Complete Figure Skater 1948 FA
The Complete Figure Skater by T D Richardson 1948 Dustwrapper a bit tired,book itself in good condition.213 pages. Superb vintage skating manual, lots of detailed figure diagrams, covers

Gunman kills man involved in Olympic scandal
I just saw on CNN a bulletin that a figure skating official involved in the Salt Lake Olympic scandal had been shot in Russia. CNN's web site story begins with: - MOSCOW, Rus...

"The Strong & the Sequined"--a skating serial, pt. 276
*The Strong and the Sequined* A Skating Serial Part 276: Open Book The contents of the pages that Britannia had spilled all ...

Michelle Kwan in 1997
I recently pulled out a few VHS tapes from '93 through '97. One thing that I noticed was Michelle Kwan's short program from the '97 season (she wore a black dress). The choreography and skat...

US Nats Package Deals
Has anyone ever done one of the tour things for US Nats.? I'm thinking of going to St. Louis this year (okay, technally next as it is Jan. 2006), and the tours seem to be the only way to get...

sarah hughes appearance
There's a picture of Sarah Hughes in today's New York Times Style section, attending a party for Maria Sharapova's new fragrance. Sarah is photographed talking to Andy Roddick. She is unre...

My ISU pilgrimage
I was just in Lausanne and I thought surely my visit could not be complete without a trek to 2, Chemin de Primerose. :-) So I strapped Iris into my mei tai baby carrier and asked the infor...

Indie artist~FlyingSire
Indie artist~FlyingSire indie music + Fugure + novel

Sasha's new Music....ARGH!
Romeo and Juliet...I should have known. *sigh* such talent, so little creativity.

New Web Page
We are in the process of creating our on Web page for Anonymous Antarctic Media. That is one place we figure we wont be bothered by those from here on rssif who like to ...

Skating Magazine article
In the latest Skating Magazine (for those of you who are members of USFS), there's a neat article about my own favorite synchro team, the Hockettes. ;-) Chris

Another possible marriage to future figure skating star
That fact that I have espoused my belief in firm discipline has caught the attention of yet another future figure skating star. That fact that I am 38 and she 19 does not seem...

Matt Savoie no longer skating
What Matt does on ice transcends mere skating. It's lyrics by Tom Dickson. He skated in an exhibition at the Dupage Open, along with Tatiana and Max, Chika Suguri (sister of Fum...

Oksana Baiul to tour in Russia
According to,Oksana is going to appear in Ice Symphony in Moscow,Sept 25th,and another show,and then a tour through Russia,for the first time!As she has a plethora of photos ...

Has Kwan peaked?
What do you think guys. I'm sure a skater can always get better which is Michelle's case, I believe. But in terms of innate potential I'm wondering if she has really come close to her own ph...

Tarasova choreographs Kwan's Olympic season programs
Finally confirmation that Tatiana Tarasova has choreographed Michelle's programs for this season: 'This summer, Ta...

Tarasova choreographs Kwan's Olympic season programs
Finally confirmation that Tatiana Tarasova has choreographed Michelle's programs for this season: 'This summer, Ta...

Shae-Lynn gets married!
From the Canadian Press: FLETCHER, Ont. - One of the best ice dancers Canada has ever produced showed she still has some good steps yesterday (Friday Aug 12) when she walked down ...

Lurker asks: Where are the regular posters?
Hi. Long-time lurker here. I'm sure this has been discussed and explained many times, but I've been away from this newsgroup for a while. What happened to the regular posters -- Trudi, Lo...

Skating and music
Yesterday's skating session started off badly. You know the kind of one where you can't even stroke properly let alone turn or jump or spin. These kind of starts usually go one of two ways f...

Sit spin musings
Over the last few weeks i've been working on my spins with coach an awful lot. I must confess that for about the last year i've genuinely tought i was spinning on the sweet spot. Because my ...

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Figure Skating vintage 1933 FA
Figure Skating by H R Yglesias 1933 Small rip to blank endpaper,otherwise VGC Fascinating vintage skating manual ,covers most aspects of the sport,Loads of instructional line diagrams e...

Lineup for SoupFest announced
See: US entries include Kwan, Cohen, Meissner, E. Hughes, Goebbel, Lysacek, Weir. Chris

Bad news about Shen and Zhao
Hongbo Zhao broke his Achilles tendon in practice. According to the article (link below), he will not be able to skate for three months and then it will take another 1-2 months before he ca...

Skate America Predictions
In another thread someone initiated a discussion of Skate America. This is all from a US perspective since this will be more of a US showcase than other GP events, and of course in the US we...

Jamie Silverstein
Just saw some results from a Lake Placid dance event on the USFSA website, and was surprised to see Jamie Silverstein (paired with Ryan O'Meara) in the photo's section........any news on Jam...

Elvis Stojko article 110187_110187

"The Strong & the Sequined"--a skating serial, pt. 275
*The Strong and the Sequined* A Skating Serial Part 275: Saying Yes Both Fraulein and Elsa were sitting behind Fraulein's d...

A Kinder, Gentler Newsgroup (was Dead Newsgroup)
Over the past 12 years, I've been insulted by all of the "powers that be" in this news group. My crime was having a point of view that didn't fit the group mode. I supported Oksana Baiul dur...

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