Spin direction and coaching
Hi all - I'm a beginning skater - 41 years old and ISI Beta. I've been taking lessons at a rink with a good sized FS program but there are 2 others in town that also have somewhat smaller p...

Timing of 3 on Toe Loop?
Does anyone use a particular timing on the toe loop entry 3? For example, on the salchow, on the entry 3 I find myself using one count for LFO edge, then 3 counts for LBI edge. I find on t...

ISI FS8 Dance Steps
Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with the circular "dance steps" for the ISI FS8 test. It so hard to describe that the ISI books don't even do it well enough... I don't u...

New Camera!
Bought a new toy, this one really outdoes my 2000 Mavica. It's a Kodak 4.0 MP, which records MOV movies. I purchased a 128mb card for additional memory, supposedly I can get 15 minutes...

Is anyone familiar with the Wissota skater sharpener?
Hi, I've toyed around with the idea of buying my own skate sharpening machine for years, but now I would like to actually do it. I did a web search, and found two machines t...

YB Monday Night... Still ROCKS!!!
Love that Monday Adult Public Skate at Yerba Buena! Some awfully good skaters show up. Seeme to see a lot of familiar faces; session certainly has a crowd of "regulars," including our own Jo...

New Skates and met W Letendre again! :)
First thing, Bill is in town again and I finally got to see his brand new figure skates. I also finally got a chance to watch him do the FI3's that he's been working hard for...and he's de...

More AB MITF and "Posture" Angst
It's been exactly two months since coach and I have worked AB MITF. I was off the ice for a while due to a family matter, had two days of skating, and then was off the ice again while havin...

Does this happen to you?
I don't skate much anymore..but I've noticed a phenomena with my daughter - twice that her coach says is not unusual. My daughter couldn't land an axel to save her life. First day bac...

Welcome to rec.sport.skating.*
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MIF: Power Pull crunch
I am playing around with the power crunch on power pulls. I can get a crunch on seven of the eight edges. So far, I think I get a crunch if I push from the front part of the blade mor...

MIF: Pre-Juv Crossovers
Last night I tried the idea from the recent discussion on the BXO pattern. This was for the first 90 degrees per arc. I set and sank in the knee for 45 degrees and then started the push an...

Tried out my new skates
Just gave my new skates (Risport RF2 Super with MK Pro blades) a "test drive" last night. The boot feels good. Had to fight a bit to get my feet in them but once on, they were held quite sec...

New Boot Design ... Comments
Was down at my neighborhood skate shop today for sharpening... Got to see and try on one of the redesigned boots that Jackson has been working with UDel on. This pair didn't have blades, so...

clamp your camera to the boards
got tired of bringing the tripod for my camcorder and I think minipods on the ice are just scary and don't give a good shot of your feet. Turns out that even the professional camera shops d...

Caught a Bit by Surprise
Missed Logitech Ice this afternoon; spent day at bed side of baulky new robot. Got back to hotel, and checked to see who might have evening ice. Found YB and Redwood (Snoopy) rinks open at 2...

Are there any active used ...
Figure skate sales places on the web? I've been trying to find room in my closet for more stuff, and if I could unload a couple pairs of skates, I would have room for the other two pai...

Where find boot stretching equipment? How called?
Where can I find equipment designed to stretch (skate) boots laterally at the toe and ankle, in the under $100 range? Alternately, does anyone know the name for such equipment, so I ca...

Updated list of ice dancing classes near Washington, DC
A list of current, future and potential ice dancing classes (group lessons) within 100 miles of Washington, D.C. is at http://www.geocities.com/grunes/iceclass.html which ...

Personal sports highlights
What do you think about a website where you can post clips of your captured moments of personal sports glory and compare/view those of others?

Dreaded Change Foot Spin (ISI FS3)
Spins, except for the scratch which seems to be improving bit by bit, seem to be my nemesis these days. Coach has started me on ISI FS3 elements. I can do them all passably well, sans test...

Field Service, Again!
Just got back from a short vacation. Got to work, and found out that one of the two support engineers for our biggest Bay Area customer just gave notice; the other is in Korea, and custome...

GNC Sucks dot com GNCSucks.com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED: http://www.ackthpt.com/bertuzzi_punch.htm

Interesting boot comments
From a recent Skating Magazine article: "Boots become too stiff over time." "You should need to replace your boots every six to 12 months. This is the industry standard and...

Watch for a major skate equipment change
I was shown the following statement from an article in the recent SKATING magazine: "Figure skating is about to undergo the most significant equipment change it's seen in decades....

Pesky alternating 3's
Had lesson today - and am having a wonderful at home vacation with more exercise than I usually get - and decided I needed more help with those alternating FO3's (I think it will take me ano...

Latest skating fear
Backwards Chasses! This move terrifies me. I just feel like I am gonna fall right over the back of my blade and onto my head (like I did on the dreaded bunny hop). I have no proble...

CCIA Senior in San Francisco
Congrats to both Ana and Thomas for both getting the silver in their respective FS events!!! :-P (I wished I got to see you guys. Unfortunately, I had other things to do that day and was...

question about adult bronze free test
The book says "At least 3 different single jumps; one must be Salchow, one must be toe loop". Why don't they just come out and say you have to do a loop? I don't think they'd accept a wall...

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