Soft boots
New boots aren't here yet, so I'm just enjoying the old ones as they are, and just skating around. Something I've begun to notice. My boots are fairly soft from age and skating, but fir...

Every time I do a waltz loop I seem to spend the whole interval from landing the waltz to taking off of the loop dragging along on my toepick. Any suggestions on how to rock down but get ba...

Just Realikzed; I was in London, at King's Cross...
...on the way to visit Robert and Annabel at their home ice rink in Stratham, and I never stopped to check the barrier between platforms 9 and 10! Who knows when I'll next have a chance to l...

Ouch--what do to about bruises
Any suggestions on how to get bruises to heal up faster? I figure there must be a lot of experts on this ng! I fell on the ice a few days ago--not a bad fall, didn't even really hurt, but ...

RSSIF Question
A question for those of you who also visit the other board: I haven't seen ANY messages there for a couple of days now. I know this is the quiet time of year but, sheesh, there's usually som...

Grrrr.... New USFSA Rule Book
I have not ordered the new rulebook, but they say the rulebook size has changed and will not fit in the old binder. Why did they change the rulebook size? Does the new one fit to regul...

First Lesson
Was due to start with coach in September, but, we were both at rink today, and his scheduled student was late arriving. So, got 15 minute lesson as intro/freebie. Ah, well, my exp...

MKand Wilson Websites back up
Just checking around for new blades I found that the MK and Wilson websites are back up again. The blade range is mostly the same but they now have standard and parabolic options on most b...

Any clues?
The more I jump, the more I think it's science. The more I spin, the more I think it's alchemy. Usual spin crapness, I was experimenting with a few things, and I remember a trick that had wo...

School Figures questions
Does anyone here have experience with actually doing school figures as a required part of your training, of course, many years ago. Questions: Did you generally do school ...

fear of waltz jumps?
Hi all, Anyone ever experience fear of waltz jumps? I coud do them a few weeks ago, but for some reason I am now second-guessing myself and tensing up, sometimes even to the point...

New Rink in Southern New Hampshire
New rink in Nashua is open for business. They are on the Web, at: W Letendre

PIRA rink ... boots
Finally figured out what to do with my Riedell Goldstars that don't fit ( me ) .... give them to somebody at our local ice rink. If anyone from my local rink wears .. or even thinks the...

Nearing the Point of No Return?!?!
Went to Burbank Arena for Sunday Night skate. Huge crowd, with 2 childrens' B'Day Parites hosted. With so many children on the ice, crowds of Hockey Rodents and their No-Neck Hockey Poppas e...

Reversing the wear?
I thought of a way of getting rid of the creases in my SPTeris, temporarily at least. I got a pair of D-clamps, and cooked up an arrangement with little blocks of wood which pushes the creas...

What to do with new boots ( and blades :-)
Wax them several times. Introduce them to my old boots ( which I will not retire. They are going on my PicFrames ). Get them their own special bag. Have supper with them on eve...

Finding a Coach
I'd like to start taking private lessons. What should I ask a potential coach? "Would you teach an adult who jumps clockwise and has an irregular work schedule?" is what I've com...

dumb guards question
So you get to the rink, take the soft guards off your blades, put the hard ones on, put the skates on, walk to the door to the ice, take the hard guards off, and put them ... where?

School Figures Video
I would guess that there are still some very good school figure skaters around. It would be too bad if this part of skating were to die out completely without even a video of good perf...

Forward edge jumps
Why are there no forward edge jumps? I've been playing around with them, and they have a lot of potential as very powerful jumps. Must be because they would all have to be 1 1/2 revs ??...

Science of Sit Spins
Ok, here's another thing I've been pondering over. I've noticed that some skaters can get down *really* low in their sit spins, exceeding skaters who are far above their level who can only r...

May be visiting SJ Tuesday night!!!
Alert (Warning?) to Troy... I may be visiting Tuesday nights at SJ Ice Center [1] on the week of Labor Day, since we won't have Monday nights (or anything for that matter) at YB that week ...

heat moldable skates
Is there a good "do-it-yourself" way or do I have to go to the local sport shop to do the heat molding on my new CCM1152 hockey skates?

Paging Grace F. And Roger H.
I was re-reading a bunch of old rssir stuff that I'd printed out and ran across a number of posts from Grace Fredrickson and Roger Halstead. I remember gravitating to their posts early on be...

My Thanks to Annabel & Robert
Very nice visit at Streatham rink, and very pleasant to meet you both. Enjoyed seeing your new dance routine. Looked very good, overall, even with what Robert described as "a few dodgy bits!...

Playing around
Hoo .. rough day on the ice. I'm trying a lot of new stuff, and, in between the falls and stumbles all over the place, I made a little progress: Sal ... I found that I have even better ...

Pro-filer Skate Sharpener
Thanks to all of you who responded to my query regarding skate sharpeners. It seems that the Pro-filer wins hands down. Before I order one from the U.S. does anyone know of a distributor i...

LFO3 toe-loop entry
Does anyone use a pick or otherwise LFO3 to enter a (CCW) toe-loop? I was taught the RFI3, but there must be something in the other entry, as most people use that for 3ples and especially qu...

Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 2
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Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Appendix 1
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