Starting to miss my jumps
I've been on MITF and dance for months now. Jumps feel off. Took me a bunch of tries to get a high Sal again today, but all of a sudden I had a new Sal. Much higher than before. I'd be...

Nice jumping on the ice today
I sat out and watched. Young lady here is making a breakthrough ... landed axel ( it's that low one I have on my Pics, but it works fine ), and then she landed 2Sal, and it is not low !...

Peach Classic Competition
There is this huge adult competition that is held in Atlanta, GA every year call Peach Classic. I was wondering if many of you all do this? I went a few years ago and it was the most fun co...

skatings impact
Had it not been for the fact that I could no longer rotate and check my turns without stabbing shoulder pain, I would not have gone to the doctor's. It did bother me at work but I managed. ...

FI edges
Can someone deconstruct for me how the hips should be held when doing forward inside edges? Thanks!

Lesson in Cha Cha Lobes
Today was my 4th lesson with the new ice dance instructor. Besides being almost continually sore from the dance stroking, and progressive work, todays focus was on completing lobes in the C...

Salchow debate :-)
LFO3 into the back glide position ... ( for ccw ) is the Rshoulder held back in check .. Larm forward, Rarm back ........ or, after the LFO3, are the shoulders square across the line of...

Swing dance
My first dance with backwards elements ... no biggie, but the back swing rolls are a little tough to make the edge growl .. and again, I have a conflict with back cross steps ... again ...

Working Basics
I heard a ballet instructor mention something that rang very true. She said that when working pirouettes, whenever you focus on correcting a single body part position that your piroutte get...

The simple push
One thing I learned from a dance teacher was that I was pushing with my toe picks on simple stroking at times. Now when working on school figures I have wonder at finding the exact feeling ...

Egg timer from the 30th century is here!!
Hi, HAPPY EASTER BREAK!!! We are developing the Eggs-Actor 3000 timer for the XP operation system just in time for Easter Season!!! It is designed as a timer for meal preperatio...

Louisville, KY
I was wondering if many (if any at all) people on here skate in Louisville, KY. The reason that I ask is because my coach of several years is leaving to go back there. She used to be a coa...

Geezer Skater News "Smith, a 51-year-old figure skater, said she can still do some double jumps as well as she did at 18 years old, despite being he...

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cross back chasse at end of Rhythm Blues
I got it, but that is a spooky step. I don't like commiting to a step like that, but sure can't laze into it. Learned it on the wall today until I would commit to the glide on the back ...

Back to the big rink
Made it up to Spokane yesterday on the big ice. Felt really huge. I'm so use to our little rink that it took a while for my head to clear and the distance to the walls seem normal. Lear...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

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The non-skating mothers who run our skating club have a new idea this year for the show - they want us to skate with the lights dimmed in the arena, and a spotlight will follow us around as ...

freestyle sessions
So any of you beginner/advanced beginner types (say sk8erboi level) do freestyle sessions? Public session are getting to be rather unmanageble with shrieking kids doing the whip, etc....

what's this thing called? I just learned it.
Going straight back on Lskate. Step to Rskate going forward, and immediately return to Lskate going back wards .. and repeat several times. It goes cw-forward, ccw-backwards over and ov...

tloop here
I have a fine toe-waltz. It is high and reliable. I like it. Got to thinking about the TLOOP post, and wondered if I could make my toe-waltz a little more tloopy. I did it. Y'all try i...

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EASTER INLINE DANCE 2005 - Video Entries Online Now! MARKING: 5 Program Components Score 1- Skating Skills 2- Transitions/Linking footwork/movements ...

How fast am I progressing?
I'm 17 and I just started taking private skating lessons in February. I used to be pretty proficient in skating forwards and backwards when I would go skating with my friends for fun, but I'...

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Twizzle Secret(s)?
Ok, all you dancers and skaters who are way more skilled than me out there! Part of our 1/2 free lesson today was on forward inside twizzles. I really surprised myself by eaking out a coup...

weight over skating side
Yesterday, I had a fabulous lesson. We worked only on basics: edges in moves, and waltz jumps and salchows in freestyle. It was amazing how many little adjustments I needed to make - closing...

Revised downward
Looks like there will be no adults in the Spring show due to a collision between a young skater and ? that put the child in the hospital. The coaching staff has been quite distracted by thi...

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