Goodby, Old Yeller
New Zamboni we have. Looks like a jet plane out there on the ice. It is huge. Saw Old Yeller sitting out in the field. About time too. Only thing holding it together was the yellow pain...

Re: Thin Line!
>(And, must add, many thanks to Ms Ehrmann for pointing out that >MDC rinks were hosting extra holiday hours! Have managed to find some >quiet practice time as a result.) ...

Be careful what you wish for
As many times as I've been frustrated by a busy rink, I often wished I had the ice to myself. I recently had my chance for quite a few hours uninterrupted by anyone, but guess what -- I did...

hockey players
Please don't get me wrong if you are a hockey player, because I love you all to bits..........but does anyone know how to get them to put their rubbish in the bin when they use a changing ro...

Kyoko Ina apparently after Alexei
Someone posted on another board she is really after him and has him "on a chain" as she put it. Not sure this is true.

Blade Sharpening
I realize this question may have many answers, but I'm looking for some input just the same. Though having skated for 5 years now (3 of those years on Gold Seals) I still haven't ...

MIF Mohawks: deduction for hopping?
Does anyone know if there is a deduction for hopping mohawks during a MIF test? Years ago when I was first learning the common mohawk that we all do, I was very surprised to see one of...

Thin Line!
Like figure skates well enough, but, still enjoy the sharp turns and fast edge changes that hockey skates allow. Generally will change back to hockey skates when Public Ice gets bad & crazy....

Rink Etiquette question
The other day I was skating during a more crowded than usual "open" session, in which I was definitely the least (by far) capable skater on the ice. I was in a far corner, trying to practic...

Quick Turns
Twice in the MIF senior pattern you have sets of quick circular turns. Technically, these are a Quick Right Front Inside Open Mohawk to a Quick Left Back Inside Closed Mohawk. Upon each set...

ISU / QuickTime .. Salchow secrets :-)
OH YEAH!!!! In all the examples given on the CD, when I slow them down ( I can actually drag the image on the horizontal timing bar ), the takeoff point for all of them is at the 180+ p...

ISU .. Combo spins and Footwork
I did not like this CD until Bill got me to try QuickTime to view some of the movies. There is a young kid doing a really nice footwork sequence that is much better viewed under QuickTi...

scratch spin entry insight
This may help some of my fellow adults struggling to move from beginner to all around intermediate level adult skater. As usual, a confluence of technique insight has helped me over my late...

Magical Evening
tonight was one of those skates where you know you really are making progress and everything jelled. A lot of it was that other than my wife and I, there were only 6 other skaters for the f...

ISU videos: Excellent
If I were to start skating again and wanted video tapes or CDs for my spinning and jumping, I would certainly buy the ISU tapes first. They are excellent. I have the VHS tapes, but I shoul...

ISU ... interesting point
A major coach talks about how he uses the spin in jumps as a weapon to help correct for bad technique in the takeoff. I think I've been seeing that for years, and have posted on it a f...

ISU .. flip and Lutz
Neither is done right here. The flips are kid flips and badly rotated on the ice. The Lutz drifts towards a flip, but the pickin tends to be pretty much in line with the direction of en...

ISU ... basic spins
I think there is a lesson here of sorts ... sort of ... says for beginners to develop front scratch spin and back scratch spin at the same time ... so the back spin trains proper wrap f...

ISU ... Salchow, axel
I think this was the first CD they made in this group. I never liked this CD. They talk all around the Salchow, but never really show the essential elements that make the jump a real Sa...

ISU skating CDs ... loop, tloop
Wife bought me the whole set ... from Rainbo even. Yike$. Today I went through the loop and tloop CD. Not bad. They still sort of keep the real major points in technique a secret, but ...

Skating in Moses Lake, WA.
I'm planning a trip to Moses Lake, WA next week where there is an outdoor ice rink. I'm really looking forward to finally doing some outdoor skating and was told that the sessions are FREE. ...

Pictures on this group?
Does anyone ever post pictures on this group? Does anyone know a group that I can find skating pictures?

Holiday Shopping Finished? Now Back To More Important Things...
Time to "shop" for expert, educational assistance for figure skaters (and gymnasts) in training programs! For more information, go to: ...

all I want for Christmas ...
... is to spend the entire day on the couch with my dog Hazel. I would like cheeseburgers and beer for supper, and I wish the US Army would go over to the TV station and dare them to ca...

Skating In Strange Places
Well, not really ALL that strange . . . I just received my Jan/Feb issue of Health magazine. In their "Women In Motion" section they featured a story called "The Girls Gotta Glide: This unus...

Blade Guards (newbie)
This is going to sound like a really silly question - but I've just bought some skates (I'm very new to ice skating), and I got some blade guards too. The FAQ for this newsgroup says that th...

Back to Ottawa
I am repeating my visit to Ottawa this year, and this time I will stay long enough for the canal to freeze. I left the day before it opened last year - I was most dissappointed! Anyway, I wi...

So Mebbe Coach Doesn't Think I'm Retarded.... least, she grudgingly admitted I'm improving on edge work, and.... has me starting on 3s! So far, just working on FOs, and, sadly, the word "clumsy" doesn't quite cover the ground. Bu...

Happy Christmas
I'm off for a few days to spend Christmas with my family, so would like to extend all the compliments of the season to you all. -- Annabel Smyth mailto:[email protected]

Off Ice Gimmick #93: Bracket-three-Bracket
I have finally mastered the crux of my inside bracket-three-brackets to both sides on the ice. For me these were much harder than the outside versions. By crux, I mean that I can do six or...

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