifth final was his sixth career title on Am...

Congrats Kim on your 15th title win!
Somebody had to say it

Tennis Elbow - Selecting a racquet?
I've just started getting back into tennis after a few months without playing. But I'm struggling with tennis elbow after just four weeks playing regularly. I've had a Head Ti S6 for the las...

Billy Jean's Brother
I didn't know this, but Billy Jean King had a brother (Randy Moffitt) that played professional ball. (12 year career, mostly with the Giants) Here's a pic:

Question to Robert :)
OK, maybe you've answered this already, but with Serena out, Kim will be #1 if she reaches the final, right? -- "Just hope Hitler (i.e. Dot) doesn't come along and discover...

Deuce magazine
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0023_01C355B3.A2AF4BD0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

tennis shorts help?
I'm returning to the game after 23 years. The new rackets are great, but I intensely dislike the men's tennis shorts that currently dominate the market. I can still comfortably wear my old...

Serena ... withdraws again "...pulled out of the $1 million hardcourt event Monday night with left knee tendinitis. ...

Borg/Connors 13-4 Error
About a week ago there was a thread by someone who was real surprised that Borg dominated Connors 13-4 in head to head matches. I knew Borg had a winning record against Connors, but wh...

Attending the US Open
Hi there Was thinking about maybe seeing a few games over there this year. Wondering if you guys can help. At the Aussie Open, you can go straight in to the ground, get a gr...

Adding lead tape to racquet without changing balance
Got a Prince TT Hornet which plays well but it's a couple of ounces too light. I was thinking of adding lead tape to it but I don't want to ruin the balance. Any suggestions guys? ...

Head Intelligence Radical OS
Am looking to change racquets (again!) as my current model, Dunlop 200G is a bit heavy and lacks manoeuvrability at the net (my volleys are an important part of my game). I don't want a very...

Will Roddick ever grow up?
His manner display in the RCA championship final yesterday when he thought a serve was out was really pathetic. he has lots of growing up to do.

Racquet expert: Wilson PS 6.0 85 St Vincent or Chicago?
The racquet in question has "KSQ", "KSO" or "KS0" on the buttcap (the last letter is very faint and incomplete). It has the original "Fairway" leather grip. Some scrapes on the frame revea...

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