too many saved messages?
I tried to clean up my NG files by deleting old messages and when I signed on it just reloaded 1756 right back again! Does anyone else have this problem and how can you fix it. Outlook E...

How likely is that!
I couldn't go to our dance club last night as our daughter and her fiancÚ were coming. Doesn't stop Husband, though.... but he came home laughing as there had been four men and no women at ...

Small insight
Upon working some advanced footwork while watching my reflection, I have come to the following conclusion: When I am traveling backwards on a skate, I can be tilted slightly forward wit...

LINDSAY Celebrates the NEW YEAR With YOU!
To all my great friends and supporters! Thank you for making 2004 a wonderful year for me! I'll be working hard to make 2005 an even more wonderful one- for you! Hope you'll...

(LONG) My trip to NYC
I recently posted about going to NYC... I just came back from NYC and I'm exhausted. Thankfully, my company's has shutdown for the holidays and I'm home recovering from my "vacation."

The jump high, air spin fast problem
I have noticed this problem and have felt it myself. Sometimes, I can do fast air spins for jumps, but my instructor points out that my height has deteriorated lots. When I try to add heig...

Another video - Adult inside chasse
OK - here's another gratuitous video of my skating. It's a big one (4.9MB Quicktime video being served from a slow machine). It's not for dial-up users! http://www-schneider.vis...

Christmas Presents?
Well i was very surprised with a skate i had just before Christmas. Got an unexpected free lesson thanks to a very proficient (ex show) skater who i was introduced to at the rink. I was comp...

shoulder block learning Lutz
I'm trying to learn the Lutz, but even on my 1/2 Lutz I keep running into my left shoulder. So today I experimented with hand position and timing of the arm pulls etc. and it seems that t...

The right thing to say
After my lousy skating a couple weeks ago I haven't gone back on the ice, but I did take my 8 year-old to a public skate. It was half figure skaters and well behaved hockey skaters. I've n...

Janets weird edge-edge mohawk
Seems Janet is right. Just think "edge - edge" at the correct pace, and my bad side mohawk cleaned right up. ??? I actually tried thinking "mohawk" again, and I went right back to hang...

OT:American Dreams returns next Sunday
We're mobbed. I was able to try a couple of steps here and there, but spent most of the session looking down at little ones dodging all around me. I finally decided to give up my O...

Old man's spiral
I've avoided spirals till now because they aren't the most "manly" skating move that can be done, and especially since I'm in my mid-50's. They always seemed something that looked better f...

New Arm Movement on Loop Jump
I taught myself on Wednesday to do a loop with "ballet 5th" arms overhead. I was astonished! There are so many things in skating I can't do, that ripping one of these off made me just stan...

Another stupid backspin trick
Backspin is stable, but has no momentum. I've never been able to really kick one into a fast spin ... until today. One thing I do in the backspin is ( for ccw ) to look to my right shou...

Mohawk - toe drag
Working 5-step mohawk to both sides now on big Ss down the ice. Have a bad side mohawk, and no matter how much I practice it ( so far ), it feels clumsy and doesn't want to stay with th...

Happy Christmas, everybody
Just want to wish you all the Compliments of the Season, whether you celebrate Christmas, or mark the turning of the year in some other way. Smooth ice and sharp blades to you all!

Back about Thanksgiving we were going through the usual pre-holiday angst about what to give our coaches and Janet Swan Hill suggested forcing Parerwhite bulbs. So I looked into it, start...

Happy for Today's Falls
Let's see, Monday I fell once working on the end pattern of the Fiesta Tango. Nasty bruise to elbow, but no big deal. Today, Wednesday, I put on my elbow support with 4 x 4 gel pad placed i...

offensive posts
Sling rightly pointed out that I was too preoccupied to bother deleting some petty offensive trash when responding to a post the other day. I don't blame him for being mad as I personally...

Hilarious Xmas Waltz Medley! Ice/Inliners Stephanie & Erik perform a Hilarious Xmas Waltz Medley! This is very unorthodox and perhap...

New Spin Rules
I have watched a bit of the Russia Cup. I saw one skater do a forward edge upright spin. From what I gather, the tv skaters now are ranked at some level of spinning as part of th...

Lussi Loop, Flip, Lutz video?
I wonder if this video will ever come out? Sling Skate My recommended reading for body fat control: ...

Little ice show today
Afternoon public session, maybe 30 skaters on the ice. Just me and two little girls, one 5 and the other about 8. The 5 yo is working her Lutz, so she goes up to center ice and circles ...

Hoo! Try this ..
Back cross stroke into back 3. When you come out of the back 3, you are on the inside edge of the skate you started on, so you do front inside 3 over on to the outside edge, and push an...

Washington FSC New Years Invitational
Do I need to rent a car or are there any hotels next to the rink? thanks Lyle

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Adult Skaters
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 1
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Blades
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Off-Ice Training
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