14 Mar 2007 13:55:32
Body Style in back 3s

I've had my back 3s for years, but they are nothing
special, and tend to scrape. There are 2 ladies here
who have really good clean back 3s, at a fair speed.
In my back 3s, I hold my free skate about 2 inches
off the ice. That seems to be my balance point ..
probably because I tend to step out of them if I
scrape too much. The ladies hold their free skate
at least 12 inches off the ice, and at the same
time, their upper legs are in line to the knee ..
meaning they sit back a great deal. I tried that,
and there is no way. I cannot achieve a balance
point sitting that far back. I think I came close to
it, if I stuck my derierre out while arching my
back, but .. frankly .. I have to live in this town.
I remember there was a guy here who could do
good back 3s, and he looked like he was standing
straight up .. just leaning back at the shoulders.
He was a bit overweight, so I figure his low center
of gravity allowed him to do that. I figure I'm on to
something, so I've been watching movies of ice
dancers to see if they have a body-style problem
with back 3s. And sure enough, I never see the
male ice dancers doing them. All of their blade
work is scrapy, and almost no back 3s. If anything,
all of their blade work is 2-footed, and then a
single edge is shown, but never used. Most of
those guys could not pass Gold Dance of 20
years ago ... where back 3s were done with
the free skate held above the waist. Now, there
is a fall on your backside you will never forget !


14 Mar 2007 21:16:55
Lyle Walsh
Re: Body Style in back 3s

yeh the but out back 3's seems to be a crutch for some. I tried it that way
and ended up on way too deep an edge, which is quite stable but makes for
whipping wild 3's. The high skaters seem to do back 3's effortlessly and
certainly stand up tall unless they are going for a deep BO3 with free leg
extension from back to front for show. My coach says that all that bracing
is not good and she says stay over your foot and sugggested looking down at
the skating foot and not over your shoulder and actually lean the upper body
out over the tracing to make them smooth "like figures back3's" as if that
means anything to me, sigh.

21 Mar 2007 15:31:00
Re: Body Style in back 3s

I wish somebody would build a "teaching machine"
where I could just hook up and it would put me
through the move 1000 times, and then spit me
out ready to go.


22 Mar 2007 16:02:02
Re: Body Style in back 3s

Had a nice lesson in all of my back 3s today.
She told me that I was looking and turning at
the same time, and that was causing the scrape.
So, she says .. first reverse the arms by dropping
them straight down and back up. Then look to
the back. Then turn and sit slightly back on the
glide out. Goes something like this: crossovers
on a back circle. Go into glide mode for the back
3. Drop arms down and up while holding head
steady. Turn head to rear. Then do the 3 quickly
with a slight arm check. Good to sit back slightly
coming out of the 3, and maybe even a little
downweight motion to release the edge. Works
nice. You have to isolate the 3 distinct moves :-)