Is Europe still down ?
McAffee said nearly half of its clients went offline in Europe. How bad was it ? johns

Muscle use: twisting
Here is an little muscle tidbit that others might find of interest, too. When working quick twist rockers, bracket-three-brackets, etc. You must really twist the torso quickly and in ...

Not just a rumor now :-)
A drawing of our 2nd full-size indoor ice rink is posted for all to see. This time, I'm going to upgrade my tools to something that will get a job done. Last time, I think we used hack ...

help making scratch spin circles smaller
OK now that I can do a basic set and center most of my scratch spins, I want to make those circles smaller. I'm embarrassed to say that they start off about18" in diameter and get down to a...

notes on scratchspin set from one who is just getting it
This AM I suddenly realized that I am finally getting a decent "set" on my scratch spin entry. For those stuck on this step I'd like to offer my observations that helped me learn this. (di...

What has happened to the roller rinks? ( a rant)
Oh gosh. I went to try out my PIC skates at the local roller rink. I used to roller skate as a child, and I looked forward to this visit to my past memories. I took my 12-year-old daughter a...

Educational Resource Available For US and International Eligibles
Title IX qualified skaters are invited to visit: (follow logo-link thread for complete explanation, and contact information) Best regards from... ...

When the Dutch Waltz gets boring...
Do it in the other direction around the ice, ie clockwise, not counterclockwise. start with RIGHT foot, left, progressive and then the first swing roll on the LEFT foot. Makes the brain hu...

Axels? .. not bad ... but ...
it kind of ticks me off that I have not been working the timers more. Was watching Coachy and a student do them, and I just had to try. Not bad at all. Had plenty of height, and land at...

Skating and lower legs soreness
If you have a really sore lower leg, it may not be the calf muscle and the cause may be on the opposite side down by the toes. I have had very sore lower legs from skating from time to...

Jump thoughts
I was watching the ISU videos tonight and had an interesting thought about jumps. It looked like the kids in the videos were doing this: 1. Do whatever the appropriate entry is to get ...

fun new footwork
learned some new moves during my lesson today that I had never appreciated, I think they are an exercise my coach uses to teach Junior MITF. Do a FO rocker but only semi-check it right into...

Moves in the Field Notes Seminar - August 2000
Thank you, Janet Swan Hill. I have been researching the net, in addition to applying my coach's instruction and corrections, and came across the above. It was very comforting to me to see ...

Skate lining information
I learned something new and surprising about skate linings. I was told by some [email protected]#$%@#$ of a salesman a few years ago that linings cannot be replaced. I learned not to listen to inlin...

Re: Movies
In the light of some of your comments regarding the movies I put up a short while ago, I have been doing quite a lot of work on improving my basic spins. I spent a long while today working o...

Got my PIC skates
My PIC frames came in the mail yesterday. I had no trouble mounting the frame onto my old custom Harlicks and setting the wheels. It went rather smoothly. There was a missing T-bushing in th...

splatted right on my head :-(
Oy. Lessons going so well... THEN, I get new skates with new blades and try them out on my lesson... I take a few spills cause they feel weird, but nothing bad, and I fall in the "corre...

New European adult skating site
I've been asked to publicise the following web page. It isn't quite finished yet, but there are some lovely photos: -- Annabel Smyt...

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