gel inserts
My skates have loosened up a bit with a little heel slide again on jumps so I replaced my very thin flat foam inserts with some thin gel ones and they were great! Big toe gets sore and co...

A insane female skater came up to me the other day and suggested we do pairs together! No quite out of the blue, since she is one of our power session partners, but still unexpectedly. Fooli...

Neat little drill .. lesson today
This one is a little bit deceiving ... sounds and looks simple. Most skaters can't do it. I can just barely, but I started getting it after about 15 minutes of trying. It is just an edg...

Ankle Injury Solution
Why suffer ankle pain? is the solution!

skating gifts for men
I'm having a hard time finding a mug or lunch box for boys or adult mail skaters (in the USA). I see T-shirts with blacks skates on them but not much else. Any ideas? ...

Deeper hollow
This week I went from 5/8" to 7/16" hollow. (At least I think that's what I did--the shop I go to uses mysterious names like F3 and D1). I'd been putting it off, fearful, I guess of not bein...

Recent skating observations
Power pulls: A big part of acceleration is how fast you come up. Thus if you bounce the knees to a beat, not only are you doing power pulls, also you are using the muscle stretch...

Challenging goals by coach
Last week I'm told that I am skating in our club show in May despite my low-level skating skills. Yesterday our adults group coach is "pushing, not picking" on me to learn sachet, which I c...

Attention British skaters
JSLine tells me she got this from a forum she frequents & I don't: "The BBC are showing the Europeans on BBC Interactive during Grandstand on Saturday and from 3pm - 4.30pm on BBC2 on ...

Got it
Dutch Waltz is simple enough .. at least to learn the pattern. Not a clue as to the quality of the moves, but that will come in time. So typically what comes next? I can tell that at so...

Welcome to*
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SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!
I don't know if i'd OD'd on skating by watching all of the mens SP, or the lower quality picture from using the extended record option on the DVD or (and is this just me or are they using) s...

Our first power session!
I suggested the idea to some fellow skaters at our rink, and we had our first power session together this morning! 30mins of non-stop stroking, edges and power circles, all pretty flat out. ...

Back Xovers question
Doing backward crossovers, I've been having trouble staying on the whole blade when I cross over--that is, I tend to rock forward toward the toe (and end up scraping the toe pick when uncr...

Back Massage Chair
I recently learned something curious and interesting that may help others with back problems. A few years ago, I had some major back issues that were aggravated by skating. It w...

Power pulls
I finally took JohnF's advice and tried these from a complete standstill, all the way around the rink (incl. corners) on one foot. Wanna get sweating?! Try it! It is a bit of a b*tch, but I ...

my small backyard rink
I am experimenting w/ making a patio into an ice rink in my yard. It is small, but will make a good spin space if I can get the ice to smooth out. I am in the layering stage now. I do not ha...

sit spin
I have a rudimentary sit spin finally but my coach is upset because I go into a sort of hunched back set with the free leg out at about 2:00 and skating leg at 10:00, stop for a second, st...

Something to Try....
Today I experimented, just playing around with some different things. I discovered a very fun move. For those of you who do a LFO spiral, do a LFO spiral then go into a salchow. It is SO F...

back to back and belly to skate
One member of my rink side "fan club" has made the jump and is out on the ice learning to skate. Yeah! I've been wearing my "eclectic belly dance" sweatshirt jacket (hoodie) when...

i'm new!
hey everyone...i'm new to this it like a fourm or something..? i'm not sure... if someone would care to help!

i'm new!
hey everyone...i'm new to this it like a fourm or something..? i'm not sure... if someone would care to help!

Great lesson today
We have an ice dance coach. She walked me through Dutch Waltz until I had the steps. So now I actually know what swing rolls and progressives are. Lot of conflict with cross steps and c...

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Junior Nationals Photos!
Thank you for your patience! It's never too late to wish all our friends- the VERY BEST of New Year's! DONN of WESSKINT

news server errors
I'm back after a frustrating battle with my computers - Email and internet access were fine but the news server could not find the host. After all of my working and reworking the home net...

Balance pad
Someone mentioned working with a balance pad - was it Sling? I have bought an inflatable one, but so far, even standing on it seems like an adventure (and Husband finds the same, so it's no...

Book and web site recommendations--slightly OT
I don't think anyone's mentioned the book _Home Ice: Reflections on Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds_ by Jack Falla here before. It's been out for a few years. I was browsing through the skat...

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 1
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 2
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