Belbin Gets a Hand From Sen. Levin
Interesting Article written from the perspective of a political writer in a Capitol Hill publication. Ice Dancer Gets a Hand From Sen. Levin John Bresnahan 31 October 2...

Costume Alert ...

Skate Canada Free Dance
Well I'm in an eat my hat situation. 1 Marie-France DUBREUIL / Patrice LAUZON CAN 179.60 1 2 1 2 E...

US Women's Olympic Team
Watching Czisny perform in the Grand Prix, makes you wonder about the three slots on the US Olympic. By the end of last season, everyone would have agreed that it would most likely be Kwan,...

More Skate Canada Results
SPOILERS You've been warned: Ladies 1. Czisny 2. Rochette Men 1. Sandhu (yeah, his LP was pretty amazing) 2. Buttle Czisny was abs...

Tanith Belbin's situation: a reply from Arlen Spector or somebody
As a result of writing to the 2 PA senators a few days ago concerning Belbin's citizenship - I got a canned response the next day, then I got the following message 2 days later. ...

Pairs LP at Skate Canada Results
1 Aliona SAVCHENKO / Robin SZOLKOWY GER 175.60 1 1 2 Maria PETROVA / Alexei TIKHONOV RUS 174.14 2 2 3 Valerie MARCOUX / Craig BUNTIN CAN 158.90 3 3 4 Anabelle LANGLOIS / Cody ...

Tonya at Chiller Theatre convention
Just a note to Tonyaphiles in the New Jersey area that Tonya is currently appearing at the Chiller Theatre fan convention in East Rutherford, N.J. this weekend. http://www.chiller...

Skate Canada Ladies SP Results
Ok don't read this if you don't want to know....... ...

Spoilers - Skate Canada Notes
The broadcast of events kept me up until 1 a.m., but it was worth it. The pair's and men's short programs were shown and the German Team Savchenko and Szolkowy and Jeffrey Buttle both ...

Happy 35th Birthday Tonya
While it is still a few weeks early, Anonymous Antarctic Media wishes Tonya Harding a happy 35th birthday. Tonya will turn 35 on 16th November. Tonya was born in Queenstown, Tasa...

Sk Canada on TV tonight
For anyone who can get TSN, they are showing the following from 11pm - 1am Eastern (check your local listings) Compulsory Dance Pairs short Mens short To see the T...

According to her website, she is going to be featured in the new issue of People. Jennifer Anniston is on the cover (isn't she on all the covers of every magazine, ever?). She also posted ...

Tim and Bald Mountain
The costume was pretty bad. The jumps were not there. But I actually liked the rest of the program. I thought it was the most interesting thing he's ever done, and I think he's improved h...

Uh .. huh? .. did I just see a skating event on TV ?
What was that? I woke up right in the middle of it and there was some really nice skating ... somewhere in Asia, China, Japan ?? There's some super-talent over there now. Even their 2nd...

More news on Belbin's citizenship I just emailed my 2 senators in PA.

ABC Broadcast booth?
OK, I don't have a clue about the technical side of broadcasting ice skating, but I'm surprised at the two events from TV so far this season (Campbell's Classic and Skate America). In the...

figure skating event in Kuwait
someone posted a list of the 05-06 schedule that included a skating event in Kuwait in November. I have checked the ISU list of events and don't see this event. If anyone has any infor...

Kwan Drops Out of Cup of China
OK, since nobody else has seen fit to post this: <>

Skate America
Spoilers are here, there, everywhere. Atlantic City is certainly a city of contrasts. Beautiful sand beaches, a nice boardwalk, tawdry casinos, 99 cent shops, food concessions s...

Tussle with Tonya
On CNN now. johns

I'm a Czisny fan now!
Loved both of Czisny's performances in Skate America. Best arms/hand movements since the young Baiulle. Elegant, yet natural. I like the speed and economy of motion she gets goin...

DanceScape Draw: Last Chance to Win an iPOD Mini ...
FROM: dance is ... PASSION Please note that our draw for a cool iPod mini will be made on November 30th 2005! Apple iPod enable you to organize and ...

SA Thoughts
Okay, I missed the ladies on Sunday...napped right through, I'll have to wait for a re-run. Pairs, if I'm not mistaken, have not been broadcasted. But, I watched Da...

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Romeo and Juliet at SA
Why no complaints about R & J at SA? :-) In general, the music choices by the ladies were less than inspiring. However, the no lyrics rule does tend to make for a certain amount of <...

More moronic Canadaians in my chat room
I had yet ANOTHER moronic Canadian spanko in my figure skating chat room today. We have to host it on an adult spanking chat server, becuase its the only server we can find tha...

X-No-Archive: Yes One suscription service, NeepTV, that has thousands of TV stations online worldwide, also carries CCTV 5. Being that CCTV is carrying a lot of skating, if y...

SA with baby in tow
To my pleased surprise, I actually got to watch some skating; I was fully prepared to find that Iris (now 16 months) wouldn't be okay with long separations, but I caught two ODs, the full la...

Czisny Wuz Robbed!!!
Someone had to say it! Gotta try to get a flame war going to begin the season. I suppose you can't complain too much about getting a Silver medal after only four days notice, but I thought A...

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