29 Jan 2008 13:30:30
Jumping off toe-pick drills ??

I've been recreational skating for a coon's age,
and now my knees are weak, and I'm just
plain getting a bit old. Jumps have become
nearly impossible the way I have learned them
in the past ... basically going off an edge
more than the toe-pick.

Recently, a young lady here showed me
how to do low easy jumps off the toe-pick,
and I'm amazed how good they feel. I won't
go to the olympics with them, but I still
enjoy jumping, and these jumps are coming
along. There's a bit of a technique difference,
with a good deal of pre-rotation needed to
get up on the pick, and only low to moderate
speed, but I'm still impressed with how
clean these jumps look.

Question: are there useful drills for learning
how to "roll up" onto the toepick in jumps ?
I'm exploring this thing, and I think I need to
make sure the roll-up is always the same.

Right now, I'm working the following jumps:
waltz, sal, loop, tloop, flip, lutz

Waltz and sal are coming along nicely.
Young lady does a beautiful loop off her
toepick, and I'm starting it. I had a good
loop jump in the past, but I want to change
it to a roll-up loop.

Tloop and flip are actually done with a very
pronounced pre-rotation, but they look nice
that way. Riding the toe-pick means the
skate is kept low as the jump "picks", and
then the pre-rotation is quite a lot. Still
is fine with me.