Nancy Kerrigan pregnant with 3rd child
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article - Canadian Olympic Committee's TV channel plans for amateur athletics
January 30, 2008, TORONTO - Bruce Kidd would like to see Canada's amateur athletes get more time in the spotlight. The former long-distance runner could get his wish i...

article - CBC's proposed amateur sport networks facing hurdles
January 30, 2008, Sport networks will oppose the CBC's application for a licence for an all-sport channel, sources say. The CBC will apply to the Canadian Radio-television a...

article - Maxim Staviski gets 2 1/2-year suspended sentence for fatal crash
January 30, 2008, BURGAS, Bulgaria -- World ice-dancing champion Maxim Staviski received a 2 1/2-year suspended prison sentence Wednesday for a drunken driving accident that...

article - Canadian Lawrence and Swiegers
January 30, 2008, The event ran Jan. 16-20 at Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. Swiegers and Lawrence had finished 14th at the previous two Canadian championships be...

YouTube - John Curry - 2 more rare highlights
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. John Curry - Tango-Tango with Jo Jo Starbuck 1980 the 1980 TV Special, John Curry's Ice Dancing. Wonderful!!!!... http://www.yout...

YouTube - Stars auf Eis 7
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Featuring Katarina Witt, Denise Biellmann & others (11 performances)

YouTube - Ice Age Gala / 29.09.07
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Russian Stars on Ice show "Ice Age" 29.09.07 Ice Age Gala (21 performances)

Planned figure skating coverage
X-No-Archive: Yes Here is the currently planned figure skating coverage calendar for events we will be covering. 2008 Four Continents 11-17...

YouTube - Sale & Pelletier - 2008 Canadian Nationals Exhibition Gala
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Special Performance at 2008 Canadian Nationals Exhibition Gala...jamie sale david pelletier pairs figure skating

interview with Toms Verner
"The most important difference was that after the short programme I didnt sleep at all last year. But this year I slept all night, really well, and then I came on the ice r...

YouTube - 2008 Canadian Nationals - ICE DANCING CD/OD/FD/EXhibition
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. ICE DANCING: Claire Tannett / Wendell McGrath Megan Wilson / Garett Goodman Lisa Johnson / Joseph Scott ...

Ratings.... and the bad news 4.8 million viewers
Please note that NBC is becoming the 4th network and brings lower viewership. Vick CBS and ABC Win January 29, 2008, ...

Ratings.... the good news (repost)
FIGURE SKATING GETS BIG BOOST IN RATINGS ON NBC NEW YORK - Jan. 28, 2008 - Sunday night's primetime broadcast of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships (7-...

REPOST: article on "Meissner Claims Poor Free Skate Performance
article on "Meissner Claims Poor Free Skate Performance Was All Mental" . -- Bel Air native and dethroned US Figure Skating champion Kimmie Meissner says her pro...

REPOST: blog article "Johnny Weir: The Drama Skates On"
blog article "Johnny Weir: The Drama Skates On" Monday, January 28th, 2008 Coatesville native and should-have-been January cover boy Johnny Weir was ROBBED of a national ti...

REPOST: article on "Weir and Lysacek set sights on rest of world"
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Their latest tussle behind them, Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir can now turn their attention to beating up on the rest of the world. Though Lysac...

REPOST: YouTube - John Curry - 3 rare highlights
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. John Curry 1976 Skating Spectacular - Polovitsian Dances The opening to his first ever professional TV special..

REPOST - YouTube - 2008 U.S. Championships - MENS SP/LP
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Mens: Jeremy Abbott LP Ryan Bradley Wesley Campbell S...

New 80s show coming soon!!!
X-No-Archive: Yes There is one guy up in Florida, who wants to air his 80s themed "flashback" show. That could be the one from Florida who has been listening to ...

Barbara Ann Scott on Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 10 p.m. on "VisionTV"
To mark the 60th anniversary of her Olympic gold, VisionTV will air the documentary "Queen of the Blades - The Life and Times of Barbara Ann Scott" on Wednesday, Jan. 30, at...

I Have A Question About a Piece of Music (Emily Samuelson & Evan
Hi, I was watching the 2008 US Figure Skating Championships dance competition Saturday night & was captivated by a particular young dance team of Emily Samuelson & Evan Bates. Too bad t...

Nationals edges out FIFTH GRADER repeat in ratings Above is a link to a more interesting article, MELTING AWAY, about the dwindling audience for skating. I guess the M...

Impressions of the new crop of men at US Nationals
Unlike the women, I think there is a sharp falling off of ability after the top two men. However, I like seeing the new ones, and in my mind, they all have the potential to reach the top. Al...

YouTube - 2007 Christmas Gala
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Grushina & Goncharov Ex 2 Courchevel Nol 2007 (France 3) ex...elena grushina ruslan goncharov 2007

NBC could have butchered Nationals...
Think of how badly Skate America was handled as a broadcast. Nationals was a big improvement. I'm just so glad they didn't totally screw it up, whether I was crazy about the commentators or ...

YouTube - 2008 U.S. Championships - MENS Truth Booth
Thank you kindly to the individual posters. Figure Skating Truth Booth: Johnny Weir Johnny Weir's truth booth at the 2008 US Figure Skating Nationals http://www.youtub...

YouTube - 2008 U.S. Championships - WOMENS SP/LP
Ladies: Becky Bereswill Melissa Bulanhagui Alissa Czisny LP Laney Diggs Rachael Flatt SP htt...

YouTube - 2008 U.S. Championships - Ice Dancing CD/OD/FD
Ice Dance: Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto FD FD Meryl Davis and Charlie White ...

spoilers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please know that as a Canadian, I've never favoured W...

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