06 Jan 2006 11:23:38
A new group for statisticians has been formed. Request to join

I have started a new group name "Statisticians_group" in the yahoo
group for statisticians or the persons who are interested in
statistics. The URL is
I am happy to announce that the group has already more than 600 members
though it is just two months old. Hope you will also become a member of
this gorup very soon.

Its purpose is to make a platform where all the students, scientists
and the other people interested in statistics can discuss, exchange
information, knowledge and experience among each other according to
their exposure in different theories of Statistics and also on
different Statistical softwares like SAS, SPSS, S-plus, Minitab,
Matlab, R, Stata etc. There are many problem we face when we are
dealing with statistical theory or its application or even with the
use of statistical softwares. Sometimes only experience or discussion
may solve these problems. This group targets to slove any problems
related to statistics.

Beside this it also targets to help to get job by introducing our
eligible and prospective members to the job-recruiter. It is possible
because our members consists of new learner, students, honourable
scientists, job recruiters, job-seeker in statistics and other people
who has interest in Statistics.

The following things are already uploaded in the group by different
group members
15 tutorials on statistical genetics, Design of Experiments, Data
mining and also on Introductory statistics. They are either word
document file or pdf fileor excel file or some powerpoint
Two seminars on "Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Growth Curve
Parameters" and Statistical Analysis of DNA fingerprinting". Both of
these are document files.
Around 95 photos of different eminent statisticians.
Regarding myself, I am Madan Gopal Kundu from New Delhi, India
pursuing presently Ph.d. on Statistical Modelling. I keep interests in
Regression analysis, statistical modelling, Statistical Genetics and
Design of Experiments.

All the statisticians or statistical software user or data analyst who
are scientists or the students or the people who keeps interest on this
subject are cordially invited to join in this group.
Hope you will join the group as early as possible and you will enjoy.

How To Join?
Click on the following link
and then enter the required information.
Click on the following link
then click on button
"Join This Group"
and then enter the required information
you can send a mail directly to
[email protected]
Group Email Addresses

Post message: [email protected]
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List owner: [email protected]


Madan Gopal Kundu
Room no 18, Sukhatme Hostel
Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
Library Avenue, Pusa
New Delhi 12
Web: http://www.freewebs.com/madanstata
mobile: 91-9868788406
e-mail: [email protected]

06 Jan 2006 12:28:22
Re: A new group for statisticians has been formed. Request to join

Whisper's will be the first name to join - he loves statistics ...