31 Dec 2006 03:42:11
Dave Hazelwood
The only true Americans left are the Keyboard Commandos here on usenet.

Damn! The military is full of pinko-commies, liberal, hippies too.
The only true Americans left as the Keyboard Commandos here on usenet.


The American military - once a staunch supporter of President Bush
and the Iraq war - has grown increasingly pessimistic about chances
for victory, according to the 2006 Military Times Poll..

For the first time, more troops disapprove of the president's
handling of the war than approve of it. Barely one-third of service
members approve of the way the president is handling the war.

When the military was feeling most optimistic about the war - in 2004
- 83 percent of poll respondents thought success in Iraq was likely.
This year, that number has shrunk to 50 percent.

Only 35 percent of the military members polled this year said they
approve of the way President Bush is handling the war, while 42
said they disapproved. The president's approval rating among the
military is only slightly higher than for the population as a whole.
2004, when his popularity peaked, 63 percent of the military approved
of Bush's handling of the war. While approval of the president's
war leadership has slumped, his overall approval remains high among

Just as telling, in this year's poll only 41 percent of the military
said the U.S. should have gone to war in Iraq in the first place, down
from 65 percent in 2003. That closely reflects the beliefs of the
general population today - 45 percent agreed in a recent USA
Today/Gallup poll.