Caption time Poor Irina!

First ice show - best seat?
I'm planning on going to my first ice show. COI, Anissina & Peizerat, woo! I was wondering where it's best to sit - it's in Buffalo at the HSBC Area. Here's a seating map: http://i...

Closing Ceremoney problem?
The news hinted last night in a teaser that therre was some sort of problem with Canada's portion of the closing, either it wasn't received well for some reason or there was an outright co...

Looking for DVD
Does anyone know where I can purchase a DVD of past Olympic figure skating? Something like a "Greatest Moments" or a compilation of past medalists would be great. I would love to see Sarah H...

60's Olympic pairs free skate without music
I remember an Olympic pairs free skate long ago where the tape broke and the music stopped in the middle of the routine. The pair literally did not miss a beat; the completed the routine in ...

Exhibition--why non-medalists?
I thought that only the medalists usually skate during the exhibition. Did they change something this year? I could see the Italians skating, since they are the host country, but ...

Speaking of Stojko
He was on a short interview with Brian Williams of CBC on Saturday?? night... I don't have a transcript and didn't tape it. They carried on in the vein "the skating at the Olys this year w...

When and where will Worlds be.

Where did our Web page go?
For those of you who are trying to access our Tripod page, and wonder where it went, we are going to be eminating from a hosting service in Europe. Our servers are in the proc...

Olys Exhibition
CBC showed quite a bit of it today. I'm glad I didn't bother taping it, as most of it was unremarkable. A couple of notable exceptions: A program done by Pang/Tong which was done wit...

Closing ceremonies
It's almost certainly because I am an old geezer, but I thought that the Ricky Nelson extravaganza went on far too long and detracted from the overall impression of the ceremonies. <...

Figure Skating Clips - Sasha Cohen's Short Program posted to a.b.m.sports
Sasha Cohen's Short Program will be posted Sunday night, Monday morning to alt.binaries.multimedia.sports,,alt.binaries.multimedia.celebrities.female...

"A question the media fears to ask" "In perusing news coverage of Weir's fall from competitive grace in the Olympic Games, I felt inundate...

ladies triple triples
Did any ladies successfully complete a triple triple during the ladies long? If so, who?

Fan Mail Address????
Hey everyone!!! I was just wondering does anyone know if there's any way that I could contact Torvil and Dean? I'm a hugh fan and would love to write to them or sumthing!! If anyone has...

COI question
I am looking at the list of performers on and it says it will feature medalists from Torino 2006. However, the list on the COI site doesn't include such skaters as Z...

Number crunching the ladies' programs
After going through all 48,400 combinations of selecting nine judges in each round, here are the possible top 10 standings I come up with: 1 - Arakawa 100% 2 - Slutskaya 77.6%, Co...

Tanith Belbin is gorgeous!
Did she come out of nowhere? Never heard of her until the Olympics. What a babe!!

Articles on injuries & how different boots might reduce them
Skaters blame boot design for injury plague Behind the times

OT: A Java Applet for Sasha Cohen If you can't see the applet you will have to upgrade your Java runtime. LW

100 pairs of designer sunglasses???
Sports Illustrated article on misbehaving U.S. Olympic athletes: "The troublemaker...

This is hilarious!
Talk about navel gazing........ The following comment was written about Johnny Weir in answer to a column written by Dan Wetzel "Why do you care if Weir is straight or gay? ...

"Some skating partners like it hot, some do not" "Imagine working a long daily shift with a colleague of the opposite sex. You're both dressed in sk...

Question; Johnny Weir's music
Could someone tell me the music Johnny Wier used for his long program. I know it's been used before but can't remember the title. Thanks, Phil

Johnny's comments on "Olympic Ice"
On the Sasha Fans board, some posters were saying that on "Olympic Ice", Johnny Weir referred to a male skater who was an Olympic and World medallist (but didn't specify who) at the Grand Pr...

Johnny's comments on "Olympic Ice"
On the Sasha Fans board, some posters were saying that on "Olympic Ice", Johnny Weir referred to a male skater who was an Olympic and World medallist (but didn't specify who) at the Grand Pr...

I like Dick Button
Yes, I actually do enjoy listening to Dick Button's commentary. Why you ask? He knows what he's talking about. He's a two time Olympic champion. He's been involved with the sport ...

Would the old scoring system have produced different final standings?
In any of the figure skating events at the Olympics, would the old 6.0 system have resulted in a different final standings? If so, who would be in a different position?

Article at US figureskating web site
The lead article is about Sasha and the celebration in the USA house at the Village. The same type of stuff that's everywhere else, with the same type of quotes. But what I thought was reall...

Bumpy ride ahead for U.S. skating
By NANCY ARMOUR, AP National Writer TURIN, Italy (AP) -- Get ready for a bumpy ride to Vancouver, U.S. figure skating fans. Michelle Kwan is all but gone for good, Sas...

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