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TV skating
To all my skating friends: I just had to let you all know what I found in the TV guide on skating this week. I think I found a full time job! Hope you all saw last night's abs...

.. gone ... here again ... gone again
So now we've got our season passes back .. and cheaper than last year ?????? Making me nuts they are. Turned in my punch card for credit on the pass, so now I don't have to hunt for som...

World Ice Challenge 2004
Plans are almost complete for the World Ice Challenge 2004. It will be held this time in Holland and the date will be the first weekend in July. Please email either John or me if you are int...

Final "NEW FACES" Voting!
Last week to cast your ballot for "Most Promising" NEW FACE of Figure Skating, 2004! Final candidates will soon be announced: http://www.wesskint.org/NEWFACES.html Hope you ...

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Rainbo Murder Mystery
RainboSportsShop has been mentioned here on several occasions. It includes a skate mail order shop. This shop has recently moved, but for years or decades it was located in Chica...

and I sold my boots
Weird! Kid is about 10 years old and beyond talented. For his age, he is probably one of the best hockey skaters I have ever seen. Speed and edge work are just unreal. I've been skating...

Salchow seems to be getting better
... and in a better way. Last season, I had one heck of a time skidding out of my Sal. I picked up a little be reading Nancy Kerrigans book ( driving my Rknee ), but it still had no hei...

Coach Sarah on the loop jump
Found a site on the web ( I'll have to relocate it ) that claimed to be a list of skating coaches who would answer any questions you might have about something you are working on. "Sara...

Ina Bauer and Spread Eagle
I have a problem - I apparently have terrible turnout and can NOT do an Ina Bauer or Spread Eagle no matter how hard I try. Is it possible that I simply don't have the hip flexibility to do...

Newbie- to group and skating
Hi, I used to rec. skate as a fearless teen, but I decided to take some lessons! I got some nice reidell skates but OUCH! the back is killing me. I read your faq website and there are ...

Edging around
I brought my digital camera to the rink today and made small QuickTime videos of some edge work. I'm getting ready to test Adult Pre-Bronze on December 21st, and some of the videos show exer...

Back 3s another little breakthrough
This I can't explain. I've been working on pressing my legs together so that my back 3 turns as a solid unit. However, I've always carried the free skate a bit low, and have a tendency ...

Stupid skate tricks
toe-tap left, toe-tap right, mohawk, 1/2 flip, Bhop, mohawk, flip ... johns

Adjusting blade position...
I want to try adjusting the position of a skate blade which was already mounted on a leather sole (including screws in the "permanent" holes) when I bought my boots (Jackson Freestyle.) I'...

Does anyone know how the dreaded mohawk got its name? Who named the step and when ? I know some skating moves are named after the person who invented them..............however I feel that th...

How to do that "hockey turn?"
(Maybe the incorrect term.) Almost everyone at my sessions is in hockey skates; they do a nearly instantaneous turn front to back with their feet wide apart and neither blade seeming to le...

Pondering Back Threes
Most people that skate edges with the goal of MIF ( Moves in the Field ) quality, I think, will agree that back threes tend to cause more difficulty than front threes for total control. So ...

Watched My Coach Turn Into Mush!
Coach is a strict, no nonsense kinda gal; all of us who are her students are a bit intimidated by her. But, today, coach's daughter in law (also a figure skating coach) brought in her little...

Ice dance class musings
Musing on my ice dance class: A. We spend most of our time on learning the steps for particular dances, focusing on technique such as proper edges and strokes, correct steps, corr...

Little Brag
Not about me, (I dont' have money for ice and I don't even have skates now, but maybe next month) Sunday my daughter passed her pre-juv moves - with above passing marks in every m...

Skating for Recreation and Exercise
Fiona's post got me thinking ... why would anybody even question it? Skiing is an equally expensive sport, and I don't think anybody would question that 99 % of all skiers are there for...

Looking for Survey Participants
Hello all, I am undertaking a study of the roles that leisure plays in individual lives, and I am looking for people who would be willing to complete an emailed questionnaire ab...

Indoor Arena Business Case
Can anybody tell me how the financials are done to get indoor hockey/skating/soccer/etc arenas built? I have a hard time imaging that they can get paid for out of user & league fees. Can a...

Making progress...
I actually had a pretty good lesson yesterday. I decided to take all my "stuff" out onto the ice per the recent encouragement to do so instead of hanging out with it by the wall. Of course, ...

Where are they

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 2
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Off-Ice Training
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Injuries
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