Ice-skates and skeelers(inlines) with XC ski boots
Here's another model of skate blades for XC ski boots. They also sell skeelers (inline-skates) (from Free-Skate in the Netherlands) "

Thar be boots
My Riedell Goldstars just came in. They fit right out of the box like some of those British walking shoes. There are no pressure points anywhere .. just smooth overall contact that is f...

Much recovered, thank you
The chill pills have taken effect and I am back to my happy ice skating self. Thank YOU! to everyone who answered my recent questions and rants and puzzlements. I had a much bett...

Kneebend believer, at last
Yesterday one of the Beta students came over and asked if I would demonstrate back cross-overs, since I was in Gamma. So I did. Then she asked me to look at hers and why she was always bob...

Passed Gamma!
Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has helped me over the past year and a half with tips about 3-turns, mohawks, hockey stops! It's hard to say if any p...

Spins: To Hook or Not to Hook
Hooking spins is interesting and creates some questions. Hooking means pushing the heel up on the three into the spin so that you spin for a bit just on the toe pick. Here i...

FS: '87 chevy s10 in Eugene, OR
1987 Chevy S10 X Cab Automatic. Cruise control, white body, inside/outside in great condition, light brown carpeted interior, AM radio. 137000 miles. Recently replaced transmissio...

Question about test posts
jramberg, What did you just post in the last two test posts? I use to read these threads, rather than usenet, and get a "thread not found" message.

Speaking of ice dancing
I am going to be in Minneapolis this coming week and there is an ice dance social session on Thursday night. I am thinking about going. I sent an email and was told that most of the dancer...

Prove this patch that came from the M$
--yydxgslruszcbia Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="scxrqktyqzhkdwsbd"; type="multipart/alternative" --scxrqktyqzhkdwsbd Content-Type: multipart/alternative; bounda...

What to Purchase
Help- I am a male in my 60's - good health but will never be in a hockey game nor will I ever be in a figure skating contest-but have the bug to learn how to skate. Do I purchase hockey...

What to Purchase
Help- I am a male in my 60's - good health but will never be in a hockey game nor will I ever be in a figure skating contest-but have the bug to learn how to skate. Do I purchase hockey...

grrr .. where's my boots ?
I'm an adult and all that, but this waiting around for new boots to come is rough. Ready for kindly old Gepetto to get off his duff and cobble faster. I even bought some stick on Ameri...

Round & Round with New Boots & Blades
Thought I had found edges pretty well on new skates. Coach, however, wasn't at all impressed. She shook her head, said, "I don't like what I'm seeing here!" and sent me back to skate shop to...

Too much skating?
Have you ever skated too much? To elaborate, have you ever skated too much in a given week and caused yourself an overuse injury? Sling Skate My recommended...

Ice dance rant (plea for help)
Please just hit the D key if you don't like rants. For those that can hear the issues through my frustration, please do read, I bet lots of you would have sensible advice for me. ...

On the verge of getting a coach... suggestions?
OK, I'm just about on the verge of biting the bullet and getting a coach and taking private lessons. I've been really ambivalent about this, and have wanted to explore feeling skating on my...

Closing it Down
Well as of this week the rink is closed until 4 pm every day--that means no public skating during the day either. We did arrange for them to give our coach the key for early mornings - ther...

Part of the answer .. VIRUS ALERT .. not OT
This swen32 is probably coming as the result of a virus "bot" scanning Usenet for valid email addresses. In your news account properties, mess up your email address a bit ... or a lot ....

OK guys, I've had it ...
... it's Riedell .... not Reidell .. johns

New Boots are "Keepers"
Went to Nashoba rink for their Saturday Night Adult Skate, in order to give new boots and blades a thorough "burn in" before lesson on Monday (and my thanks to Annabel for info!). ...

THANKS form Ankle's turned in-
Wow- I wish I had found this web site before going all the way to DC to buy my skates. Ireally appreciate all the information that you have taken time to answer my question. I live in the Ft...

Hey you guys in Boston area
You've got the wsen32 virus, and you're blasting away at me. If your ISP is [email protected], you need to check your computer for this thing. I'm blocking at Postini, but I t...

Dunes of Flanders
Please does anyone have any information about this competition that is held in December ? thanks

Help with Edges
I'm working on learning FO edges and having a hell of a time. Did fine the first day I tried them, but haven't managed since. It seems every time I try to push off onto an edge and start t...

Avocado/soybean Product May Help Treat Osteoarthritis
"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Osteoarthritis, which is caused by wear and tear on the cartilage that lines joints, appears to improve with a novel French product containing elements of avocad...

New Boots! New Blades! Time to Burn Up the Ice!!!
Extra length Coronation Ace blades arrived this afternoon. Had them fitted to boots, and I'm ready to go! Off to.... ICenter, or NESC, or Valley Forum, or SOME rink or other tomorrow, depend...

Coffee may ease muscle pain - BUT!!
The study on easing muscle pain with coffee neglected to mention one VERY important fact that skaters need to know.... caffeine also leeches calcium from your bones as well... Whe...

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 2
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/rec-skate/appendix2 Disclaimer: Approval for *.answers is based on form, not content Posting-Frequency: monthly URL:

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Off-Ice Training
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/rec-skate/off-ice Disclaimer: Approval for *.answers is based on form, not content Posting-Frequency: monthly URL: <...

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