Shen & Zhao staying till 2010 Games
Shen and Zhao, now married, are going to stay in for the 2010 Games. -- Ruthann Biel | Mother, U...

Author Iris Johansen is a Michelle fan... January's Book Pages, a newsletter/magazine often found in Public LIbraries, Johansen is featured in a fluff piece where she answers questions about herself. To the question "If you co...

Australian to skate in Japan Super Challenge
X-No-Archive: Yes I have just found out about the Japan Super Challenger, to be held on 4th January, and there will be an Australian skater there. Irina Slutskaya, who became ...

DanceScape Selected One of Top 2006 Sites in Smartcomputing Magazine ....
DanceScape has been selected by Smart Computing Magazine columnist, Mr. M, as one of the Favorite Web Sites of 2006". Only 7 sites are listed in this year's picks. SMARTCOMPUTING ...

Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!!
Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!! Cheers Carl

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catch foot spirals
I am not sure that is the correct name for them. What I want to know is why the COP's is awarding this ugly spiral that doesn't seem particularly that difficult compared to a traditional spi...

Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular on 12/24... 3pm Central Time on NBC. Among the skaters taking part are Brian Orser, Michael Weiss, Rudy Galindo and Amber Corwin. Among the gymnasts taking part are Paul and Morgan Hamm. Dominique...

Happy 31st Birthday Nicole
December 24 will be Nicole Bobeck's 31st Birtday. Nicole was born in 24th December 1975 in Launcestoin, Tasmania, Australia. BackTalk Media wishes the skater from Tasmania a happy 31st...

Cohen out of nationals
It's not a surprise....Cohen is out of Nationals -- Ruthann Biel | Mother, Unschooler, St...

Zimbabwe skaters?
X-No-Archive: Yes Being that I run an left-wing E-zine and radio show, I often monitor the right wing relgious nuts and hatemongers out there, and in one chat room, related to...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: References
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/references Last-modified: 20 Dec 2006 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Skating People and Events
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/people Last-modified: 20 Dec 2006 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Technical Elements
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/technical Last-modified: 20 Dec 2006 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Rules and Regulations
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/rules Last-modified: 20 Dec 2006 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Introduction and Netiquette
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/introduction Last-modified: 20 Dec 2006 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ===========...

Yu-Na Kim
Hi: I saw this skater for the first time (on TV) at Cup of China. Does anyone else see what I see? The first few moments, and many others from her program were exactly...

You want a hot night?
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Elvis on The Simpsons
Anyone else see this? -- JD "...if you think the 'Star Wars' prequels are a disease, then 'Serenity' is the cure."

Ladies GPF SP
Thank heavens for Youtube! I just watched Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada's SP's........ I do like Kim, but find that the more I get to see of Asada, the more I like her (adore her, actually). ...

Grand Prix Final Results-- SPOILERS
I'm putting all four disciplines into one post... Gimme an S... S!!!! Gimme a P... P!!! Gimme an O... O!!! Gimme an I... I!!! Gimme an L... L!!!...

AUSSIE!!! AUSSIE!!! AUSIE!!!!! (includes spoiler)
s p o i l e r s p a c e ...

Skating is "too political" according to one chatter
X-No-Archive: Yes One chatter in the figure skating chat room I run sas that skating is "too political". This chatter has one daughter, who is a figure skater, and who e...

Odd Sasha Cohen-related article
'Silent Night': Carolers told to stop

Who you think is going to have best chance to medel at worlds? For United States
I think that Kimmie will have the best chance and just her because the rest are really struggling. ANd since she is the current World Champion the USA will protect her in the US Championship...

Awesome Info..: www.Brandon-Lands. com
Posted Via Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services ---------------------------------------------------------- ** SPEED ** RETENTION ** COMPLETION ** ANONYMITY ** -...

Australian Values Pledge
Australia is about to make all aspiging citizens, as well as all tourists and residents sign on to an "Australian Values Pledge", which would require you to, in short, pledge ...

Grand Prix FINAL
I am wondering if any of this competition will be shown on the North American television networks: Anybody know? Thanks...

Haunted Ice Rink
X-No-Archive: Yes I read about haunted places in Sacramento, California, and I read that there is one ice rink that is believed to be haunted, Iceland Areena. When did ...

Michelle Vs. Kristi
It never would have occurred to me that Michelle Kwan is taller than Kristi Yamaguchi - then again, it never occurred to me to wonder what they looked like right next to each other ......

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